How’s Your MindSet?


GrowI play computer games to keep my memory and  mind alert. Sometimes crossword puzzles take too long because my mind is set in the wrong direction. That can also happen in real life.

         Easy crossword puzzles on the AARP website are not really very easy when I get stuck on a wrong-headed route. If I need a synonym for aged and I’m thinking elderly but the answer that fits is ripe they become Frustrating Crosswords.

I have spent many precious moments trying to fit a wrong word into a tight space. Last week, the clue was sort and my time was doubled because I couldn’t imagine anything but genre or type. Sort can also mean arrange.

My problem is chronic. The word was ruler, and I spent ten minutes searching for a four letter word that meant measuring tool all the while, forgetting about king.

I thought the answer to public should have been crowd and it turned out to be overt. I thought the answer to long should have been stretched and it turned out to be yearn. I think the answer to employ should have been hire and it turned out to be use.

Crosswords are just a game and I needn’t worry about my scores. I have an excellent vocabulary so I don’t worry about that either. However, my tendency to latch onto one idea and hold on so tight it hurts can be a private problem. How about you?

Opening up our minds to new ideas is a great skill. We can look at our earlier lives and see how important the ability to see more than one way really is. When I look backward, I see my youthful relationships could have been simpler if I’d seen love and sex as separate words. I see now that my life could have been richer if I’d known mathematics is fascinating fun.

New viewpoints are often invigorating and helpful. Learning new things keeps us young and healthy. I improved my health when I began to define food to include vegetables and fruits, not just meat and potatoes.

Steadfastness and perserverance are two great characteristics. On the other hand, being willing to explore new aspects of a situation and attach new meanings to words is very rewarding. Opening up to change is a great deal of what we learn in the spiritual classes at the Centers For Creative Living.

Hanging onto one viewpoint is just one more way to resist change. If it is an idea that impacts our decision making abilities, we need to learn to let go sooner. The ability to adapt to changing conditions is one important measure of intelligence.

Think about the ideas you have had to change in your lifetime in order to adapt to modern living. Perhaps there was a time when you thought boys were bad cooks or girls were bad mechanics. If you wanted a relationship that is based on equality, you will probably have modified those ideas by now.

One of these days, as a part of your spiritual practice, make a list of some of the ideas you have changed in your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you’ve made simply by changing your mind.

Here are a few of my changes:

1, I used to believe I was too dumb for math and now I believe I can balance my books.

2. I used to believe I needed nine hours of sleep every night and now I believe seven hours works just fine.

3. I used to believe comic movies are a waste of time and now I believe they make you healthier.

4. I used to believe TV was an idiot machine and now I believe it is an exciting medium.

5. I used to believe working with a team was difficult and now I believe it can be wonderful.

We all change ideas as we move through life and that is a good and not-so-good thing. The trick is to retain the ideas that are still valuable and discard the ones that no longer serve us. It is useful to take an inventory from time to time just to clean up some of what needs to be changed.

As we inventory our beliefs, we may find we are hanging onto ideas that need to change. For example, you might want to take a look at some of your ideas about work divisions between men and women. Who does the housework? Who mows the lawn? How’s that working? How would you like to see it change?

As you do this inventory, be on the lookout for prejudice. You may have picked up some very narrow beliefs as a child. You know the kinds of things I’m talking about. One ethnic group can’t drive well. Another ethnic group is lazy. One gender is untrustworthy. Another gender is money hungry.

If there are any of these old pre-judgments hanging around in your consciousness, this is a great time to change.

Learning to look at life through a wider viewpoint can make you a more successful, much happier, and more successful person. When you open your mind to different ways of looking at things, you also become more creative.

Much of what we teach in our Centers for Spiritual Living has to do with allowing new ideas and new opportunities to come into our lives. We have a simple statement that we say over and over, “Change your thinking and change your life.”

Our Sunday talks, books and classes help us create better and better lives. If you are interested in knowing more about how to widen your ability to see clearly, check out my book, Science of Mind Skills. It is available through this blog or in your church bookstore.

Do something to build a wider mindset today.

Ask Yourself

List at least five ideas you have changed recently.

List at least three ideas you are considering changing now.

How do you plan to open your mind set?







Releasing Ambition


My blog readership is growing. That’s good! I have a goal I know I will reach because I am writing in integrity, love and joy. However, I sometimes think of “get popular quick schemes” and that means I’m pushing the river again. Addiction happens in peculiar ways!

No matter how much one loves a project, the joy will disappear when racing to an arbitrary goal becomes more important than the process itself. The whole point of this blog was to create something in freedom and offer it to anyone who wanted it. It is supposed to be fun.

So what does that have to do with counting numbers? I’m not working on commission or earning brownie points to get into heaven. Once again, I am reminding myself to let go and let God. I don’t ever need to struggle.

After all these years, I know myself pretty well and I  know that one part of my personality part is accustomed and addicted to struggle.  I call her “The Strider”.  She says, “Not enough” or “It should be better,” quite often. The Strider can squeeze the fun out of any project if I am not aware of her tricks.

It is easy to slip into old ways if I am not watching. I struggled to get through college. I struggled to build a writing career. I struggled with alcohol and food and in many other things when I was younger. Truth is, I can use any goal as a piece of torture equipment if I’m not careful.

I have learned a lot about addiction and I have learned to watch out for the symptoms.  Writing, for me, is particularly addictive, but I need to remember that I undertook this blog as a service to others and as a retirement hobby. In this moment, I release the need to count readers and I simply return to writing for fun. I don’t have to prove anything.

I am not alone. Work addiction of one sort or another happens to wonderful people. It sneaks up on you, even in your retirement years. In fact, so many ministers “fail retirement” that is kind of a joke.

Addictive personalities will push themselves at work, at home, on the road or in the studio. I have a good friend who was practicing yoga at age 65. She was a marvel. She could do so much, so easily, that she constantly amazed us all. We were all proud of her and she never seemed to show off or be ego driven about her expertise. She did, however, really want to stand on her head. We prayed for that in church. When she got so she could do that well, she upped the ante and wanted to stand on her head longer.  One day her guru advised her, “Take the ambition out of your practice.”

When she shared that story with me, I thought, “I should take that advice myself.” Of course,  I failed exercise class in the 7th grade and it didn’t bother me. I can’t bend over too well and I certainly don’t plan to stand on my head ever – at least in this lifetime. However, I do try to remember and take her teacher’s excellent advice. I do not want to be a slave to ambition. Do you?

We all know people who seem to be in a frenzy about how they are using their time and what they are or are not accomplishing. The idea of living in a frenzy doesn’t appeal to me. Does it appeal to you? Does the idea of taking the ambition out of your pursuits appeal to you? Sounds good to me.

Of course, ambition can be fine as long as we are making decisions that create a healthy, well-balanced life. But if you feel as though you are struggling to get it all done, you may want to make changes. One of the greatest gifts of our Religious Science teaching is knowing we always have a choice.

The question of how hard to work is one that touches all of us at some time or another. In our youth, our ambition may get us where we think we want to go but if we don’t balance it with loving connections to others, we become unhappy and distorted.

In our middle years, ambition takes many forms including working hard to persuade others, to train our children into our beliefs and to forge ahead in the workplace. Again, we get out of balance if we don’t take care of our bodies and our spiritual lives.

Retirement years are the biggest temptation for many of us. We have choices about how to spend our time and can very well end up staying so busy we neglect our spiritual practice and our bodies and minds. Inaction leads to disuse. Too much action leads to fatigue.

Throughout our lives, we face many questions about our goals and exactly how ambitious we should be. Should I persevere? Should I delay gratification until I get my goal? Should I pile up more money for the future? Should I keep exercising until I “feel the burn”? Should I stay in the marriage and find some way to make it work?

When you look at life’s big questions in the framework of whether or not to live for today or tomorrow, it seems as though life really is an art or dance. We each have to find our own balance. We have to make our own decisions. We have to decide how much energy to put into this or that project.

I talk to people all the time who are in a quandary about how to spend their time and money. I try to help them see they are always at choice, one way or another. There is always something we can choose to do and since balance is constant movement, there is always a need for adjustment.

Making new choices is easier than it looks. We can choose whatever is the apparent step in this moment to move us in the direction of our dreams and let God do the rest. We don’t need to torture ourselves with the past or try to control the future. We just move ahead a step at a time and enjoy life. We can feel good about what we are doing because God is good all the time.

When I get out of balance and start rushing, I remind myself to release the ambition and enjoy the process. The future will take care of itself. I have learned to envision a goal and believe in it and then give it to God to do the work. It is not necessary to struggle or worry about making it happen.

As of now, I am back in balance. This day I am simply writing what I know and sending it out with love. I know the perfect right readers will find it.

Ask Yourself

Am I struggling to make something happen?

Do I need a new balance?

What immediate choice am I able to make?

Do I want to release the ambition?

I Am Free Choice

Some people in New Thought set their intention for the day every morning. I do a version of that by writing, “Another day to be glad in” and I list ten things I am grateful for. Beyond gladness, my intention is sometimes fuzzy. I can struggle with choice when it comes to making plans for my day.        

Since I’m semi-retired, I sometimes have a bit of a challenge deciding what to do. I have plenty of great choices but they’re not usually urgent. While that’s good news it also can be the bad news.

I’m working on several projects but I have no regular job so, with the exception of my commitment to ministerial class, everything else is choice. Hard to believe that freedom of choice can be a problem, isn’t it?

That freedom sounded wonderful in the days when I was up at the crack of dawn to teach English five days a week.  Although I had more choice over managing time when I was selling real estate, or writing for teens, or running the church, my urgent to-do list was generally packed.

Now I have a flexible – vaguely normal schedule that includes prayer, meditation, prayer partners, writing and research, errands, art activities, social phone calls and social activities. There are also the necessary but still pretty flexible errands, household chores, exercise.

Usually, I know what I plan to do on a particular day but some days, I do my early morning stuff and then I am in a quandary. Quandary is one of those words like yonder. It exists but nobody knows where it is.

Shall I take a drive to the ocean? Call a friend? Work on my new book? Watch a movie? Write in my journal? Draw and paint? Usually, I make a quick choice and celebrate with gratitude that I have the health, wealth and time to enjoy life. Those are the good news days.

Other days I have to climb out of my quandary before I can do anything. That’s usually when what I really desire is to read one of my historical novels. The trouble with that choice is that I always feel that reading fiction is a bit sinful, like eating chocolate or staying in bed till noon.

Old habits die hard. I learned to feel guilty about that choice because when I was a child I was a compulsive reader. I simply went into the book and stayed until it was over. I am still determined to finish when I start a novel. When I read Gone With the Wind, I become Scarlet. And what’s more, I love being Scarlet.

During my full-time ministerial career, I didn’t read very much fiction. I would gleefully take six or seven paperbacks in my suitcase when I was going to conferences but that was like a vacation. Usually, I taught classes nearly every evening and worked in the church during in the daytime. I really didn’t have much spare time.

When I stepped down from being a pastor, I delighted in my return to fiction. I am now enjoying my novels a great deal. It is one of the gifts of growing older and I’ve learned to appreciate books even more as the movies and television seem aimed at twenty year olds.

However, old habits die hard. This morning, I wanted to finish the book I started last night but I chose  to start writing this blog instead. If not today, it would be tomorrow. Since then, I’ve taken two phone calls and spent two hours on errands.

Those things needed to be done and I thought today was a good day to do them. I take full responsibility. I wanted to talk on the telephone to people I love. The errands were better done today because heads into the weekend. My choices were mine and they seemed sensible.

The important thing is that I know that I am not a victim. I don’t feel sorry for myself. If I had chosen to read all day, I still would not have felt guilty. It is my day and my choices!, Whatever choices they are, I claim them. I am so grateful to Science of Mind for showing me that I have free will and can exercise it every day of my life. I am so grateful to know how free I am.

In college, I heard about an experiment with rats that proved that two positive choices created as much stress as two negative choices. That fact haunted me and it seemed better not be offered too much.  Then Science of Mind helped me figure out that it was my inability to deal with choices that was haunting.

I am not a rat! I can handle two positive choices! I do it all the time.

There was a time when I would get stuck in decisions over what to do and feel absolutely trapped. I felt as though I was at the mercy of life, whether it came in the form of chocolate or a new novel. Feeling trapped led me to experience guilt or feel sorry for myself. I am so glad that’s healed because I don’t need negative emotions.

Today, I celebrated my choice by delaying my reading until I wrote the blog. I also delayed my blog writing long enough to do the errands and phone calls.  I’m happy with every choice I made. It’s a wonderful feeling to be happy instead of guilty, mistreated or frustrated. I will read this evening.

Won’t you join with me in knowing that we always have choices? Even if something happens that is outside our control, we can choose our responses. While it is true that we can’t do everything we want, all at one time, it is also true that we can decide what to do first.

This has been a great day. I celebrate the wisdom and the power of my experiences. I celebrate the fact that I don’t have any reason to feel like a victim. I celebrate that I know what I know.

Ask Yourself

Do good choices confuse or stress you?

How do you decide what to do first?

Do you feel comfortable with your choices today?

What would you like to choose for tomorrow?

Have A Good Day

 Do you remember when everyone said to you, “Have a good day?”  In those ancient times, I thought it was a silly thing to say because it was an impossible dream. But no longer.

I have a lot of good days. In fact, most of them are pretty good or better. Yesterday was a very good day. I went to church and Rev. Mattie was brilliant – she talked about how we could be the Light in world events –  among other things. Starting my week with church is very important, I’ve found.

Then I listened to my old Emerson lectures on VHS tapes that I created about 20 years ago. I am going to edit them and put them on a DVD soon. While I listened, I finished the illustrations for my friend’s book on love and sex. It was a day made in heaven for me. What does your good day look like?

One of the most important ideas we teach in Science of Mind classes is that you are always making choices. These choices create your life. In other words, you are either consciously or unconsciously designing your own days. Most people don’t know that but those of us who follow the teaching of New Thought are at least familiar with the idea. Some of our days may not be perfect but we know they can get better if we apply the principles of positive thinking.

For me, the New Thought teaching is all about helping people take charge of their lives and make conscious decisions based on their true desires. I have come to believe you can design your days, at least most of the time.

I was a child who loved to read books and play paper dolls. I eventually got to be a creative adult who loved to write books and make funny drawings. I am not a child any more but I honor my child-nature. The journey to that honoring was a long one and I had to release a lot of accumulated ideas before I got there. I also had to get to know myself well in the process.

Truth is, I love to engage in creative work. I don’t enjoy a lot of things “they” told me I should and it took Religious Science studies to help me fully accept who I was and what I wanted to do with my time and talent. My latest big decision was to retire so I could be healthier and concentrate on my own creative endeavors.

Many people, especially women and ministers, have a hard time carving out a piece of their day for themselves. We see the needs of others and our heart responds and surely that is a good thing. What is not so good is losing ourselves in the process of trying to help others.

I hear it all the time. “I’m too busy with my job, or my kids, or my volunteer work to take that class or trip or whatever.” Whether it is to travel, to enjoy outdoor exercise, to take art lessons or to write a book, many people have a hard time putting themselves first long enough to enjoy their dreams.

I want everyone of my readers to have a good day today, tomorrow and the days that follow. In order for that to happen, I suggest we all look at our true priorities and where our current time is going. Won’t you take a moment and think about your life right now?

Ask yourself whether you are doing a lot of things to please other people. Then ask yourself if you are pleasing yourself. Of course, we must compromise in order to be in successful relationships with our families, friends and colleagues at work, but we must first of all, be in a good relationship with ourselves.

Here, in this moment, you are at a point in time when you can decide to take charge of your life in new ways. You can make some different choices. You can take a little time each day to honor your own desires and dreams. You are capable of making positive choices on this day and the many that follow.

My dear friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best. He said, Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

Ask Yourself

Do my time choices please me?

What would I like to change?

What can I do about it today?

Wise Women Gather

In two months, on Saturday, May 12, a group will gather at Unity in Tustin CA for an all day Wise Woman Celebration. My good friend, Rev. Rachel Lampert organized one of these all day conferences a few years ago and it was such a success that she is doing it again. I am happy to be delivering the keynote talk and as far as I am concerned, this is a great time to remember we have the power to change. We are the majority!

            When I wrote the book, Wise Women don’t worry, Wise Women don’t sing the blues, sixteen years ago, several people told me the topic was too late – that women’s issues were all over. I was amazed at how certain they were that women had marched in a few parades, burned a few bras and then lived happily ever after. Many of the women I was met in my ministry were struggling with balancing time, family, and work and needed to learn how to set successful boundaries. Many needed clarity and courage.

It seemed to me that Women in New Thought had some real strengths because their belief system allowed them full power by right of Divine Inheritance. Since we define God as the Creative Energy of the Universe (non-gender), women could easily accept that God wanted them to expand and grow and have wonderful lives. On the other hand, we all came from somewhere and we all carried a lot of that “somewhere thinking” with us into our days.

It also seemed to me that Women in New Thought had an especially confusing task of being loving and not letting people trample on them. They also had a higher vision of what their lives could be like and were ready and willing to change anything that needed to change. The book’s most important message was that we are not victims. We can use simple metaphysical principles to take charge of our lives. We model a balance of love and power that is unique in many ways.

Wise Women don’t worry, Wise Women don’t sing the blues, is still in print and the book still sells pretty well. It is the genesis of this May 12 th conference (although there will be many independent women presenting their specialties). It has been the genesis of many Wise Woman weekends in the past. I trained over a hundred women to lead Wise Women groups and there are several Wise Women groups still operating. I get messages fairly often from readers who tell me how the book helped them. At this point – I count the project a total success. But not finished!

The conference in Tustin is another new beginning. It will be my privilege to be keynote speaker and there will be talks and workshops by others on sexuality, music, storytelling and many other subjects. If you want more information go to If you register before March 15 the price will be $36.00. After that, I think it goes to $50 but you need to check that out for yourself.

As far as I am concerned, this conference could not come at a better time. Ideas and cultural beliefs change slowly and only if we are persistent. When we elected Obama, we had a choice of a black man or a white woman. They were both exceptional and well qualified. The very fact that they were our candidates was thrilling. But that wasn’t the end of the story.  I think some people thought that we could put the whole civil rights issue in a big sack and store it way up on the top shelf. That’s clearly not happening.

Sometimes resistance to change gets stronger in reaction to apparent gains. I think that is apparent right now. Civil rights issues are in the limelight. And there is a lot to heal. Unemployment is greatest among minorities. We hear quite a bit about same-sex marriage and don’t-ask-don’t tell policies in the military. Civil rights for same-sex couples in a long way from achieved.

Nor is the issue of women’s rights healed. If you watch the news, women seem to be losing ground. Now basic choice and health rights are threatened. You notice that there are very few boards of corporations or educational institutions or governments or any other seats of power even if the women members are in the majority. Nor is the representation of blacks and Hispanics anywhere near their statistical numbers in the United States.

This Wise Woman Celebration on May 12th will be about personal issues. It is not political. Every one of us will have a chance to take a look at our lives, our choices, our boundaries and limits and our hopes and dreams. The whole day will be devoted to personal empowerment and it is open to women of all political persuasions.

However, I am already planning my few choice words. I believe there is nothing more political than the issue of personal freedom. Women must not submit to becoming victims in any way. We must find the courage and clarity to take charge of our lives. It is time to wake up and speak up. There’s nothing like a good book or good conference to wake us up.

My plan for May 12th is to take a look at the future as well as be happy about the past. How about you? What are your plans for that day?

Ask Yourself

Do I want more information about the conference?

Do I want to read Wise Women don’t worry, Wise Women don’t sing the blues? ( Note – order it by going to the New Thought Works bookstore on this blog).

How am I feeling about my personal freedom?

Is this an issue for me to speak up about?

How shall I begin?

Spiritual Practice

I do the regular things – breakfast, pills, and brush teeth and then I look at my daily calendar. It’s going to be a busy one with phone calls to make, bills to pay, lunch with a friend and some time in the gym. I should be working on my book. I should be doing some errands. I should… So I start my morning with meditation, reading from a spiritual book and affirmative prayer. That first 45 minutes is precious time and I know it will be helpful in every activity on this day.

Even for a semi-retired person like myself, the days seem to fill up quickly. I’ve learned  that if I spend some time on spiritual activities early in the morning, my whole day will go better. A few minutes reading one of my favorite authors will put me in touch with the Infinite and that will put my “to-do” list in perspective. A simple prayer claiming that my day goes well will grease the wheels of life. Meditation will slow me down, balance my mind and spirit and set me up to greet whatever comes my way with joy.

Time management seems to be the most persistent personal problem for most of us. I sometimes wonder where all the time has gone. No one seems to have enough to go around.

We have so many labor saving devices that it seems as though we should have plenty of time but it hasn’t worked out that way for most people. Fear, ambition and habit combine to keep a lot of people on the run and this makes for a lot of anxiety – anxiety that can translate as illness or some other kind of trouble.

One of these days, I expect to hear someone say, ”I don’t care who stole my cheese but who stole my time? Or he may say, “I don’t want to swim with the sharks, I just want to catch up on my email.”

The pitiful part of this story is how many of us work hard so we can retire and then fill up our retirement hours with volunteer activities. Are we afraid to let go and relax for fear the world will pass us by? Or is simply that the world demands more of our time than we have to give?

I don’t have all the answers since I am very busy myself – teaching a class, writing a blog and books. My newest book is actually on building a spiritual practice. I also try to keep up an active social life as well as making it to the gym on a regular basis. The part of the answer that I do have is that a regular spiritual practice slows down the anxiety, clears up any negative emotions, and smoothes out the day.

Most people are hypnotized into thinking that the material world is the only reality, but the truth is that it all begins in Spirit and that is our true nature. Some time spent daily on spiritual matters can truly be the key to a better life. Just getting in touch with your deeper nature for a few minutes each day is renewing, rejuvenating and restful. It makes everything go better and it keeps you from feeling like an accidental leaf blowing in the wind of change.

Lately, I have been re-reading some of my favorite spiritual books and I find that they help me remember how important this discovery was for me. An inspirational book like Power of Decision by Raymond Charles Barker helps me remember that I am making choices all day long. What I choose to think about and do is the most important thing about my day. And about my life.

Where shall we turn our attention? Shall we worry and fret about things we cannot change? Or envision the solution and take steps in that direction? Negative thoughts paralyze us but knowing that we are working with definite spiritual laws will empower us. We are never alone with the problem. We can always depend on Spirit to help us move toward the solution. A consistent spiritual practice reminds us of that good news.

Spiritual laws are True, Infinite, and unchangeable. They are the key to connection to a deeper truth about life itself.

Ask yourself

How’s my spiritual practice going?

Is there anything I need to add to my day?

Are there time time wasters in my day that I can cut?

New Balance


I put on a new pair of shoes made by a company called New Balance and they fit, both in size and as a metaphor for the changes in my life. I am exercising regularly for the first time in a long time. My physical activity now comes as a first priority and that creates a need for a new balance in my life. My schedule has changed.  What shall I do first? Meditate? Exercise? Write? Pay bills?  Everything seems important and it should all be done quickly – before my enthusiasm and energy wane with the dwindling day.


Did you play a game called freeze when you were a child? All the kids would be playing in the back yard or park and suddenly one would call out, “Freeze”. We froze in whatever position we were in and had to stay absolutely still. The first one to move lost the game.

It seems to me that sometimes we want to carry the game freeze into our adult lives. We want to get everything perfect and keep it that way forever. We’d like to clean up our children and freeze them till Sunday church begins. We’d like to get to normal weight and wave our magic freezing wands. You get the idea.

Of course Freeze was only a game, not a worthwhile goal. As children, we  needed to move in order to grow; as adults we still need to move to grow into our dreams. Actually, it is an imperative. We must grow or stagnate.  Especially in this modern world, the quick-change artists and early adapters win the race. Our balance has to come from graceful, easy movement, not from freezing life in place.

Life certainly changes, no matter how much we resist it. It seems to me that life is not only about change, it is about a constant necessity for a new balance. We don’t simply march straight ahead, we shift, bend and dance along our way. It can be a lot of fun if we move into the changes with wisdom.

As followers of New Thought, we can learn to use affirmative prayer techniques that really help with all kinds of balance issues. Whether it is balancing your checkbook, finding a new boyfriend, girlfriend, home or job, prayer treatment is fast and effective. We can change our lives very rapidly and that’s a good thing as long as we don’t get out of balance.

I feel better since I started exercising and I enjoy it some days. Some days I have to admit that I don’t love the movement, it is just what I need to do in order to express self-love. On those days, I often choose to use a mantra as I walk on the path or in the water. I especially love to walk in the water and meditate as a liquid variation of a walking meditation.

It helps me to remember that my spiritual practice is what created the change in my body that makes exercise possible. It is also what created my writing career.  I also learned a long time ago that spending time in prayer and meditation makes any day go better for me. So no matter what is going on, I keep my balance by including my spiritual practice in every day.

When you set your priorities, it is important to make sure you make are moving you in the direction of your dreams. It is so easy to slip into trying to please other people – especially those we love. But in the long run, we can never achieve happiness by just pleasing others. We must also please ourselves.

You are the only one who knows what you desire. It is impo

rtant not to let other people tell you what your dreams should be. So be careful to include some alone time in your day so as to not to let other people confuse you. There are always ways to spend time moving ahead and there are always ways to enjoy life. If you know your priorities you can control your choices and create a new balance.

 Ask Yourself

Do I know what I want?

Considering my priorities, do I need to change my schedule?