I Believe!

spitfire-katharine-hepburn-1934-everettI watched a 1934 movie where Katherine Hepburn played a hillbilly faith healer. The writer made Hepburn’s character absolutely grounded in the idea that you must believe it is done even as you pray for it. The character could barely read and was truly ignorant but she had the consciousness of a great spiritual teacher.

As I watched the movie, I wondered if the writer knew Science of Mind. Her ideas about how prayer worked seemed  totally on the mark and Dr. Holmes was right down the street in those days. Who knows?

I am fascinated by old movies and this one, Spitfire is sort of famous for being the flick that began Hepburn’s slide into her years as “box office poison”.

It was quite a bad movie but I watched it because I am interested in faith healing and hillbilly culture. Not that I learned anything but it is fun to see how things were portrayed in those days .

In real life, Katherine Hepburn was a classy New Englander who graduated from Bryn Mawr and she was startlingly miscast. Bryn Mawr girls have their own very special weird accents so Hepburn’s attempt at Ozark lingo was incredibly wrong. My relatives came out of those hills and I never heard anyone talk like that. They were peculiar and superstitious people in some ways, but not nearly as ignorant as the characters in this turkey.

What truly amazed me was how definitely the writer gave the instructions for successful prayer. Hepburn has all that wonderful electric energy and when she prayed, she put her star power into believing it was so. Between the romantic back lighting and Hepburn’s ethereal expression, I thought I was watching Song of Bernadette in some places.

However, the story was a romance, not a saintly saga. During the first half of the movie, she raised an old lady from the dead and healed just about everyone in the town, then in the last half she dodged violent villagers and decided whether to love Robert Montgomery or Ralph Bellamy. I think it’s the only movie I ever saw where Bellamy got the girl.

Anyway, Spitfire was kind of fun and it reinforced the idea that we must really, really believe our good is happening even while we pray for it. Anyone who has ever learned about affirmative prayer knows it is important to have faith that it is working even as we pray. That was so when the Master Teacher Jesus spoke, it was true in 1934, and it is true now.

We have trust in the process of prayer because that is how Universal Mind works. That’s why we always pray in the present tense. God is always in the Now and always responding to our deepest beliefs.

On the next day, my conversation group talked about the necessity of “feeling” the result of prayer as we prayed and building our trust that God can and does do the work. The emotional component of consciousness is very important. Not only must we understand the way things work but we must believe it. Belief is emotional so when we pray, we should “feel” the result as we realize the prayer is done.

We had a marvelous group discussion and I think we all understood how to pray more effectively. All the great teachers, including Dr. Holmes tell us that we must be involved emotionally as well as logically to make prayer work.  We have to believe it, see it, taste it, and enjoy it, as we are working in mind for it.

There are many things we can do to make it real as we are working toward our goal. One way is to spend some meditation time enjoying the feeling that you expect to have when you attain your goal.  For example, if you pray to lose weight, you might follow that up with fifteen minutes imagining how you feel and what you will look like with the weight off.

Some teachers suggest that if you want more prosperity in your life, you should spend some time wandering through expensive department stores getting the “feel” of being wealthy. Of course, as you walk through the store, you must be careful to feel good about being surrounded by luxury, not wistful because you can’t afford things.

The process of praying for any goal is really a process of changing your consciousness so that you can attract and keep the desired experience. We are aiming to change our minds significantly. It is not enough to attract a new car, we must also have the consciousness to safely enjoy it and be able to pay for the insurance and gas .

There are many ways to build a strong emotional element in your prayer work. Perhaps the best is to linger a few moments during the part of the prayer when you realize that you have spoken your word. Before you give it to God to do the work, take a pause and seriously feel how thankful you are to attain whatever result you’ve prayed for. Let that good, grateful feeling sink in and deepen the experience you desire.

Another way to create a deeper emotional acceptance for good in your life is to behave as though you love yourself more. If you speak well of yourself, dress well and take good care of yourself physically, you are expressing your self-love. Healthy self-love is a declaration of worth and a way of saying to yourself and to God that you deserve the best. The more you can believe in your self-worth, the more you can accept from Universal Mind.

You do deserve the best. You have star power that lights up your world.  When you pray, you are in touch with Universal Power and Love. You don’t need other special powers or two boyfriends or  romantic back lighting to be a star when you pray. You are already the star of your own life and you are also the director and writer of your own script. Believe it!

 Ask Youself

Do I expect the best when I pray?

What can I do to bring up my belief level?

How well do I treat myself?