Walking On Water

scan024A learned scholar visited some ignorant monks for several days, teaching them about the Bible. As the scholar sailed away from their island home, the monks ran across the ocean waters, shouting, “Come back! Come back! We forgot all you taught us!”

The point of this story is theory is not as important as actually using your learning.

School starts in Centers for Spiritual Living this month and I hope every reader will take a class so that he or she can actually get more of what he wants from life.

You don’t need a miracle. You don’t need to walk on water to benefit from classes. Any class that teaches you the basic ideas so that you can use them will make a great difference in your life. When you change your thinking, you will change your life for the better.

Spirit or God is Divine Givingness and you can use it. Classes really work when they teach you how to pray effectively. God doesn’t give you stuff for being “good” even if that is what you were taught in Sunday School. God is not an Old Man in the Sky. God is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe and it lives in you as well as all around you.

Once you understand that Spiritual Law will kick in and automatically send you any life-affirming goal you envision clearly, actually believe in, and are ready to accept, you know enough to begin. Anyone can learn to pray powerfully.

Classes in Centers for Spiritual Living are set up to teach you how to get what you want out of life. They teach you that prayer has nothing to do with begging or bargaining with a giant Humanoid who does or doesn’t give to you. Prayer is based on knowing about and using Spiritual Law.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to send a message to Universal Mind, and know it will be answered? Wouldn’t you like to connect with God and claim better relationships or more money and have prosperity and love arrive quickly on your doorstep?

One of the reasons I love Science of Mind lessons is that they are based on logic. You can follow the theory and see that it must be true that Spirit comes before any experience takes form.

I love the way our classes are aimed at helping students change their lives by changing their thoughts. Theory is great but practice is absolutely necessary. I believe life changing techniques should be taught from the beginning meeting of classes.

Yes, we learn from living life and figuring stuff out for ourselves. We have all learned and changed because of our life experiences. But experience is never a substitute for knowledge and classes are the primary path of knowledge. Therefore, classes should be filled with information and theory as well as practice and exercises in changing our thinking.

Everyone wants class lessons to help in his immediate life. How is the teacher to balance the need for practice and provide scholarly information?

Teachers usually bend and stretch the curriculum to fit the individuals who have come into their classroom orbit. It is important for the teacher to be flexible and adjust the lessons to the needs of the student.

I think Religious Science instruction is basically as good as the teacher and the students make it. The curriculum is only a starting point for adventures in learning. After seventeen years in public education, and 25 years teaching Science of Mind, I have learned to think of September as the beginning of my year. It is always exciting and it is always fun.

This year I plan to reawaken my Wise Woman materials and develop a class that any woman can teach in the future. My class starts on Sept. 13th. It is a ten week class on Saturday mornings.

This Wise Woman class is all about activity. It is about moving your mind in the direction of your dreams and taking the action you deem necessary to get there. One way to describe the curriculum might be to call it “empowerment” training.

In my younger days, (during the ‘60’s) when the Women’s Movement was in top form, we called our fledgling groups Consciousness Raising Groups. A lot of the discussions centered around getting our husbands to help with the housework.

Times change and today, most women have moved beyond blaming men for their problems. While we still have a long way to go, we have come a very long way and we are proud of it. What’s more, many husbands do help with the housework.

My Wise Woman groups were originally set up so the participants were only allowed to talk about themselves – not their men. The rules included not complaining about others. We learned we didn’t have to create strategies to get people to do what we wanted. We simply made choices for ourselves and let the rest of the world make their own choices. It was an amazing concept!

I look forward to teaching this material again. For many years, I travelled all over the US and Canada giving workshops based on my book, Wise Women don’t worry, Wise Women don’t sing the blues. It was great fun then and this is a different chapter in my life.

I’m not travelling these days, but I am planning to create a workbook that gives leaders what they need to lead groups. I look forward to creating that material during this class. I also have three great assistants to help me and that’s fun to think about.

I also led Wise Woman conferences in Desert Hot Springs for 15 years. I had wonderful co-leaders; Dr. Marilyn Hall, Dr. Heather Clark and Rev. Lisa Stewart. What fun that was! I might consider doing another workshop on the desert this Spring. Who knows?

I am definitely looking forward to my next step – teaching the Wise Woman class here in Carlsbad. It is always a great experience to help women take charge of their lives.

One of the most important concept in the Wise Woman material is the refusal to look at ourselves as victims. Just giving up that one aspect of self-identification can change anyone’s life totally.

Learning to walk on water may seem too difficult but learning to take responsibility for our lives is just as thrilling. I will be taking another look at my life as I lead the September class. I will also invite other women to take a look at their lives.

I wrote the Wise Woman book twenty years ago and times have changed. My life has certainly changed. If you are ready to become a Wise Woman, won’t you consider joining me?

Ask Yourself

Has your life changed?

Do you plan to make more changes?

Do you know what to do and how to do it?

Are you willing to drop the victim role and move ahead?


Radio Days


I’m on the internet radio and all you have to do to hear me is go to IDareYouRadio.com. I will be featured for a couple more days and then you can find me in the archives. Isn’t life the Information Age interesting?

The Information Age is upon us and mostly, I find it is very, very good. Certainly, it is difficult to sort out what to read, hear or see first, in a new world where time seems to have grown tighter. On the other hand, the may be myriad but theya re also wonderful.

Many experts predicted that these new technological devices  would be the beginning of the end of civilization. As usual, the doomsdayers were wrong.

People who fear the future are usually wrong. Remember how people laughed at the idea of  24 hour news channels on TV? I love being able to find out what’s happening at my convenience. I also love being able to tape something and watch it later.

Back in the late 70’s, I read about the computer age that a friend gave to me. I don’t remember the title or author but I do remember that the book’s predictions were terrified of the coming computers.

The author predicted that the news would arrive on our computers from one place and it would be so managed that we would only know what our government wanted us to know. For this author, the future would be a starkly managed dictatorship. We would lose our freedom because our information was going to be so managed.

What has actually happened is that we have so much information our heads are swimming. Even the nations that are currently dictatorships are losing their grasp because of the information age changes.

These days, anyone with an IPhone is a reporter. Traditional news stations such as CNN depend on instant amateur videos. Instead of managed news, we have only the problem of deciding who to believe.

In my parents’ time, people were dependent on the one newspaper in town and the few radio stations they could get on their little round topped radios. During World War Two we would get news of battles three days later. Now we get information, with photos, right in the midst of battles from places such as Syria.

Whether you or not choose to watch the news is your decision. My point isn’t just about the news –  it’s about all information. My daughter and her stepfather used to have discussions at the dinner table and they’d jump up to get the encyclopedia to find the answers. It made our family a bit eccentric but she learned a great deal. Most families we knew didn’t even have encyclopedias.

In these days, just about everyone has a computer and access to Wikipedia and while it may not be one hundred percent accurate, I’ve certainly relied upon it a great deal for general information. We truly do live in the information age.

We may not be noticing it but the information age is hitting the New Thought world in a big way. It used to be you could find Science of Mind in church on Sunday if you lived in a few places. There were also books if you knew enough to find them. Now anyone in the world with a computer can find excellent Science of Mind blogs, talks, and classes on the internet.

I start my days by reading blogs by my favorites, Dr. Carol Carnes, Dr. Maxine Kaye and when available, Dr. Dennis Merrit Jones.

I’m always telling some out of town guest to look for our New Thought speakers who put their talks on line. Now I’m telling you to listen to me on a radio show that would have disappeared into the ethers in the old days but will live a long time in the archives.

We live in new times and they are better times. We need to be grateful for all the opportunities the Information Age is bringing us. One way we can do that is bless our machines and use them to make our lives better by selecting the uplifting messages that New Thought offers. This is a world in which we have choices and I am happy to be a part of it.

Ask Yourself 

Do I suffer from the disease of nostalgia?

What do I believe about the future?

Am I grateful for the convenience of the modern world?