My doorway to understanding life as a spiritual experience began with Tarot cards – I’m not ashamed to admit it. I started reading them for fun and I had remarkable success. I had to admit that there must be some sort of invisible world that, up until then, I was ignoring.

Are you a psychic? A mystic? The answer to psychic is probably no. People who read this blog are not usually taken in by the New Age nonsense they see on TV.

However, if you are a student of New Thought you can probably answer a qualified yes to mystic. The renowned Unity minister, Dr. Eric Butterworth says, “The mystic is one who really believes he lives and moves in God.” By that definition, I hope we are all mystics.

This teaching is based on a belief in our connection to God and to each other since we are all living, moving,and being in God. One thing that happens as we pursue this wisdom teaching is that we open ourselves up to feel our connection to others and we begin to understand unspoken clues. We find we can rely on our intuition in new and wonderful ways.

Many people think psychic and mystic are synonyms. Not so. A mystic simply believes in his connection to source. A psychic may promise to predict the future but the only thing he or she might be able to predict is what the world will look like if nothing changes. Happily, the world is always changing and so are you.

Don’t be misled by nonsense about the world coming to an end because the Mayans said it would. The world is so changed that it could not possibly be recognized by people who lived that long ago even if they were great astronomers. The end of the world isn’t coming soon. Don’t quit your day job.

My mother used to tell stories about Millerites in her Missouri town who gave away all their possessions and went to the top of the hill to await the end of the world. They had to come back down and keep on keeping on. She wasn’t old enough to have seen the original followers of William Miller who led his group into an event that historians call “The Great Disappointment” in 1844, but there have been stragglers since then.

As a child, I loved fairy tales and I do think many of them bore excellent spiritual messages. Quests, facing our fears, getting help from invisible sources are true in some way, aren’t they? My favorite story was the Snow Queen. I loved the heroine because she was steadfast and brave in her quest. What was yours? Did it have a metaphysical message?

There is no doubt that the myths and fairy tales of our childhood were important to us because they helped keep us open to the invisible world. Today, many of those stories are turned into cartoons and fantasies for the movies.

Most of the stories still contain metaphysical messages and they are helpful at a time when we see the world as shrinking. Our world is smaller but understanding of our connection is expanding as technology brings us closer together. The phrase, “We are one.” makes a lot of sense these days.

The movie Avatar was interesting to me because it was a technological masterwork and the basic story was the same old message that we need to find ways to live together in our sameness and not fight because of our differences. Our planet is ready for that story to be told over and over again.

Joseph Campbell, that great storyteller and cultural anthropologist said, “The only myth that’s going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one talking about the planet —not this city, not these people, but the planet and everybody on it.

The astronaut Edgar Mitchell saw the earth from a distance and it changed his worldview completely. He went from trained scientific man of action to a new kind of mystic. He said, “My view of our planet was a glimpse of divinity.” From that time on, he has devoted his life to spiritual or mystical matters. He started IONS, among other things.

Our world is definitely shrinking and we need to see ourselves renewed in the light of our humanity. Technology is opening us up to that. Those cell phones and other gadgets are not just here to irritate me, they are very good news for planetary peace.

I am ready to predict a great new future and I don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that our decade holds wonderful promise. We are truly seeing our connections to each other. We are learning that we really are unlimited possibility. We can also see our connection to each other in Spirit.

I gave up my Tarot cards many years ago and accepted my connection to God or Spirit as the base of my true power and wisdom. Science of Mind has freed me from the belief in duality – the battle of good and evil. I am also free of a belief that I must delay enjoying life until I die and go to heaven. I believe in establishing heaven here and now.

Everyone in New Thought is a planetary leader whether we know it or not. As leaders, you and I can help the whole world see our similarities rather than fighting over differences. We can help the world free itself from rigid ideas about hierarchy of particular classes, castes or genders. We can deny the need to passively accept fate. We have a gift for the world and it is ready to accept.

Our ability to love and accept each other rests on our ability to move beyond the “facts” of the material world and depend on the spiritual realm of the infinite power. We will save the planet from evolutionary disgrace through experiencing the nature of Spirit or spirit of Nature.

We will feed the hungry because we embrace our connection in God. We will establish peace through our understanding of our connection to Infinite Abundance and Love. We will become supermen or superwomen. Better yet, we will become superpeople through our acknowledgement of mystical truths.

How will we do this? You and I will do this through our Religious Science. As we help others discover their spiritual magnificence. That does not mean we need to convert everyone to our religion. God forbid! There’s been enough of that in history. It simply means we will honor our connection to others in God. Yes we can!

Ask Yourself
Do I believe I live, move and have my being in God?

What was my favorite fairy tale?

Did it have a message?

How might I reach out this year?

To whom shall I send this blog?