Blog Power

I once thought blogs were a silly idea but now I know they are powerful tools for getting messages across. Yesterday, I had two wonderful encounters based on a recent blog; it was as if we were old friends continuing our conversation. Today, I am celebrating my decision to start writing this blog.

I started this blog, about a year ago, in August of 2011 and I failed to celebrate that one year anniversary until today. During the past year, I’ve written on several subjects, mostly New Thought and the power of prayer but also on women’s lives, entertaining books, and political issues. It’s been great fun.

The subscriber base has grown from two (my daughter and niece) to 169. Since my Sunday service attendance never climbed anywhere near that number, I am glad to have such a wide audience. Of course, the Sunday service lasted an hour and this blog only takes five minutes or less to read. Plus- you can read this in your p.j.’s.

It is probably safe to assume that most of the blog readers are from New Thought churches although a few of the comments I receive these days seem to be from people who were wandering around the internet and found me.

Some of you read the blog regularly but you are not subscribed. I know this because, when you comment on something I’ve written and I ask if you are subscribed, you say you don’t know how to.

Here is the way to subscribe. Find the box under my photo in the top right hand corner. Put your email address in the blank box just below it. Once you subscribe, the blogs will come to you automatically until you stop your subscription. By the way, I don’t know your names since all I get is a numerical count.

I love it when you subscribe because it raises my numbers. So does hitting the like button.  I especially love it when you comment on the post because that makes the blog a two-way communication and I find out what you are thinking. I’m doing this because you are important to me.

This is article is number 194 so they are accumulating pretty fast. I think that adds up to about 20,000 words which is a small book. In another year, I may actually have enough to start thinking about turning parts of the blog into a book, but not yet.

Recently there are more and more comments on my posts, probably because there are an increasing number of readers. I love the comments and I would like to have even more comments from even more readers. I hope you will begin to share blogs (probably not this one) with your friends if you think they would enjoy it.

I try to post twice a week, usually, on Monday and Thursday. I have skipped a few times and only rerun one article. Up until now, the other posts are based fresh thoughts or events. The stories I use are all true (unless I tell you I made it up). My intention is to be honest, helpful and loving.

You may notice that these blogs start with “issues” or “challenges” a lot of times. Quite often they are my issues or challenges and that is because I want to show that we all have “stuff”. It is also because I want the blog to be an active influence on people’s lives. The last blog was about how we can help people by prayer even if they don’t request it. That was obviously helpful to the two people I talked with yesterday and it also reminded me of what I know.

Like all New Thought teachers, I believe that we live in a spiritual world. There is One God and everything comes from God. Since we have freedom of choice and don’t always know how to use it, some of the stuff in our lives is not exactly God-like.

I believe the One Mind is unlimited possibility, and lives in us, as our personal unlimited possibility. I also believe that life is more complicated that “wishing upon a star” pop-metaphysics tries to make it seem.

There is much that I do not understand and much that I cannot control because, while I come from God, I am not all of God. Life is complicated.

When I was a beginning reader of metaphysics, I didn’t know much of anything and I couldn’t understand much what I thought I knew.

I try to always write for beginners. Mostly, that means avoiding jargon. It also means avoiding abstract ideas unless I can find the simple words or examples to explain them. I want to be accessible to beginners.

My primary attraction to Science of Mind was the ability to create a self-reliant, loving life that was based on integrity. I value my honesty, at least partly because of my years in 12 Step rooms. I simply can’t afford denial and I don’t think it is helpful to others.

I am sharing these facts, ideas, and opinions with you because I know my blog is different from others’ who tend to write in a more prayerful way. I am a practical woman who was attracted to Science of Mind because it was such a practical teaching. It works for me and I love it.

I  heard the Dali Lama once on TV when he said that we should take care of the Earth because that is where we live. That fit right into something I read in Emerson a long time ago about how he attended a church service and the preacher said that sinners had fun now but his people should be good until they got to heaven. Then they could kick up their heels and have fun like the sinners did.

So my blog is different. I think it is practical. It know it is as honest as I can make it. It is also aimed at making things better and having fun here on earth, which is where we live.

I am glad you are reading this and I hope you agree with me. Whether you agree or not, I hope you will comment. I’d also like to hear topic suggestions.

Now, I’d like you to think about your friends who might enjoy these blogs or find them useful. In the next few weeks, will you please pass it along to those people with your love.

And also with my love.

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