Sadie’s Story

dreamA long time ago, Sadie, who was new to the Center, called me. She said, “Since I’ve been listening to your talks about the power of our thoughts, I’m afraid to think.”

I was a new minister and I had no idea how to answer her so I said I was sorry she was worrying. Sadie’s been gone a long time but if she called again tomorrow, I’d have a better answer. I’d tell her not to worry about worrying, that it was just a one step in the process of attaining wisdom. I’d say she was doing fine because she was becoming aware of how powerful our thoughts really are.

Unfortunately, Sadie left the church soon after that phone call and we didn’t get a chance to grow up together. I wish she could have been a partner of the Center and I trust she did continue to grow. I know I certainly  have. I hope she continued her Religious Science studies because I believe that is the most effective path to wisdom’s door although the Founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes says we will all eventually achieve enlightenment.

Over the years, I have seen many people come and go from the Center of Spiritual Living. They enter the teaching, for one reason or another and choose to leave for one reason or another. The details change and  patterns of movement remain. Some stay for a long, long time. Others move from the area and go to a new Center. Some die. Some are disappointed. Others get what they want and move on without dreaming new dreams.

Wisdom has many pathways. Everyone must travel his own road and no person, place or thing outside himself has all his answers. The answers have to be unique because we are unique individuals. So I learned to bless them as they came and love them if they stayed. I also learned to bless them if they went. I learned to trust the process. Whatever piece of this wisdom teaching they got, that taste that will eventually prod them to find a way for more. Light is powerfully attractive.

My own pattern taught me to trust. I started attending Science of Mind Centers when I was in college and I was in and out of the teaching three times with lengthy gaps. When I finally settled down to become a minister, I was in my fifties. It wasn’t so much that I disagreed with what I’d heard thirty years earlier, it was just that my life seemed to get in the way.

In the beginning, I wasn’t ready to seize the power for myself so  I was busy giving it to outside events and people. At this point, I might wish it had been a quicker journey except I’ve learned that the past is gone forever. Why try to rewrite the past when it is impossible? Especially when there are so many opportunities to deepen our understanding today? Today is all that is important.

When I first got sober, I had a Hindu poem that I read daily. It began, “Look to this day, for it is life.” I have no idea what the rest of the poem said, I only know that I did learn to “Look to this day,” somewhere along the line. That is a deep piece of the wisdom of the ages that I kept for my own. Thank you, God.

That day long ago, when Sadie called me it was because she “got it” that her thoughts were powerful. That is a part of the wisdom of the ages. Thank you, God. It is Light and it attracts us because it is part of the wisdom we seek.

We all learn as we move along. Sometimes we learn as the result of our mistakes. Sometimes we learn because we observe, sometimes as the result of trauma, sometimes because we encounter the right teacher at the right time.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science, and author of the Science of Mind Textbook, assures us that eventually all humans will attain enlightenment. Clearly, it won’t be in this lifetime for everyone but since we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, I believe it can happen. We are all on Wisdom’s pathway, moving toward the Light. We are discovering our spiritual magnificence.

I don’t know about Sadie, but I do know I am farther along wisdom’s path than I was when I started the church 24 years ago. Spiritual progress can only be measured by comparing yourself to your own past. The fair questions are, “What have I learned?” and “What do I know today?”

Today, I know my thoughts are powerful. I also know I have choices. I can choose to think about the potential in the power of thought or I can choose to worry that I will make a mistake. The choice is mine.

Today, I know the past is gone forever. I can choose to regret missed opportunities or I can choose to release the errors of my past joyfully. The choice is mine.

I also know that there is a deeper wisdom that I can use to direct my thoughts and actions in this moment. The past doesn’t have control over me if I stay in the NOW. I can make new choices that are based on conscious, wide-awake decisions, not just habits.

I know that part of becoming more conscious is establishing the direction of my thoughts every morning. I use a gratitude list to start my morning on a cheerful note. Expressing gratitude also quick-starts the spiritual law of cause and effect in my life.

We say, “What I think about comes about”. Making a definite gratitude list early in the day is a way to control the direction of your life. For example, when I state that I am grateful for my money I have, I quick-start spiritual law to bring me more money. When I list my good friends, I quick-start the ease of making more friends.

Most thoughts are based on old habits even though they are so powerful they are actually creating our life. Why let habit create without taking charge? Why not use wisdom and make a conscious decision what to think and believe? Why not dream big?

Sadie was onto something when she learned her thoughts were powerful but her fearful response was only half baked. When she starts rejoicing because her thoughts are a powerful tool she can use, she’s putting the frosting on her cake.

Ask Yourself 

What wisdom have I learned?

Do I believe my thoughts have power?

How do I feel about that?

What do I do to control my thoughts?

What more could I do?