Bookstore is the website where you can order some of my books if you are looking for them.


2 Comments on “Bookstore”

  1. Ken Serl says:

    Are the books “Metaphorical Approach to the Bible” and Bible Scholarship and History available anywhere?

    • janeclaypool says:

      There are no books by those names. Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism by Bishop Spong is the text for the History class and students used any Bible.You can get the Spong book on amazon, I believe. You can also buy it in the Carsbad CSL bookstore. If you send me an email and a order, I can forward it to the bookstore for you.
      There were two RSI classes that I wrote by those names. You might obtain by contacting the CSL central office or I could send them to you I believe. Just send me an email to if you are interested and I will hunt them up. Best wishes, Jane

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