Sailing West

When things looked really scary, Columbus wrote, “Yesterday we sailed west because it was our course.”

power2In 1492, Columbus faced danger, disease and starvation on the voyage to the New World. His crew was terrified and maybe he was also frightened. Yet, he never tried to change course or turn back, He had a plan and he followed it despite the obstacles,

There are times when the very best thing you can do is to keep on course, as best you can, despite any apparent difficulty.  I’m living that scenario right now as I travel my personal yellow brick road to recovery.

On Thurs, Feb 6, I fell flat onto my tile floor during my walking exercise.  I hit my head and broke my wrist in two places. I’m in extra pain and I’m going to be slowed down on exercise. It’s distressing.

Nevermind. I’m doing my best to keep up with my spiritual and physical recovery plan. I can’t do any walking exercise because I need two hands for the walker and my left is in a splint. I’ve substituted some chair walking and marching and more exercises. I’m also looking into a special walker for one-armed people.

I’ve added extra prayer, chair yoga and a visualization meditation since the accident. Rev. Matti’s treatments have provided some delicious pain free hours and I thank God for that.

It’s hard not to be discouraged when you tumble into an obvious setback like my fall, especially if it brings more pain.  There have been times when I felt more like my name was Job than Jane.

We always have choices about how to react.  At first, I was in pain and unhappy because it hurt a lot and my healing schedule was probably disrupted.

I didn’t feel like being brave or cheerful when it happened so I laid low the first few days.

Discouragement is depressing and depression tempts us to give up. I didn’t really think about giving up but I certainly abandoned positive living for a few days. So – That’s my news from Lake Wobegone.

Then my teaching kicked in and I decided to make a new choice. I would use my fall as an opportunity to teach and I would write about it. I would tell the truth.

What was the truth? What should I say? What were my choices?

Now, the conversational custom is to tell you how difficult and/or scary it was. I could also try to blame slippery floors or others. I could manipulate you and get some, “Oh, you poor dear” sympathy cards out of the event,

I could also shed some inky tears and tell you that God should never have sent this trouble to a good girl like me. Or I could give you a step by step account about exactly how it happened.

I knew that there are always opportunities and options and I knew I had many choices. After some thought, I have decided (one week later) to practice what I teach. And what I teach is using positive thinking to modify personal reality.

So, let’s begin. Let me tell you some of the good news. It was my left wrist and I am right handed. It was a clean fracture and I will not need an operation. The pain is definitely getting better.

I am pleased that I didn’t lose consciousness and, despite the blood, that I wasn’t scared. The cut over my eye  made me look like Rocky but I didn’t need stitches.  My black eye isn’t  black, but a gorgeous purple – just the color of a California sunset.

Best news of all – I started to pray right after I told my helper to call the paramedics. I spoke my truth out loud as the blood spurted onto the floor! While my eye didn’t heal immediately, I was pleased to have evidence of how deeply I have internalized the teaching,

I hope the readers of this blog will benefit from my health-challenged experiences by learning about how to continue to seek a quick recovery. Perhaps they can also learn how to proceed when faced with apparent difficulties, My life project is to teach Science of Mind and I trust this bleep on the road to full recovery will help me do that. I wouldn’t volunteer for the experience but now that it is here, I can use it.

My conviction of the usefulness of this teaching in every aspect of our lives deepens every day. We can use positive thinking and affirmative prayer in all sorts of situations.

Most of us go to Centers for Spiritual Living to learn how to attract the things we desire and we are always hearing stories about successes. The success stories  include sticking to your prayers long enough to achieve your goals.

Yes, there are instant healings and ,in theory, they are always instantly possible.  But it often takes longer than we wish to attain our dream. Slowness is a common experience although not universal.

When it takes longer than we want to see results, many people give and accept disappointment. Dr. Ernest Holmes tells us we should continue to pray daily until we see what we want appear. Too many people give up too soon.

If you follow your plan, you will eventually achieve your dream and see results. Having to stay the course may not seem desirable in the moment but if you do, it’s worth it.

What’s tragic is giving up too soon. Never give up on your dreams! When you experience a setback or difficulty, do the best you can and keep on keeping on. You deserve the best and your dreams can come true.        

Positive thinking and affirmative prayers work. Never doubt it. Of course, from time to time you may have to adjust your plan a bit. This blog is shorter than usual because I’m typing with one hand,

Love and  kisses,

Dr, Jane

Ask Yourself

Am I thinking of giving up on anything?

What would happen if I doubled down instead?



17 Comments on “Sailing West”

  1. Gosh Jane, what an inspiration you are!!! Thank you for being in my life! Your wisdom is so special and dear. So glad you came to the point where you could make the choice to get those positive teaching juices flowing again and then you could share the process with all of us. It’s always a process isn’t it? I keep you in my treatments and surround you with love and healing light. Big hugs to you and just know there are many people who have “got your back”!!!

  2. Karen Kushner says:

    I am knowing that you are moving from Good to Greater Good in ways and means of Goodness!!!!!!!! I love you so much, Jane!!!

  3. I love you especially today; Valentines day. It’s the day I read your post and the day to celebrate those who mean the most to us. I celebrate you…you are an amazing example of what it means to never give up. I kinda needed to be reminded of that myself this week. Don’t give up .. not even when another brick is added to the wall. It is no surprise (when we review our teaching) that you have been in my heart and mind all week. But I didn’t call because I was in a hole of my own and didn’t want to be a downer. ha ha…isn’t life just an irony?

  4. Hi Jane. Sorry to read that you have been in pain and also glad that you knew and know what to do about it. I am grateful that you have been and continue to be my teacher.

  5. Linda LeDue says:

    Blessing to you Ms. Jane. Keep us posted and inspired. Love, Linda-A Wise Woman

    • janeclaypool says:

      Hi Linda,
      I’m delighted to discover you are a reader. We have had great fun over the years. I trust you are happy and having fn. Stay in touch.

      • Linda LeDue says:

        Life is wonderful–I am living in Northern California with a wonderful man for the last twelve years. I am so happy and I am about to go on a new adventure. I am retiring from state service in the next few months and about to start a new phase of my life. Jane, I always remember how important it is to be a Wise Woman. PS–I also have 3 Grand Daughters. Life is good. Love, Linda Despite the challenges.

  6. I am Ann’s friend & have had a compression fracture (the 4th one) in my back and felt for you when I read about your fall….just as you were making such great recovery…but upon reading this blog I am so impressed with your complete attitude and you are surely a wonderful role model for me…
    I wish you the very best…and thank you for your great generosity…

  7. Matti Dobbs says:

    Jane, Stay the course! You are doing beautifully well despite the pain. Thank you for the comment on my prayers. We both know that God does the work. you are a wonderful testimony for this teaching. Continue to improve.

  8. janeclaypool says:

    Yes, I know God does the work and God uses co-creators like the Rev Dr Matti to do Her best work. All those years of study have created your wonderful access to Infinite Power and I am benefitting from it. By the way, I know God isn’t a girl or boy but I do like my little jokes.

  9. Margo Ruark says:

    “I wouldn’t volunteer for the experience but now that it is here, I can use it.” – That is a keeper!!! Many blessings for a full recovery! Sharing!

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