Money, Money, Money

photo_2-2We celebrate a prosperity program in my church at this time of year. The results are always fun and often amazing. This year the signup box is decorated with my artwork so I am especially happy about it.

The program works simply. People sign up and promise to donate ten percent of any unscheduled income they receive during the time of the program.  Our ministers and practitioners pray daily for “extra” or unscheduled money to come to those who have signed up.We’ve done it for years and it is always a success.

It’s a nice fundraiser for the Center and it also teaches a great lesson on how prayer treatment works. The prosperity program demonstrates that money can come in many ways because God is really the only source of our supply. God is our Source and God is all around us.

There is no charge for the program except the tithe you promise to pay when you benefit. No risk and no charge makes it easy for people to sign up. It’s also easy to promise to donate part of the unexpected money before you see it.

I love the program because it is so much fun. Mostly I love to hear the “God works in mysterious ways” stories. Over 25 years, I have heard some wonderful ones – big and small. Here are a few I remember…

One woman inherited $5000 because her sibling found some fifty-year-old war bonds in their parents’ attic. Someone else was repaid a real estate debt of over $120,000. They decided it was unscheduled because they’d written the debt off 20 years earlier. They said they had almost forgotten about it.

One year, I received a gift of several thousand dollars from a long-term member of the Center. She sent the check and thank you note saying it was for services I rendered during the past years.

Not all the best stories are about large amounts of money. Someone found an old embroidery sampler in the garage and sold it. She sent the church $50 and showed us photos of the pioneer sampler.

Small amounts make delightful surprises even though they are not dramatic. For example, I was cleaning out my closet and found $100 in a jacket I hadn’t worn for at least five years. That was found prosperity and I was delighted.

Most amounts are relatively small but that doesn’t matter since the point is to open up our minds to accept the truth that all money comes from God. Whether large or small, the stories about the surprises help prove that Creative Mind is a great river with many tributaries.

Our Center teaches that God is always the Source of our supply.  We are well funded and, while the prosperity program tithes are welcome, our goal is primarily educational.

The “pay off” for participants is lifelong. Once we really get it that God is the source of our supply, we can transfer our reliance from a nutty boss to God working through predictable spiritual laws. We can also release any belief in being stuck or locked into bad situations. We can have peace of mind and faith in solutions to life’s little puzzles.

If you trust the news, economic terror is widespread but it need not be contagious. We can train  our minds to be immune. We simply have to change our thinking to change our economic life. Usually that means letting go of old ideas and accepting new ones.

Let’s not hang onto old ideas around money. “Not enough” thinking needs to be discarded. Once we get it that all money comes from God and God is unlimited supply, our minds open up and greater prosperity arrives. Prayer works. The Unscheduled Income program can help people accept more and more financial Good.

Another aim of the program is helping people understand they don’t need to limit their avenues of prosperity to a job, or one person’s kindness. We don’t need to build such narrow fences around the ways we accept money.

A favorite story is about the woman who asked her minister to pray for her prosperity.  Next Sunday, when the minister asked her how well the program worked, she said, “Not good at all.” Then she added, “My son wanted to give me a money gift but, of course, I couldn’t take it from him.”

If she had understand that all money comes from God, she wouldn’t turn her son down so quickly. She would allow her son to experience the joy of giving and know that the Universe would find a way to pay him back.

As a part of my personal spiritual program, I have learned to accept  as well as to give. Whenever someone offers me a gift, I take it. It is good for the person offering to give and my acceptance completes the  circle. If I don’t need it, I give it away.Whether it is theater tickets, lunch or cash, I say yes. If we are to be more prosperous, we must learn to say yes and we must also learn to be generous.

New Thought churches and centers teach that money is good to have and to circulate. We help people learn to attract more Good. Many centers have prosperity programs. You can find many excellent tools to increase your prosperity in New Thought churches. There are programs like the unscheduled income, classes, and wonderful books, such as Spiritual Economics by Dr. Eric Butterworth.

Basically, raising your prosperity level depends on the idea that your individual mind is always sending messages to Creative Mind about finances. You must change your thinking so your life will change. Prayer changes your thinking and so do other activities. You can learn to live with an attitude of expectancy rather than “not enough.”

Signing up for the prosperity program is a statement that you are open to accept more.Go to the center for Spiritual Living Carlsbad for more about this 10 week program if you are interested.

I like to think of money as fluid. Sometimes I imagine a financial waterfall. This trains my mind to stop believing the only way we can get more money is to get a raise. The best news is that God can easily find myriad ways when you are open to recieve. Unfreezing your waterfall is the tip of the iceberg but it is a good way to begin.

Raises are only one way to increase the cash flow. There are great fortunes built on good ideas. And then there are gifts, found objects, found money, your talents, inheritances, investments and inventions.

You don’t have to sign up for our program but I hope you will make an attempt to open up your thinking during these next few weeks. Begin to change your beliefs by using affirmations such as, Money flows to me from many places. or. I am a money magnet.

As you change your thinking, your life will change.

Ask Yourself

What ideas about money would I like to have?

How might I attempt to change my thinking?

What steps might I take?


Sailing West

When things looked really scary, Columbus wrote, “Yesterday we sailed west because it was our course.”

power2In 1492, Columbus faced danger, disease and starvation on the voyage to the New World. His crew was terrified and maybe he was also frightened. Yet, he never tried to change course or turn back, He had a plan and he followed it despite the obstacles,

There are times when the very best thing you can do is to keep on course, as best you can, despite any apparent difficulty.  I’m living that scenario right now as I travel my personal yellow brick road to recovery.

On Thurs, Feb 6, I fell flat onto my tile floor during my walking exercise.  I hit my head and broke my wrist in two places. I’m in extra pain and I’m going to be slowed down on exercise. It’s distressing.

Nevermind. I’m doing my best to keep up with my spiritual and physical recovery plan. I can’t do any walking exercise because I need two hands for the walker and my left is in a splint. I’ve substituted some chair walking and marching and more exercises. I’m also looking into a special walker for one-armed people.

I’ve added extra prayer, chair yoga and a visualization meditation since the accident. Rev. Matti’s treatments have provided some delicious pain free hours and I thank God for that.

It’s hard not to be discouraged when you tumble into an obvious setback like my fall, especially if it brings more pain.  There have been times when I felt more like my name was Job than Jane.

We always have choices about how to react.  At first, I was in pain and unhappy because it hurt a lot and my healing schedule was probably disrupted.

I didn’t feel like being brave or cheerful when it happened so I laid low the first few days.

Discouragement is depressing and depression tempts us to give up. I didn’t really think about giving up but I certainly abandoned positive living for a few days. So – That’s my news from Lake Wobegone.

Then my teaching kicked in and I decided to make a new choice. I would use my fall as an opportunity to teach and I would write about it. I would tell the truth.

What was the truth? What should I say? What were my choices?

Now, the conversational custom is to tell you how difficult and/or scary it was. I could also try to blame slippery floors or others. I could manipulate you and get some, “Oh, you poor dear” sympathy cards out of the event,

I could also shed some inky tears and tell you that God should never have sent this trouble to a good girl like me. Or I could give you a step by step account about exactly how it happened.

I knew that there are always opportunities and options and I knew I had many choices. After some thought, I have decided (one week later) to practice what I teach. And what I teach is using positive thinking to modify personal reality.

So, let’s begin. Let me tell you some of the good news. It was my left wrist and I am right handed. It was a clean fracture and I will not need an operation. The pain is definitely getting better.

I am pleased that I didn’t lose consciousness and, despite the blood, that I wasn’t scared. The cut over my eye  made me look like Rocky but I didn’t need stitches.  My black eye isn’t  black, but a gorgeous purple – just the color of a California sunset.

Best news of all – I started to pray right after I told my helper to call the paramedics. I spoke my truth out loud as the blood spurted onto the floor! While my eye didn’t heal immediately, I was pleased to have evidence of how deeply I have internalized the teaching,

I hope the readers of this blog will benefit from my health-challenged experiences by learning about how to continue to seek a quick recovery. Perhaps they can also learn how to proceed when faced with apparent difficulties, My life project is to teach Science of Mind and I trust this bleep on the road to full recovery will help me do that. I wouldn’t volunteer for the experience but now that it is here, I can use it.

My conviction of the usefulness of this teaching in every aspect of our lives deepens every day. We can use positive thinking and affirmative prayer in all sorts of situations.

Most of us go to Centers for Spiritual Living to learn how to attract the things we desire and we are always hearing stories about successes. The success stories  include sticking to your prayers long enough to achieve your goals.

Yes, there are instant healings and ,in theory, they are always instantly possible.  But it often takes longer than we wish to attain our dream. Slowness is a common experience although not universal.

When it takes longer than we want to see results, many people give and accept disappointment. Dr. Ernest Holmes tells us we should continue to pray daily until we see what we want appear. Too many people give up too soon.

If you follow your plan, you will eventually achieve your dream and see results. Having to stay the course may not seem desirable in the moment but if you do, it’s worth it.

What’s tragic is giving up too soon. Never give up on your dreams! When you experience a setback or difficulty, do the best you can and keep on keeping on. You deserve the best and your dreams can come true.        

Positive thinking and affirmative prayers work. Never doubt it. Of course, from time to time you may have to adjust your plan a bit. This blog is shorter than usual because I’m typing with one hand,

Love and  kisses,

Dr, Jane

Ask Yourself

Am I thinking of giving up on anything?

What would happen if I doubled down instead?


Getting Gladder

dareA friend, who was born in 1908, taught me to say, “Another day to be glad in” the first thing every morning. She learned it from her mother who was born around 1880. I now  teach it to people who were born in the 1990’s. That’s how wisdom grows, expands and evolves.

Some people are certain life is getting worse, not better. They talk about the “good old days” when life was simpler and better. Some believe in places like Shangri-La, ignoring the fact that the old movie is Hollywood fiction. Other people believe in lost islands of perfection such as Atlantis where everyone was spiritually advanced.

Actually, life is getting better all the time because we gain wisdom as we age and we learn from our mistakes. We impart that wisdom to the next generation. Individual lives vary but in general, we are living better now than we did in the past.

Being a caveman or woman makes good reading in the funny papers but there was no fire to keep us warm or cook our possums. And can you imagine childbirth in the Middle Ages? How about illness before we knew about germs?

There were some dreadful side effects to the industrial revolution but we enjoy the inventions the Age of Progress brought. Technology has improved many things. In my lifetime, I have seen so many labor saving and entertainment devices introduced to my home that it is hard to count them all. I once lived without TV and hung my clothes on outdoor lines.

Our emotional and spiritual natures have also improved. There was a time when theologians seriously doubted if women had souls and witches were burned at an astonishing rate. Only men could speak in church and women had to wear hats so their flowing locks wouldn’t tempt the men.

It’s fun to daydream about Somewhere Over The Rainbow where troubles melt like lemon drops but it simply isn’t true. Life was harder in the old days.

We are much better off today. Travel is easier. Food is better. Health is better. Our collective wisdom has improved things. Slavery may not be totally eradicated but it is rare and considered criminal instead of normal. Child labor is frowned on everywhere and usually against the law.  Thank God we educate girls in nearly every part of the world.

I also believe that people are growing wiser and kinder every day.  Think about it.  Aren’t you growing more loving and less judgmental as you mature? Aren’t you more interested in others than you were as a self-centered teenager?When life is longer and gentler, it follows that people treat each other better.

Ancient Egypt was supposed to be the seat of all spiritual wisdom but  it was a brutal place for the average man who  lived to be 35. Longevity enables us to mature spiritually. The phrase “We are one,”  takes on deeper meaning when we have young loved ones. Every age brings special joys.

We tend to glorify childhood but if you watch the park playground, you will notice that children are just learning to share. In fact, sharing is a major part of the kindergarten curriculum. Yes, I believe we are created as perfect, whole and complete and I observe that it takes most of us a while to discover our perfection. Most of us  improve with age.

We love the innocence of childhood but innocence implies the need to learn. Yes, kids can teach us some things but most of the time, we must teach the children. If the Master Teacher really told us to  become like children to enter the gates of heaven, we shouldn’t take that advice literally. No sensible adult aims for a return to childhood.  We call that senility.

It’s  best not to take the Bible literally. I would interpret the phrase “become like little children” to mean releasing the resentment and pain of the past. And the best way to release those old grievances and sad stories is to live in gratitude each day.

Wisdom can be learned and taught and that is how humans fulfill some of their spiritual potential. We are here to express God and the goodness of life and we expand in spiritual wisdom as we remember to be grateful. In New Thought, we define God as an ever-expanding evolutionary principle. Spirit is Infinite Power, Infinite Love, and Infinite Possibility. That word infinite means no limits. Spirit has no limits and neither do we.

We also know that we bring more of what we focus on into our lives. We keep our thoughts as light and bright as we can to bring more lightness and brightness to us. Over the years, I have learned to train my mind toward optimism and to lighten my dark moods.

How about you? Do you start your days with joy and enthusiasm? Do you believe life is good and getting better? Are you willing to learn? Do you want better days?

If you wish for better days but doubt the possibility your life could improve, why not experiment? Start a simple spiritual practice based on thanksgiving. Gratitude is a powerful tool and everyone can use it to kickstart the Law of Attraction.

What works for others must surely work for you because we are one. I’ve learned to use one of the  simplest and most effective spiritual practices I’ve encountered in my many years of study.

Here it is:  Before you finish your first cup of coffee in the morning, write “Another day to be glad in,” in your notebook. Then list ten things (or more) that you are grateful for.

I  believe you will find this is truly a mind and heart expanding practice, especially as it becomes a treasured habit. It will work in any situation. I’ve seen it pull people out of deep depression when practiced faithfully. I’ve often had it turn around  a day that promised difficulty but turned out great. Gratitude is a lot like magic.

There is always something to be grateful for. There are always people you love, natural things you admire, entertainments you enjoy, a some surprise event like a baby’s smile or a phone call to enjoy and put on your list.

Your list doesn’t have to be complicated. Just note the simplest things, like your coffee, your doggie, your petunias, tomorrow’s football game or your favorite aunt’s name.   By making the list, you take control and you will no longer feel so helpless. It will lift your spirits.

We can all control our emotional mindset if we acquire simple techniques such as gratitude lists. It took me a long time to learn that truth but I accept it now. I used to want to blame conditions or other people but I rejoice that I am in charge of my emotional life now.

Wisdom grows through our experience. Because we are intelligent humans, we can also learn from other people’s experiences. Even a simple idea such as taking charge of our emotions can be learned through practice. Sometimes it takes a while to embrace obvious truths but it can be done.

Ask Yourself

What’s on my list today?