God Sends


When my daughter returned from Africa last week it would have been considerate of me to give her time to deal with jetlag, but my bags were packed. I was “Raring to go!”

I’m out of Rehab and I  love my home more than ever. It is single story and that is a true God-send because I am currently using a wheelchair. I also have a wheel-in shower that I designed for my mother thirty years ago, Another God-send! So is the extra-large, extra-fancy hospital bed I inherited from Rev. Mattie’s mother.

I  have two wonderful helpers and  a loving group of family and friends who want to help me anyway they can. I’m not kidding when I say I am surrounded by God-sends.

The move home is going smoothly. My healing is on-track and I’m convinced prayer helped. If you are a part of the wonderful group who prayed for me, I thank you very much.  Your prayers for my health make you another of my God-sends.

Whether I knew you were praying or not isn’t important. Either way, your prayers went straight to the Subjective Mind of God and they planted the seed of perfect health. You made the prayer and (as always) God does the work. Your prayers set Spiritual Law in motion.

I came away from Rehab even more committed to teaching the power of prayer. Even when I was so unfocussed that I had trouble doing my own prayers, I could feel the energy of other people’s and I was able to accept the love and care from others.

Prayer works even if the recipient of your prayer lives in Tucson and you live in Omaha. God lives everywhere, full power, all the time. God lives in the hearts and minds of every individual whether he or she recognizes it or not.

Here’s a very short sketch of how prayer works in our lives. Spirit is the Creative Energy of the Universe. Spirit created us in It’s image and likeness. We are separate and unique, but we are spiritual creatures and we are connected to God through our consciousness. (Consciousness contains all our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in this moment.)

Our consciousness is constantly sending messages to Spirit and Spirit responds. God (or Spirit) is Love working through Law in our lives. When we pray, we are speaking directly to God with the purpose of setting Spiritual Law into motion to create new circumstances.

The person praying envisions, believes and accepts the desired outcome. The person we are praying for must accept the goal of the prayer in order to have it work. That is a part of why we never pray for others unless it is requested. When we ask for prayers from others we are depending on, or borrowing their conviction and clarity. Of course, the best thing is for the person requesting prayer to also have conviction but that’s not always at an optimum level.

The reason prayers from unknown people worked for me was that when I requested the prayers, I was already envisioning, believing and accepting the healing at some level. The prayers of others were powerful because they were clear and focused. I needed your prayers because I was, more or less, stuck in the experience of “not well”.

If this all seems complicated and too technical for a blog, I apologize. Remember that you do not have to understand how prayer works, you only have to pray and expect it to work. If you want to know more, you should take a class in your Center for Spiritual Living or on-line.

You can also learn to use prayer more effectively by reading books. My book, Spiritual Mind Skills has individual chapters devoted to each of the steps of affirmative prayer or treatment.  You can buy it from this blog bookstore. You can also find it in church bookstores along with many works by Dr. Ernest Holmes and other New Thought leaders. I especially recommend Treat Yourself To Life by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your prayers. My progress is apparent and I still have a way to go. If you want to help, continue praying for me.  Please see me as walking independently  and getting back to a regular schedule. I am praying for these goals now.

I am not only praying, I am choosing to enhance my prayers with physical therapy, occupational therapy and getting the recommended medical attention. I choose to pursue my healing this way. Others may choose other ways and that is up to them. I choose to do what the doctor orders.

We are spiritual creatures who have a part in creating our lives. We have free will and we always have choices. I believe that getting good medical attention will work well for me. I also believe it is important for me to move forward.

Somehow I had a back injury. Obviously I could choose to look backward and ask myself what caused the problem. I could also choose to believe I’ll be in a wheelchair forever. Or I could choose to blame myself or others and spread anger over my life. I could also choose to feel sorry for myself.

I choose to focus on healing and I choose to move forward. I also choose to take it a day at a time, and start my day with gratitude. Each day, I start by writing and/or saying, “Another day to be glad in.” Then I make a gratitude list. You are on it.




11 Comments on “God Sends”

  1. Barbara Potter says:

    Dear Dr. Jane,
    We pray because we love you. And we know that with prayer there is always knowingness; knowing that you are healing and that God is everywhere. You continue to inspire and guide us with your words. We absolutely adore you.
    Barbara (and Alan, too!)

    • janeclaypool says:

      Hi Barbara,

      I love you as well and I thank you for your prayers. Your comments are valuable to me and I’d love it if you posted them on the blog so the whole world can see them. Love, Jane

  2. Susan Dexter says:

    Welcome Home Dr Jane-
    I was so happy to hear you were back home. Treat and move your feet, as they say.
    Rev Lisa graduated all eight of her minister students. Now we are off to teach others.
    I recognize how important your influence was on her, and now us. Thanks for being
    such a great teacher.
    Reverend Susan Dexter

    • janeclaypool says:

      Hi Susan, It is always good to hear from you and know what you are up to. I think of you as a friend and I’m proud of any infoence I’ve had, no matter how indirectly, on your life. In the future, if you can, I;d love to have your comments on the blog so the world can read them. Love, Jane

  3. So glad ot hear you are doing well, Jane! You continue to inspire me since your “Creative Thought” contiributions and your wonderful “Wise Women….” book. I am knowing I will be certified yet as a Wise Woman facilitator…yeah, it’s me from 2008 who got married and you were sick and I could’nt come out to train..always you are in my thoughts and prayers! Love and light, Sharon 🙂

  4. Ann Ryan says:

    So great to see you back on the block – oops I mean blog. Love, Ann

  5. Linda Overton says:

    So glad you are home and you are always in my prayers!

  6. Frank Fischer says:

    Beautifully expressed !
    You are whole and Complete. I know this is your truth.
    Love &
    Good Thoughts
    & Onward
    Frank Fischer
    http://www.marriageforeveryone.com 1-800- 6329331
    FB page – LIFE, Love is for Everyone


  7. Lori mac says:

    I am so grateful for your recovery and your wonderful consciousness and teachings that you share through your blog. God is good, all the time and you are a God Send also. I love you! Lori Mac 🙂

  8. Lori mac says:

    Another comment…. I remember in December sitting in your room at the rehab center and the doctor came in and said to you that he was amazed you were walking again, he said that he thought you would never get out of bed and walk again. What a great demonstration of the power of prayer in your life. The doctor may give you a diagnoses but God is the prognoses! Yes! Love Lori Mac

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