Holiday News

I’m celebrating this Holidaynow by spending time with friends and giving thanks for my blessings. No cards. No gifts. This blog is my only Christmas newsletter.

Stuff happens. When it happens, you deal with it as as best you can. I still don’t know what caused my current physical challenge except there was nerve damage that paralyzed my back from the waist down. The good news is that I am getting better and better.

After two months in Rehab, I’ve gone from being bed-bound to walking 400 feet with a walker. I am grateful for the progress and I know it is only the beginning.

Physical rehab exercises are the most important part of my day. My attention is on doing my exercises and focusing on the healing. I have every confidence I will recover completely and walk independently.

I’m impatient but I’m grateful. Since no one knew how long it would take or how successful the treatment would be, the first weeks were all about faith. I depended greatly on spiritual mind treatments from my supporters  because when you are in the middle of an experience it is a good idea to get help from a practitioner. I got lots of help. Many of my friends are practitioners  or practitioners in training and I depended on them, as well as others..

Now and then, I hear a medical staff person say he or she thought I might never walk again. I’m glad I didn’t hear those predictions earlier. I never doubted I’d heal and I didn’t waste my time worrying about why it happened. I just keep on keeping on and expecting the best. I’m working as hard as I can on the physical exercises. I also keep as positive an attitude as I can.

I’m still surprised the healing is taking this long but I can see daily progress. Thanks for your prayers; I know many people are praying  consistently for me. Your continued prayers are requested and welcomed.

I thank God for Science of Mind and the Center for Spiritual Living in Carlsbad. My support system helped. All those classes I’ve taken or taught in the past 35 years have helped. Although I’m sometimes restless, I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the sunny side of the street.

Gratitude really is the most powerful tool I have, especially when I get down, I use the Serenity Prayer (12 Step helped me there) and then I count my blessings. This rehab experience has given me the opportunity to practice what I preach and I glad I can do it.

There are many, many reasons to be grateful every day. The facility and the staff are marvelous. They are all very kind and competent and some nurses are amazing. Some bring sunshine into the room even at midnight. Consciousness is everything in nursing as well as other helping professions.

As I would have expected, my family has been  a major blessing. The generous support of my daughter and son-in-law, sister, brothers, grandsons, and nieces and nephews is phenomenal. I am blessed with a loyal and loving family.

I also have a  loving church group to support me. I was genuinely surprised by the number of church friends who visited, called or wrote. So many rallied round to love and help me that on some days I had to make appointments and schedule time to see everyone.

Several people in the rehab center have  commented on how many fascinating and lovely people I know. One Activities Director teases me about being the celebrity guest or star. He is impressed and so am I.

I’ve seen  that my ministry is worthwhile to others as well as to myself. Many of my former ministerial students have called and offered help. Founding the church 25 years ago was a great thing to do. It not only survives, it thrives. I’ve been more or less retired for several years and some of the people who came by have never heard me speak from the pulpit.  They visit and offer well  wishes and prayers because they love the church.

From the beginning, the Carlsbad  Center was found to teach Science of Mind and was grounded in Love. Newcomers enjoy the welcome they found here. The current newcomers probably think that, as founder, I deserve some credit for the atmosphere. The credit really goes to Rev. Debby and Rev. Mattie for expanding  and supporting that original vision.

Love is a great healing influence.I believe the love you have showered on me during this rehab period is powerfully healing. Thank you  all, whether you prayed for me, visited, called or wrote. Your love means a great deal.

My holidays plans are full of love. I am planning to enjoy the Holiday Season here at the Rehab Center with many of my family members. They are making a two-plus hour drive just to be with me and I truly appreciate it.

My New Year’s plans are also full of love. Around the first of January. I  plan to return to my home although I will still be needing some help and physical therapy. I am feeling so much better that it time to resume my normal life. I  also plan to resume blogging on a regular basis. I look forward to your comments and I thank you for reading the future blogs as well as this one.

Let me close with a message of love to each and every one of you.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season! May you keep   Love and Gratitude  in your heart, mind and deeds as you move through your holidays and remember to reach out in love to others.  We are here to love life and to  share our love, joy, and gratitude with each other.

 Happy New Year is on its way!



12 Comments on “Holiday News”

  1. Doris Palardy says:

    Merry Christmas to you Dr. Jane

    So happy to hear from you and knowing for you perfect health for the coming year. I am including you in my daily prayers.
    Llove and light

  2. Sharon Childers says:

    We wish you continued success with your recovery and are so proud of your progress. May your holidays be bright and cheery and that love and good health be with in the New Year. You are so very special to me and I love you so very much. Merry Christmas Jane, you will always be family to me. XXOO Sharon

  3. Judith Churchman says:

    Blessings to you, Jane, and best wishes for a great new year. We love you.

    Judith Churchman and Bob Luckin

  4. Jerry Hooley says:

    Dear Jane, You have always been (and will continue to be) a “celebrity guest and star” in our book! We are knowing a wonderful New Year for you! Love, Liz Bowman and Jerry Hooley

  5. Barbara Potter says:

    Dear Dr. Jane, Well, I’m guessing for now a game of tennis is out of the question. I’m so delighted to hear you are doing much better. Madi and Geoff have been keeping me informed as to your continued progress. As you know, your blog is like candy to me and I love seeing your smiling face when I open it. For you, my dear friend and always my celebrity, I know that you will have a wonderful Christmas Day with your family, and a blessed New Year is in place just for you. I look forward to seeing you soon – maybe Madi, Geoff, Alan and I will drive down together. I miss and love you. Love and blessings, Barbara

  6. Terry Drew Karanen/CSLCV says:

    Blessings to you, Jane, on this Christmas Eve. May you continue to be supported abundantly!

    Much love,

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