Update on Dr. Jane

scan006Hi Folks,

Just to let you know I’ve been in rehab at Scripps Encinitas for almost two weeks and I am progressing well. If you want to pray for me, thank you. Please do not call or visit since I am kept on a busy schedule and need rest. You can send cards or notes to the Carlsbad Center for Spiritual Living or make a comment on this blog. No flowers please.

I’ll be posting on a regular schedule soon but until then, I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth, It’s just an exacerbation of spinal stenosis. Not life threatening. However,  I am behind on emails etc. If you are waiting for a response from me, please forgive me. You can contact Kate or through the Carlsbad Church. and please do not use my cell phone number. They keep mevery busy and I am happy to focus  on my healing.

I believe in the power of spiritual healing and I see it happening all around me. What a lovely place this is. It is  propelled by cooperation and love as well as medical knowledge. I have had an amazing healing crew and I am grateful to be here. I will return home on the wings of your prayers very soon. soon.




16 Comments on “Update on Dr. Jane”

  1. Lynn Gabrielson says:

    Dearest Jane, we are sending our loving thoughts and healing prayers to you and the Universal Creative Medium. XOs

  2. czagwyn says:

    You are solidly in our hearts, minds and prayers. Pat and Conrad

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smartphone

  3. Wayne Edmiston says:

    You are prefect, whole, and complete in every way! And so you are!

  4. Doris Palardy says:

    Get well soon Dr. Jane.
    In the meantime I know the Highest and Best for you and am including you in my daily prayers
    Love and Light, Doris

  5. Fran Loskota Christ says:

    Hi Jane, we love you! Fran and Karl Christ

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Toni says:

    Knowing your wholeness and seeing this as a time of healing for you. I spent 3 months in a hospital and rehab and the growth was profound. Love to you. Toni

  7. Sharon Childers says:

    Dear Jane,
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. I think of you often and wish you all that is good in life. Much Love, Sharon

  8. Rev. Judee Chapman says:

    To one of my finest teachers…… I know that the healing energy of Love is repairing and renewing every fiber of your physical being…. here and NOW. Know that you are in my prayers and they work!!! Love you, Judee

  9. Linda Overton says:

    Dear. Dr. Jane,

    My prayers are with you. Love you much! Rev. Linda Overton

  10. I am Ann’s friend and really enjoy your blogs…told Ann you should put them all in a book!!
    I also have spinal stenosis and my heart goes out to you along with prayers for all your courage….with my love…..Leslie Tanner

  11. Ann Ryan says:

    Dearest Jane, I see you in all your wonderfulness leaping over buildings in a single bound. You are so important to so many of us. And I know you are being flooded with “good vibes”, Relax and enjoy all the great care and floods of love you are receiving. Love, Ann

    • janeclaypool says:

      Hi Ann,

      Call me in a few days if you have the chance to say hello. Meanwhile, I am in rehab hospital having a lot of pain and pain pills. I am trying to stay positive and hopeful. I am not 100% what happened except the spinal stenosis I have had for many years suffererd an exacerbation and I am more or less paralyzed from the hips down. I can’t stand yet although I’m getting physical therapy. Do not call until later in the week when I may know more than I do at the moment. Love, Jane

  12. Anne Seislove says:

    Just trying out my new computer signals. I barely learn one and then it’s gone. Thanks for all the positive blogs . Calling you in a minute.

    On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 10:26 AM, janeclaypool

  13. Shelley cline says:

    Dearest Jane, I thought of you out of the blue this morning and there was a sense of urgency to it and when I looked you up online and find out that you have been in rehab. Knowing for you that you are well and healthy and as vibrant as ever. Lots of love Shelley Cline

    • janeclaypool says:

      Hi Shelley,

      It’s great to hear from you and I hope you are doing dell. I am in rehab working on a back issue that no one is totally clear about ow it happened. What I know is that it is getting better and that is all that is important. Your prayers are appreciated. I claim total health and speedy recovery.

  14. Shelley cline says:

    I’m not sure what your current email address is. I know you don’t have a lot of time to check it. I just wanted to send you some thoughts and I did to the email that I think is right but I’m not sure. And you may not want to post it here. Where can I find it? Will the center know?

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