Compassion Notes

touch3I’ve been in rehab for five and a half weeks and I still don’t have a definite medical diagnosis! While I am obviously getting better, my case is still a medical mystery.

I’m certain I have excellent physical care and my medical needs are being cared for. I believe my job is to focus on my spiritual care. Thank you, Dear Readers, for the way you have helped make that possible.

In the beginning, I couldn’t remember the steps of treatment but I could remember that God and I are one.  I held on tight to God inside and all around me. I was definitely part of the Oneness. I knew God is Love.

I also remembered to be grateful. Even in the hardest times, I remembered to be thankful for my nurses, therapists, doctors, and hospitals. And friends. I was especially grateful for my church friends and family.

It made me happy to know people were praying for me. I have received many messages from colleagues telling me they were praying for me.

Some people may think of me as a “loner” or very independent but that isn’t true. I treasure my friends and this rehab episode has shown me how much I treasure my sense of connection in God and people.

I gratefully depended on other people’s prayers these past weeks and I was very glad for every one of you.  It made me feel wonderful to recognize how many wonderful preachers and practitioners are in my life. When they called or visited, I asked for treatment.

I have been grateful for every visitor, every phone call and every card. I feel rich as I recognize how many wonderful people are in my life.

I do appreciate your prayers and I feel confidant that you folks who praying for me are doing a fine job because I am getting better. Thank you very much for all your prayers and visits and calls. Please keep up the good work.

I have learned a lesson about healing that I want to share with everyone. We all need reminders that we are spiritual beings and, at the same time, when we have a sick person in our lives, we may need reminders that we are also human beings.

In the beginning, it felt as though my spiritual practice was disappearing. I know that is not the truth but I did feel very much more physical than spiritual. You were my lifeline and offered me hope. You are very important.

One of the things we say about the practitioner’s work is that he “knows the truth” for the client even when he or she doesn’t know it for herself. I have personally discovered that. I hope you keep up your good work. for me at the same time I hope to show all my readers how important love and prayer and support mean to anyone.

Won’t you please continue to hold the truth and lend me your consciousness? Believe me, even though I am  better and I can pray for myself,  I still require your help. Our Oneness in God is now a new dimension for me. Your love and prayers are real helpful.

          This rehab episode has deepened my appreciation of how much people need each other when they are in trouble. Yes, it is true that we are never alone because we are with God. It is also true that the love of other humans becomes extremely important when we are perplexed and feeling out of touch with life.

From now on, I will see the Compassionate Care concerns of our churches as a very important service we offer.  I think it a major function of any center or church. (It is also a major part of being a loving friend.

Teaching people to think and live positively is important all the time. It is the real reason we become centers for positive living.

Our Centers For Positive Living support members and friends  in many other ways as well, including metaphysical studies, and social connections. I think Compassionate Care is also very important. In fact, since we are also human as well as spiritual, I am ready to raise prayer and support who are going through hard times to a higher priority.

Many years ago, in a 12 Step Meeting,, I heard a speaker tell a story about the child who wanted her mother to stay by her side until she fell asleep. The mother said, “God is always with you.” The child grabbed her mother’s hand and said, “Yes but I want my God with skin.”

I understand the story better now than I did 38 years ago.

Ask Yourself

Is there anyone I want to reach out to today?

Is there anyone I want to thank?


Staying Positive

now  I am working hard on physical and occupational therapy in rehab. My quest for the demonstration of my healthy and active physical body is going well.  I am clearly getting better.

I still don’t have a clear picture of what is going on but I am over the shock of the sudden change in my health. One day I was well and the next day I was in hospital. It has all gone well but there is much more to do.

Thanks for your concern and for your prayers and please keep up the good work. I sometimes find praying for others is easier than praying for myself because it is easier for me to see the truth about your perfection, wholeness and completion. I see through your appearances more clearly than my own because  it is eaIsier not to believe it.

When I pray for myself, I sometimes get tangled up in wondering what happened and why it happened. I am so grateful for your prayers because, without the prayers of my loved ones, I would not have come this far.

What happened is not the important thing but, in case you are curious, my back was injured and I am unable to stand alone or walk at the time I am writing this.

We hear that challenges present an opportunity to learn and to grow. They also present an opportunity to express gratitude. I am very grateful for this rehab center and the wonderful staff. Everyone is cheerful, optimistic and pleasant all of the time. That’s a big help.

My years of Science of Mind studies also help a great deal. I’d like to believe that my understanding is so great that I never have illness or troubles. Perhaps that will be true some day, but iIn the beginning of this episode, I was in too much pain to help myself much, Knowing that my friends were working for me was a big comfort. It is also true that treatments we do for others are important. I’ve been on both sides of the prayer process and I am living proof. in both ways.

In the beginning, I was in so much pain I was out of it. I relied on the love and wisdom of my family and friends. My daughter, Kate DuViver, and my son-in-law Chuck DuVivier as well as my sister, Anne Seislove and brothers, Mike and John Claypool showed me the love and support that family brings.

Families and friends and spiritual groups all are expressing God in action. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful church family also. Friends and other support groups have helped me. I thank God this is so.

My ministerial friends Mattie Dobbs, Carol Carnes, Lisa Stewart, Lori Mac, Lynn Guilfoyle were all wonderful about visiting, running errands and praying out loud when they were here. Many others are praying silently for me and I am very grateful.

Behind that visible group of supporters is an army of other friends and colleagues who are praying for my fast recovery. Known and unknown well-wishers are making  a definite difference in my recovery.

Everyone can see the difference. Recently, one of the nurses told a visitor that I was getting better even though they might not know why. The visitor friend looked at me and smiled. We share the belief that Spirit comes first.

My church is a tremendous recovery resource – the people, the wisdom and the love are very real and I can feel it all. Thank you for your prayers and love. It is all a part of a giant recovery plan that God has given me and everyone else in need.

I also give great thanks for my wonderful medical support that I have found with my primary and secondary medical staff. I am so grateful for Scripps Hospital Rehab and my new Rehab Center here in Carlsbad.

Consciousness comes first, We can waste time asking ourselves what went wrong and how did it happen? Or we can focus on the  desired solution. Anything we believe will be a part of our healing process will help.

I believe in traditional medicine as well as spiritual healing. I remember my first Pastor, Dr. Frank Richelieu, saying “All knowledge is God-given.” I believed him then and I believe him now.

Long ago, I decided my job includes selecting the best medical treatment I can find and then following the instructions of my medical advisors plus the healing principles of Science of Mind.  Dr. Ernest Holmes,  founder of Religious Science, said  that it is not a choice between spirit and matter but that everything has its basis in Spirit.

It seems to me that right now, I am in the perfect place to fully  accept the spiritual truth of my perfection. I am grateful to be in medical facilities  that accept prayer as a healing modality. More than one doctor and nurse has offered the opinion that prayer helps.

I know the most important part of my personal healing process is to use spiritual mind treatment and remember the Truth that sets me free.

This rehab center is a wonderful place and I believe that my getting a private room here is a direct result of my daughter’s prayers. She did the search and God guided her to this wonderful set up. The room is filled with good colors – warm, buttery yellow and soft aqua accents. I am very sensitive to the healing power of color and couldn’t be happier about the color palette.

I am still careful to limit my visitors to a few daily because I am busy with other activities such as therapy. If you want to visit, please call in advance. If you want to contact me, please send cards or well wishes to the Church or by email.

I will try to keep the blogs up more regularly now that I am feeling a bit better.  I think it is a service to write honestly, even when things are less than perfect on the level of appearances so that we can all recognize the Truth that sets us free.

 Love, Dr. Jane

Ask Yourself

Last time I was in trouble, what people  helped me?

Is this a good time to send them a thank you note?

Can you list 10 people who really helped you get though any tough spot in your life?

Do you want to write a thank you note?

Update on Dr. Jane

scan006Hi Folks,

Just to let you know I’ve been in rehab at Scripps Encinitas for almost two weeks and I am progressing well. If you want to pray for me, thank you. Please do not call or visit since I am kept on a busy schedule and need rest. You can send cards or notes to the Carlsbad Center for Spiritual Living or make a comment on this blog. No flowers please.

I’ll be posting on a regular schedule soon but until then, I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth, It’s just an exacerbation of spinal stenosis. Not life threatening. However,  I am behind on emails etc. If you are waiting for a response from me, please forgive me. You can contact Kate or through the Carlsbad Church. and please do not use my cell phone number. They keep mevery busy and I am happy to focus  on my healing.

I believe in the power of spiritual healing and I see it happening all around me. What a lovely place this is. It is  propelled by cooperation and love as well as medical knowledge. I have had an amazing healing crew and I am grateful to be here. I will return home on the wings of your prayers very soon. soon.