Our Sacred Trust

Kingsolver2My friend and I go back 25 years. We share age and politics, as well as religion and love for family. Our conversation jumps from subject to subject and era to era very easily. Over lunch, we agree it is depressing to see civil rights moving backwards.

         That was just one moment of discouraging thought. We quickly moved on to happier topics – our kids, grandkids and great grandkids. We know nothing really moves backwards, no matter how it may appear in any particular moment. The Creative Energy of Life and Love is constantly expanding and we both know it.

So many things have gone right in our lifetime. People live longer and are happier. We have amazing inventions and leisure time. Many of us are more secure and happier.

There seems to be less fear for the future. We remembered the days when people built those tacky little bomb shelters that were supposed to keep people safe from the Atomic War. We have had wars but no atomic ones. That is a cause for hope and celebration, considering we grew up with the threat of atomic annihilation.  It seems even our leaders prefer desire peace.

This is the fifty-year celebration of the March on Washington and I am trying to remember how much better things are than they were then. Memory helps.

I can do it. I’ve learned is trust. Right now, I am trusting that the nation will continue to move forward and not allow civil rights to go any farther backwards. After all, We are one nation under God. The Creative Expression of Life is always expanding and life continues improve although not always in a straight-ahead path.

In church, we learn that our personal lives can move outward into greater expansion of our Infinite Potential. That is true on a national and global basis as well. Over the long run, a look at history proves that Life is better.

It’s natural to have things improve. Humans are built to want more and better. It is a part of our creative nature. The Law of Cause and Effect works in our personal lives and it also works on a global scale. We no longer dwell in caves, do we? Most of us live longer, richer and healthier lives.

Progress happens consistently although it may not happen as smoothly or quickly as we want. It takes vision and desire to set new ideas in motion. And new visions are always happening. Right now, many people are visioning an end to global poverty. I trust that their vision will manifest in our lifetime.

John Lennon and I like to imagine a world of peace and plenty. I’m sure you agree with those great goals. What we know in Science of Mind is when enough people believe and accept a new vision it must come about because spiritual laws are inexorable.

It’s not always easy to expect the best, and sometimes I get upset when I see regression. These days, I see backward steps on several social rights issues. Women and people of color are losing ground. What happened to gun control? Many new laws are proposed at the state level that are dangerous.  Because I lived through the bad old days, I am absolutely certain I do not want to be turned around. Maybe we need to start singing “We Shall Overcome” again.

Several states have created laws that closed women’s health centers.  Their aim is to prevent women from having abortions and the result will be to endanger women’s health. Up until the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, women lived in fear of unwanted pregnancies. Recent actions in red states now endanger our freedom. Women should have the right to make choices and control their own bodies.

I trust the changes will be tested in court and thrown out, meanwhile, women (especially poor women) suffer. Simultaneously, these same states are tightening voter laws. Red states are closing polls in Democratic districts. They are also shortening hours and requiring more stringent voter ID’s. No one should have to stand in line eight hours to vote.

I am old enough to remember literacy tests and poll taxes. They were infamous ways to keep Afro-Americans from voting. After years of courageous and historic struggles, the “New South” emerged.  Things appeared to change and we even elected a black president. Many younger people take fairness for granted but equality and liberty and justice should never be taken for granted.

The Trayvon Martin tragedy has put some of the problems of blacks back in the news. A divided nation reacts to that tragedy in predictable ways. When our president spoke of his personal experiences he was actually condemned by some. It felt just like the bad old days to me.

I do not really compare today’s struggles with fifty years ago but we all need to remember that what happens to one citizen in the country happens to us all.

John Donne, wrote a famous poem in the 1700’s, and, in part, it said,

No man is an island,

Entire of itself, 
Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main……..

I am involved in mankind,

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; 

It tolls for thee.

That poem makes perfect sense to anyone who studies metaphysics and knows we are unique, individualized expressions of God. When we look at others, we don’t see strangers, we see brothers and sisters – all expressions of God.

What Donne wrote in England in the 1700’s is still true. When one woman dies from a coat hanger wound, we are all hurt. When one young man is shot because of his color, we are all hurt. When one person is kept from voting, we are all hurt. We live in God and how we treat each other is our highest expression God as Love.

No matter who you are or where you live, you are  connected through the Oneness of God. We all have the power of prayer and we embrace the vision of equality for all, trust in God, and Love as the Creative Energy of the Universe. Despite appearances, holding that vision will produce results that look like miracles.

Will you join me this month in daily prayers claiming equal rights for all?  Will you join me in holding the vision of social action progress? Will you know, with me, that restrictive laws and activities are turned around now?

Many of the early New Thought leaders believed the United States had a special, historic place in the history of humankind. I agree with their vision. Equality under law was a powerful idea in 1776 and it has expanded over time. As our wisdom and tolerance developed, our greatness grew. We don’t go backward, we lead the way forward. Thank God for the Sacred Trust we hold.

Ask Yourself

Do I trust the future?

Do I want to speak out?

Do I want to forward this post?

What more can I do?


2 Comments on “Our Sacred Trust”

  1. Maxine Kaye says:

    Yes, My Dear Friend, I join you in knowing these truths that still are not self-evident.

    I love you, Maxine

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Jane Claypool says:

    Thank you, Dr. Maxine. I value your agreement and I know that prayer does move mountains, even in red states.

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