There Is No Wizard In Oz

scan016We leave for the Spiritual Living Conference at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA on Saturday! I’m excited about the trip because my daughter, the ministerial student, is driving me

This is Kate’s first Asilomar and it will apparently be the last Religious Science Conference for all of us. It is kind of sad to move on, at the same time, I am especially glad to have this experience.

Even before we got the news about the end of an era, this year felt really, really new in a good way. Kate is with me and that is so special, It also seemed new because the two organizations, Religious Science International and United Religious Science have come together to be One. We are now called Centers For Spiritual Living (CSL).

Asilomar is a beautiful place and it holds many memories for me. I attended every year from 1988 until about eight years ago when health issues began to keep me away. I’m feeling pretty good now so,with Kate’s help, and their recent  improvements on handicapped access, it will work.

Kate’s choice to study for the ministry is a true blessing. I have another wonderful student, Lori Mac, who will also be there. She is a former Rockette and she’s presenting her workshop on Spiritual Dance. I know that will be great.

These past two years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching Lori and Kate and that’s been on my gratitude list every morning. They are both outstanding candidates for the ministry – open hearted and good business people with a tremendous commitment to the teaching. These gifted, intelligent, and beautiful students are the frosting on my cake.

They are probably the last in a long line of wonderful ministerial students. Before we came together as one organization, I trained many people in church but from now on, the ministerial training will be through the Holmes Institute.

I’m glad I started under the previous system because it has been such a delightful part of my career. Many of my students went on to started new churches. Some took over existing works and some became assistant or staff ministers. Some folded their studies into their existing work in medicine, counseling, coaching or teaching.

At one time, I don’t know how many more I trained but I counted once and I had more than thirty people practicing the ministry.I am proud of them all and they seem proud to claim me. Teaching  ministers has been the high point of my ministerial work. Teaching my daughter is special, but in heart, all my students are my sons and daughters.

When I see how my students have reached out and taught others, who will also be teachers, I see a beautiful picture. I envision an interlocking chain of wisdom teachers circling the planet. Religious Science grows exponentially and we are spreading much wider.  Now that we are one organization, we are positioned to reach out to the world. It is a beautiful thing to contemplate.

My students bring me great joy and I am glad I was there when they needed to learn. I am also very glad my teacher, Dr. Nancy Anderson, was there for me. She has held the dream of a global network for a long time and Dr. Nancy has been instrumental in reaching out to many nations.

One wisdom teacher enabling another wisdom teacher who enables another, and so it goes…. One of my students calls this the lineage system and I’m not sure I like that. It makes me think of gurus which makes me think of the Pope. I am a teacher, not a guru, and I understand teaching as helping people find their own wisdom. I would be ashamed if my students were just like me and, believe me, they are not.

The glory of  Science of Mind is that there are no hierarchical authority figures. There is only a teacher offering a process that enables people to turn within and find God. When you think about it, Religious Science is a very democratic spiritual teaching.

There was a time when I didn’t quite know that. In the beginning, I looked at my current leaders, including Dr. Kennedy Shultz and Dr. Earlene Castellaw, as though they had all the power. I felt less powerful because I was a beginner even though one of my favorite books was Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki . I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, I had been an  independent seeker for years.

Even so, when I got into the church structure, I carried too much left-over fear and awe over from my childhood church. Religious Science  was my church of choice, but I trembled inwardly when Kennedy frowned or Earlene scolded. That first year at Asilomar, I did a lot of reacting to everything I thought was wrong, including my room assignment. It was a long time ago and I have learned that I have my own power.

Have you ever felt cowed by authority? Have you ever felt as though you might not be up to the job? Have you ever felt as though you are not enough? Don’t know enough? Or  are invisible?

Science of Mind doesn’t teach us to respect outer authority. It teaches us that there is a Power For Good in our lives and we can use it. We don’t  look for outside ourselves for answers.We are the ultimate authority in our lives.

I learned self-reliance and self-trust a day at a time, mostly by taking and teaching classes. You can also. And if you are looking for instant lessons, you can find them at the movies. Remember the Wizard of Oz? Buy yourself the DVD and play it often.

If you  feel like Dorothy, remember there is no wizard. If you feel  you are out of your element (Kansas) entering strange territory (Oz) remember you are the only wizard in the picture. You are the writer, producer, director and star of your personal movie.

Dealing with threats or bullies at work or home can be simple. Grab hold of Truth. Dump your fear and remember there is no authority greater than your own self- direction.

Don’t let anyone or thing overwhelm you. No one knows more even if that is the message you hear.  There is no great Oz – only human on the checkerboard of life. We are all on a learning curve.

When I remember how I felt at my first Asilomar, I see how much I had to learn. My students are wiser. They will make their own choices about what to attend and what to skip, about who they want to know, what to eat, and what to do. As for me, I’m going to have a wonderful trip filled with happiness, a day at a time. I have no plans beyond having fun and attending Lori’s Spiritual Dance workshop on Thursday afternoon at one. See you there? 

Am I afraid of anyone?

Am I trying to please anyone?

Do I want to take more charge of my life?


Our Sacred Trust

Kingsolver2My friend and I go back 25 years. We share age and politics, as well as religion and love for family. Our conversation jumps from subject to subject and era to era very easily. Over lunch, we agree it is depressing to see civil rights moving backwards.

         That was just one moment of discouraging thought. We quickly moved on to happier topics – our kids, grandkids and great grandkids. We know nothing really moves backwards, no matter how it may appear in any particular moment. The Creative Energy of Life and Love is constantly expanding and we both know it.

So many things have gone right in our lifetime. People live longer and are happier. We have amazing inventions and leisure time. Many of us are more secure and happier.

There seems to be less fear for the future. We remembered the days when people built those tacky little bomb shelters that were supposed to keep people safe from the Atomic War. We have had wars but no atomic ones. That is a cause for hope and celebration, considering we grew up with the threat of atomic annihilation.  It seems even our leaders prefer desire peace.

This is the fifty-year celebration of the March on Washington and I am trying to remember how much better things are than they were then. Memory helps.

I can do it. I’ve learned is trust. Right now, I am trusting that the nation will continue to move forward and not allow civil rights to go any farther backwards. After all, We are one nation under God. The Creative Expression of Life is always expanding and life continues improve although not always in a straight-ahead path.

In church, we learn that our personal lives can move outward into greater expansion of our Infinite Potential. That is true on a national and global basis as well. Over the long run, a look at history proves that Life is better.

It’s natural to have things improve. Humans are built to want more and better. It is a part of our creative nature. The Law of Cause and Effect works in our personal lives and it also works on a global scale. We no longer dwell in caves, do we? Most of us live longer, richer and healthier lives.

Progress happens consistently although it may not happen as smoothly or quickly as we want. It takes vision and desire to set new ideas in motion. And new visions are always happening. Right now, many people are visioning an end to global poverty. I trust that their vision will manifest in our lifetime.

John Lennon and I like to imagine a world of peace and plenty. I’m sure you agree with those great goals. What we know in Science of Mind is when enough people believe and accept a new vision it must come about because spiritual laws are inexorable.

It’s not always easy to expect the best, and sometimes I get upset when I see regression. These days, I see backward steps on several social rights issues. Women and people of color are losing ground. What happened to gun control? Many new laws are proposed at the state level that are dangerous.  Because I lived through the bad old days, I am absolutely certain I do not want to be turned around. Maybe we need to start singing “We Shall Overcome” again.

Several states have created laws that closed women’s health centers.  Their aim is to prevent women from having abortions and the result will be to endanger women’s health. Up until the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, women lived in fear of unwanted pregnancies. Recent actions in red states now endanger our freedom. Women should have the right to make choices and control their own bodies.

I trust the changes will be tested in court and thrown out, meanwhile, women (especially poor women) suffer. Simultaneously, these same states are tightening voter laws. Red states are closing polls in Democratic districts. They are also shortening hours and requiring more stringent voter ID’s. No one should have to stand in line eight hours to vote.

I am old enough to remember literacy tests and poll taxes. They were infamous ways to keep Afro-Americans from voting. After years of courageous and historic struggles, the “New South” emerged.  Things appeared to change and we even elected a black president. Many younger people take fairness for granted but equality and liberty and justice should never be taken for granted.

The Trayvon Martin tragedy has put some of the problems of blacks back in the news. A divided nation reacts to that tragedy in predictable ways. When our president spoke of his personal experiences he was actually condemned by some. It felt just like the bad old days to me.

I do not really compare today’s struggles with fifty years ago but we all need to remember that what happens to one citizen in the country happens to us all.

John Donne, wrote a famous poem in the 1700’s, and, in part, it said,

No man is an island,

Entire of itself, 
Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main……..

I am involved in mankind,

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; 

It tolls for thee.

That poem makes perfect sense to anyone who studies metaphysics and knows we are unique, individualized expressions of God. When we look at others, we don’t see strangers, we see brothers and sisters – all expressions of God.

What Donne wrote in England in the 1700’s is still true. When one woman dies from a coat hanger wound, we are all hurt. When one young man is shot because of his color, we are all hurt. When one person is kept from voting, we are all hurt. We live in God and how we treat each other is our highest expression God as Love.

No matter who you are or where you live, you are  connected through the Oneness of God. We all have the power of prayer and we embrace the vision of equality for all, trust in God, and Love as the Creative Energy of the Universe. Despite appearances, holding that vision will produce results that look like miracles.

Will you join me this month in daily prayers claiming equal rights for all?  Will you join me in holding the vision of social action progress? Will you know, with me, that restrictive laws and activities are turned around now?

Many of the early New Thought leaders believed the United States had a special, historic place in the history of humankind. I agree with their vision. Equality under law was a powerful idea in 1776 and it has expanded over time. As our wisdom and tolerance developed, our greatness grew. We don’t go backward, we lead the way forward. Thank God for the Sacred Trust we hold.

Ask Yourself

Do I trust the future?

Do I want to speak out?

Do I want to forward this post?

What more can I do?

How To Get What You Want

dareI taught high school for many years. Mostly, I worked with kids who had difficulty in school. Some had emotional troubles or couldn’t learn, or couldn’t concentrate. Some had extreme situations at home. Some had no homes. My job was to teach reading or study skills. I couldn’t fix everything.

It’s a tricky business to teach kids who don’t seem to want to learn. Or can’t learn. You must establish order and let them know you are on their side. I found the work difficult but rewarding. Imagine the thrill of seeing a teenager move from third grade reading skills to sixth grade in one semester! I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a student in my life.

But it wasn’t all miracle working. Many of my students had years of failure in previous classrooms. It was a challenge to motivate them. Some students tried and gave up. Some never tried. Some were there because juvenile court sent them and they’d be incarcerated if they skipped. Some came because there was heat in the building or free food.

My classrooms were orderly, friendly and safe. The classes were on their grade level so many of the kids learned fast. Others learned sporadically and others learned nothing at all. I did the best I could with what I knew.

There wasn’t much real help. If I complained about a student, administration suspended him for a week and that certainly didn’t help him learn. So I almost never complained to the authorities.

Most of the educational theories were nonsensical but there was one counselor who helped me. Charlie and I would sit in the lunchroom and talk. I complained, and Charlie listened because he wanted to be supportive. We both thought he was letting me “vent” but he actually helped me more than he knew or I ever expected.

One day, I was complaining about a student and Charlie gave me the golden key to understanding.  He explained, “He doesn’t know how to get what he wants.”

You and I know what we want and that’s a wonderful thing. Our desire brought us here. We are in this marvelous teaching to learn how to get it. I thank God that I am privileged to teach Science of Mind to adults who can generally learn easily what they need to do in order to attain their goals.

Those of us who have been around a bit know some general ways to approach our goals. There is great power in the Science of Mind teaching because it offers a logical framework for how to bring more good into our lives.

We know what we want and we know how to get it. The basic formula is simple. Most of us have heard it so often that it sounds like a cliché. Change your thinking and change your life.

Those really are the rules. Nothing changes until the mind changes. First we identify the goal. Then we change our thinking so we attract it. Of course, even when we know that we need to change our thinking, we sometimes falter. Why do we hesitate? Sometimes we forget to stop looking at the problem and never begin looking at the solution.

Another reason for faltering is that we can’t quite believe that it works. We don’t trust the spiritual law because it sounds like improbable magic. Lack of trust is easy to fix.

In Science of Mind, you are never asked to step out on faith without proof. You can build trust and test everything yourself. You can make a scientific experiment to the truth of the system. New Thought came into being in a scientific era and you can use scientific inquiry to develop trust .

You can build your trust experimenting on your own. You can prove that changing your mind works. Once you decide to try it, the best way to do it is make an organized, scientific experiment.

The way to get more trust in using the process of changing your mind to change your life is to keep records of your consistent spiritual practice. I dare you to select a goal that seems reasonable and use your spiritual practice consistently and record your progress for a period of time. I suggest at least three months for a fair trial.

You need a simple goal for this experiment. Don’t want to make it too difficult for yourself since your goal is to test the process. Don’t select a huge goal that might means months or years of work ahead. For example, if you desire increased prosperity, select an amount you can imagine easily. Don’t start with a million. Perhaps a hundred or a thousand dollars?

After all, you are simply building trust at this point. When you’ve had practice getting what you want you can up the ante. Remember, it is your consciousness (or thinking) that must change. Whether it is a hundred or a million is all the same to God but the process works through you and you are probably not ready to envision, believe and accept a million in three months.

Now, build a part of your daily spiritual practice around your prosperity goal. Specifically visualize your dollar goal and keep a record of what comes in. You will learn how to get what you want more effectively through this exercise and you will believe it because it is your personal record.

If you take it a step at a time, the process will work efficiently for you. You already know what you want. You already know how to change your thinking. You can build your spiritual practice easily. Read books on prosperity. Take care to be grateful for what you have and everything you receive. Say your prayers daily. Spend time imagining money coming in. Keep a record and tithe ten percent to your spiritual center or spiritual source.

At the end of your experiment, you will have your goal and much more trust based on your own experiment. You will have scientific proof that you know how to get what you want and that is a wonderful thing.

Note… I suggested practicing prosperity because money is easy to count but the same process works on all life-affirming goals as long as you are not trying to control another person’s actions. It works on finding new friends, being healthier, travelling new places and finding new work.

Isn’t it exciting?  You know how to get what you want! What a gift we have in this teaching.

Ask Yourself

What do I want to try first?

How shall I set my goal?

What is my plan of action for my spiritual practice?

How will I keep my records?

Fear & Love

open005I read a novel set in Portugal in the 1700’s. Although it was not a violent book, the Inquisition loomed in the background and eventually some of the major characters were burned at the stake. The story disturbed me, as stories about religious fanaticism always do.

I thought it was a good novel about interesting people but at the end the writer obviously thought the Protestant religion was best because it was so sane. However, I know there were many witches burned in Protestant nations in that time.

I thank God every day for my religion where I learn that God is love and fear is only a mistake or error.

Most of the terrible things like war, pogroms and ethnic cleansing come from fear. So do the personal terrors such as economic disparity, prejudice, crime and abuse. Fear creates problems such as suspicion and sleeplessness in our daily lives also. Fear of the unknown creates trouble on personal, tribal, national, and global levels.

This week, people are caught up in the story of Trayvon Martin’s death and rightly so. Whenever a young man is tracked and hunted because he is a different color it is a cause for national concern. I understand the jury has spoken and that the trial it is over. Somehow, we must choose Love rather than despair.We must trust Love.

Perhaps Trayvon’s death will awaken people and they will see there is more to be done about fearful laws, fearful guns and racial divides. We cannot just elect a black president and say it is over. We must find a way to help people release fear and move into acceptance, and Love.

New Thought people are leaders in acceptance because our teaching is steeped in the belief of Oneness. I am feeling very much at One with Trayvon’s parents this morning and so are many others. I hold them in Love and I choose to respond to the nonsense in the media with Love. It is my attitude of choice.

Fear and Love are attitudes and we all slide up and down the scale, just as we do with hot and cold, happy or sad, healthy or well.  We all have mixed bags of choice and we are not always logical. One person fears immigrants but loves to travel. Another person loves people but fears animals. Nations with borders either love or fear each other. When did we last hear anything mean said about Canada?

Fear can elect politicians and impact laws. We build fences and place armed sentries at gates to keep out people whose labor we depend upon.  Gated communities are built in fear. In some places, kids must walk in groups to school because they live in fearsome neigborhoods. Fear is contagious but Love overcomes all.

Sometimes a mild form of fear is useful. I check the date on my refrigerated food. I wear a hat in summer and a jacket in winter. I even fear the company of some people enough that I avoid them.

We are constantly picking positions on the attitude scale. These choices should be conscious instead of automatic. When we are conscious, we choose Love because it is our true nature. We choose Love and we avoid spats, arguments, and even wars. We choose Love because it expands joy and brings adventure, wisdom, and happiness. We choose Love because it reinforces our true God-self.

Choosing Love is easy to practice in small ways when we are conscious. We might even make a game of overcoming fear. We might be brave and try a new restaurant or make a new friend or join a new group.

Choosing a new restaurant is a long way from the Spanish Inquisition – of course it is. But the fear that keeps us in a rut is a small version of the fear that created the Inquisition. It also created segregation and racial prejudice. Fear creates wars. It also creates great havoc and pain on all levels including our  personal life. It is good dispose of fear and move toward Love.

Your choices help yourself and they also help everyone else. Our collective consciousness if made of individuals like you and me. Anytime we choose Love over fear, we move everyone forward. In the next few days, think about your current choices. Are they Love based? If not, are there alternatives? I trust you will all take a small risk toward more and Love and Life.

Some of us may be tuned into fear-based news media that makes it seem as though our nation is filled with threatening strangers and the world is terrifying and evil. If that is our news source, we need to change the channel. Fear is contagious and so is Love. Fear is a habit and so is Love.

Developing the habit of making conscious choices based on Love makes a difference in our planet. We can’t heal it all alone but we are not alone. Let’s open up to Love with ourselves, our family, our friends, and all the other people on the globe. Let’s accept Love as normal. Let’s stop resisting change and diversity.

If we only speak to people with our same opinions, who look like ourselves, in our neighborhood, and in our own age group we might as well talk to ourselves. I love my marvelous friends, not just for our agreements, but also for our differences. They enrich and enlarge me.

In New Thought, we believe that all human beings are expressions of God. We all come from One Source and that Source is the Creative Energy of the Universe and it is Love. Fear is error or a mistake. We do not waste our energy fearing life or reacting in anger to someone else.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Why not take that as an affirmation to use in the context of your personal life?

Small choices matter. Here’s a personal example of  fear and error can change. Rev. Debby and Rev. Mattie added a ritual to our Sunday service after I stepped down as pastor. They brought in a traditional candlelabra and I’ve never liked ritual because of my childhood religion. In the first weeks, of candle lighting, I feared the change.  I thought,  “Why talk about the Truth found in Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity or Islam during a New Thought service?”

I truly love Rev. Debby & Rev. Mattie and I loved their leadership so I was silent. Every Sunday a congregant lights candles honoring the major faiths. Then we are asked to look within and light our own personal candle of Love and Light.

Thank God, I didn’t choose to be the crow who croaked, “That’s not the way we used to do it.” Thank God, I chose Love instead of fear because candle lighting is now one of my favorite parts of the service.

Ask Yourself

How is fear holding me back?

What are my choices?

Where shall I begin?

Wise People Seek Success


Jane is 15 years old and a winner in the Los Angeles City Schools Speech Contest. Now she’s on stage, competing at the Southern California level. The judges are so sure she’ll win they told her to bring a packed bag to fly directly to Sacramento for the finals.

Her bag isn’t packed because she’s learned,“Don’t count your chickens before they are hatch.”

She is doing a great job speaking until she looks out at the audience and sees her boyfriend who is a college speech major. Her mother and sister are also in front, looking anxious and worried.        

She goes blank! The last paragraph disappears completely from her mind. She says, “I’ve forgotten,” and walks off the stage. Later, one judge tells her she would have won anyway if she’d just walked away and said nothing.

Everyone is very nice to her. Her mother is sweet and her boyfriend takes her out for ice cream. She doesn’t speak publically for many, many years.

Fear of success is a common phenomenon. It is learned early, and many of us retain it all our lives. We believe we don’t deserve to win or we are not smart or talented enough. Sometimes we believe no one will love us for ourselves if we are too successful.

Many people can’t  just step forward and seek success. They approach ambition very timidly or not at all. Maybe they have ordinary jobs, but they aren’t reaching for the stars. That’s fine if they want to arrange their lives so they can do other things but it isn’t fine if they yearn for more money, acknowledgement or promotions.

Going directly after success in business, or in the creative arts may seem frightening or unobtainable. Some of us avoid trying to catch the brass ring because we don’t want to risk failure. But that is a kind of failure, isn’t it?

All work has value as long as it is life affirming. There is nothing wrong with being a gardener, housewife, carpenter, schoolteacher or junior partner in the family business. The difficulty comes when we are frustrated and resent what we are doing.

I carried that speech contest failure with me for many years as one more proof that I was no good. Usually, I blamed myself but sometimes I blamed my mother or boyfriend. Disappointment, handled incorrectly, can turn poisonous.

In order to succeed, we need to release the anger and accept responsibility for going after what we want. We may not always get everything we want in life, but we won’t get much of anything unless we identify the goal and take sensible steps in the right direction.

If you are feeling stuck or have resentment, you have some work to do. One risk – free way to begin is by private journaling. You can dream independently without allowing other people’s ideas to cloud your thinking. Just begin by jotting down your thoughts and include the things you think you might like to do. Allow yourself the freedom to dream a bit. It’s fun and not a commitment. You first step is just to loosen up.

There is no responsibility attached to this initial journaling exercise, just acknowledging your desires is enough. Many people have a very hard time saying, “I want to retire at 50” or “I want to remarry”, or “I want to be promoted to general manager of my branch.”

As you write, ask yourself what you think success looks like for you. We are unique individuals so answers will vary. Maybe you are making loads of money but have always wanted to paint. Maybe you already have the life you want but you want to believe in yourself and think you are a success, not a failure. You need to change your thinking. Your success is what you believe it is, not what others tell you.

After you have some clarity, you are ready to take steps. You can’t stand back and say, “Oh, I’m not good enough!” or “I could never do that!” You have to speak up and step out. No one can do it for you. Nor can you hang out and hope for a magical memo or a big break.

The Creative Nature of the Universe (God working as Spiritual Law) is responsive and we must be the initiator. We need to take the first step toward the goal. I believe that first step should be a consistent prayer for the desired goal.

The next step will include things that seem possible and logical. For example, if you want to be a writer you probably shouldn’t quit your day job. First, you might take writing classes then get out and meet others in the publishing business, as you prepare yourself for your new writing career.

We you take these positive steps, you show Spiritual Law that you have changed your mind about success. As your prevailing belief system changes, Spiritual Law will kick in and help you achieve your dreams.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t insist everything needs to change overnight. Notice the small positive changes and encourage and praise yourself . Take your self-discovery steps, and make minor adjustments in your beliefs and behavior. Be happy along the way. Being happy actually helps. Life does not have to be a struggle.

It is true you must do the preparation and it is also true that God will support you but there is always more to learn and work to do. Getting an MBA doesn’t guarantee a fast rise in business, you must also be ready to take responsibility for the big decisions. You must lead without blame or anger. So your spiritual practice is a necessary part of your preparation for you success as well as for maintenance.

Remember you get to decide. You don’t have to get that MBA if you don’t want to. Wearing a business suit, earning a lot of money and working long hours is not success for everyone. We are free to design our success and we are also free to modify our goals as we get new information.

Know you are in touch with Unlimited Power and Unlimited Possibility. God responds to your prevailing belief system now. Aa your spiritual practice brings you clarity and new beliefs, your life changes. It takes courage to change but it gets easier, when we know God is working for us. I never achieved the high school speaker championship because that ship had sailed. However,  I did speak successfully for many years after I discovered there was a Power for Good and I could use it.

That same Power is in your life. Take a pro-active approach and you will get the promotion or the new job or whatever you claim as success. Go for it.

Ask Yourself

1. Am I blaming anyone else for my trouble?

2. Do I believe I am a failure or success right now?

3.  What would I like to change?

4, What would  I want my increased success to look like?

(Note this post is adapted from my book, Wise Women don’t worry, Wise Women don’t sing the blues)It is available from the blog bookstore.

Change Happens

scan024As a part of my morning spiritual practice, I like to re-read a few pages of the classics. I am reading Treat Yourself to Life by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker today. On page 103 he says, “The most important thing for you to know about your mind is that it can change.”

I must have read the book at least a dozen times in the past twenty-five years and on this morning the simple statement that minds can change jumps out giving me some down-home wisdom.

Think about it – it is actually the nature of the mind to change. Human thought and beliefs change all the time. When we get new information, we switch our beliefs. We think the world is flat until we learn it is round. We think children are stupid until we understand they think differently. We think women belong in the kitchen until we see what they earn in the work place.

People get interested in New Thought principles because they want something new or different so they are not essentially resistant to change. But even the most open of us sometimes hit resistance? If that happens, what do we do? Here are some tips…

Don’t complain. Refrain from telling yourself or others how difficult it is to change your mind.

Go back to basics and remind yourself that minds can change – it is what they do. This is the time to double up on your spiritual practice and thank God for any progress. All your mind needs more information.

Remind yourself of your goals. Won’t it be wonderful when you switch from fear to love? From financial struggle to prosperity? From ailing to healthy? Never give up!

If you are near a Center For Positive Living or other New Thought church you can get the support you need. They offer wonderful wisdom talks and sociable gatherings on Sundays. You can connect with others and learn about their successes. That’s the kind of information that will help you change your mind.

Consistent attention to this wisdom teaching is important. If you don’t see dramatic changes, be patient. Enlightenment comes in mini-drops for most people, including me.  One day at a time, one insight at a time, and we can go far. The changes keep coming and our ability to use Infinite Power keeps increasing.

If you need help understanding and using the teaching, my book, Science of Mind Skills, gives you the basic concepts. It is laid out simply and the ideas the build on each other. There are short exercises and affirmative prayers. It is set up for independent study and you can buy it in your church bookstore or on this website.

As I  look back I see that my understanding deepened in small increments and in many ways. Certain moments in my own journey stand out for me. Early on, Dr. Carol Carnes told me we don’t treat for things, we treat for the consciousness to attract and hold on to what we desire. I’ve always been grateful to her because until then, it seemed to me that people only used prayer to get a new car or better boyfriend. Dr. Carol pointed the way to a spiritual expansion that I truly desired.

Another time, Dr. Robert Bitzer, former President of RSI and a colleague of Dr. Ernest Holmes explained to a group that the Science of Mind Textbook wasn’t really difficult to read. He said sometimes Dr. Holmes wrote on the absolute level and other times on the relative level (our human experience). Maybe that’s a simple idea but it helped me understand what I was reading.

It is amazing  how a simple statement can be easy to ignore until light strikes and the door to wisdom opens. This morning, Dr. Barker’s words lit me up!  We may believe change is difficult but it is really easy. Minds change – that’s what they do.

We  choose to give our mind new direction through our spiritual practice. We pay attention and set aside  time to create new pathways toward a deeper understanding of how Spirit impacts our lives. We don’t need to push the river after all.

There was a time when I thought I should use will power to pray to fix my life. Up until then, my achievements mostly came through will power and hard work. I thought I had make it happen. It was really a new idea to imagine, believe and accept that God did the work.

Once we really get it that God is Love working through Spiritual Law and that Spiritual Law is responding to our prevailing belief system, we have the basic knowledge for creating a happier, healthier, wealthier and more creative and loving life.  It is important to consistently deepen our understanding of that basic belief.

I am happier, more self-loving, more in awe of life, and less frightened now. Trusting God is a continuing process in my life. I write this blog because I want as many people on this planet as possible to have the wisdom that Science of Mind teaches. Learning to look at the world from a spiritual perspective is so empowering.

Our teaching is all about accepting the best and in order to do that, we must accept new information about life. We seek spiritual information from prayer, other people’s talks, workshops, classes, and eventually everywhere we look we can see the goodness of life.

I’ve been around a long time and I’m still getting new insights. I believe in continuing education and  I wish everyone would continue reading and meditating and praying even if they think they know it all. Wisdom deepens.  Life just gets better and better with spiritual practice and that’s why I’m writing my new book on the subject.

Spiritual practice refreshes our minds and brings us new information. Sometimes we need to release old idea before we can accept new goodness. New information is a part of the process. We cling to the old ideas out of habit or ignorance until we  learn better ways. Releasing old ideas, even those we’ve held since childhood, doesn’t have to be difficult. All we need is to open up to new information.

Changing our minds is not a struggle or a puzzle. Our minds are built to change! Learning more is the most human and natural thing in the world. One of the great gifts of living in this 21st century is the knowledge that we are never stuck. Our minds will change and we stretch and grow because it is our nature. Life is a journey and the quest is for greater wisdom.

Ask Yourself

Where do I think I am I stuck?

What belief stands in the way?

Am I willing to switch it?

What’s a better belief?