Who & What Do You Love?


I’m speaking this Sunday about what I have learned during the last 80 years. Turns out what I’ve learned is that we should worship Love, not Power. And if that makes me sound like the Great Oz, so be it.

We all desire love. That’s a built-in desire and we do not thrive unless we have it. We depend on survival basics but that’s just the bottom rung of life.  We all desire much more than survival! We desire love and we will do a lot of things to get it.

Cooperation is one form of love and we depend on it. Very few of us are completely self-sufficient. We live in groups and we cooperate. Whether we are sharing a taxi on 44th St. or washing our clothes at the African village well, we are obliged to cooperate with neighbors to live.

Believe it or not, all our infrastructure is based on community cooperation and love. Even our freeways are conceived and born in Love.

Love comes in many forms including parent- child love, romantic love, partnership love, God love, friendship love, community love, and love attached to activity.

One way or another, most of our life energy goes to harvesting love. Do you love the Lakers? How about old movies? Jane Austen? Baseball games? Surfing? Do you love hot dogs? Fancy hotels? Just for the Love of it, make a list of all the people, things and activities you love or have loved. You will be surprised.

I can hear readers asking, “What about the bad people?”  I’m not The Great Oz and I don’t pretend to  know why  there is evil.  However, I do know that people get off track and do incomprehensible and weird things to get love or a substitute for no love.

Think about it. Some people hope to trade self-respect for love. Some try to amass all the world’s money to induce others to love them. Some try to rule the world so they play King of the Mountain and attempt to command love. What mistakes have you made?

Most of us have figured out worshipping money or those other weird ideas won’t get us love by the time we get to the New Thought teaching. What missing the mark (or sinning) does is provide signals that scream, “Change course!”

If you are reading this, you have heard that God is Love and runs things through Spiritual Law. You may also have heard that you will have to be love before you can attract love.

Once you get hold of that concept, it is relatively easy to express love by being nice, being appreciative, and being loving toward others. What’s more, it works. Thank you notes please people and gain you more customers. Good listeners have more friends. Friendly people get more invitations to the party.

Acting as if” is a great beginning. You  will soon be so loving you want to clean up your act and be more sincere. You can spend time in prayer, introspection and meditation to uncover any critical thought patterns that slow down the advent of love. You can pray to release negative ideas and accept love also. Prayer works.

If you are serious, you may, (as I did) find you have an unconscious belief that you are not loveable. If you have a voice in your head that is constantly saying, “Not good enough,” that will definitely slow down the attainment of your dreams.

Understand this. If we don’t love ourselves, we send the wrong the message to the Universe and we will not be able to attract the desired Love into our lives.

Loving oneself is an idea that frightens some people away and allows others to condemn us as heathens. They ask, “Aren’t good people supposed to be humble? Yes. We are humble because we know God lives in all people. God loves us all and sees us as perfect, whole and complete all the time. God does not judge us and it is not our business to judge others. Our task is to recognize God everywhere, especially in ourselves and all others.

If you know God is Love and God lives within you, then you must know you are lovable. Nothing else makes sense. The trick is to love yourself exactly as you are and be willing to change at the same time.

Here’s what loving yourself as you are and being willing to change might look like… You want to lose weight, and you know it means diet and exercise. There is no magic about weight loss. It is all math. But there is magic in the self-talk.

What are you saying to yourself? Do you call yourself fat?  God sees you as perfect so Love will say yes and send you more fat. Do you promise to love yourself when you are a size 8? Love will agree to the delay. Change your self-talk.Instead of condemning yourself as a fat cow, look in the mirror and say, “You are a beautiful expression of God and you deserve the best. I know you love yourself enough to eat healthy foods.”

After years of struggle, I stopped condemning  and began praising my healthy choices. Eventually, I released over a hundred pounds. I changed my diet because I changed my mind about loving myself.

Loving yourself is a basic idea that is the foundation for creating true happiness, true wealth, true health and beautiful relationships. Love is your Divine Inheritance. You deserve the best. What’s more, you will achieve whatever you can truly envision, believe and accept.That is Spiritual Law in action.

Most of us come from backgrounds where the self-love message were mixed or missing. We may have to work on gaining self-esteem. Some  may need to consciously forgive parents who taught us false, self-defeating ideas they believed.

Let’s remember we can choose to accept or discard beliefs because we are using the Power for Good that we call God  Dr. Ernest Holmes, author of the Science of Mind Textbook  used many names for God. I love the words Divine Givingness because that demonstrates that free flowing Love is the nature of life.

What will Divine Givingness give you? The answer is always … whatever you can envision, and mentally and emotionally believe and accept. Once you get the idea that God is Love and Divine Givingness is working in your life, you can consciously use Spiritual Law.  That‘s the Power For Good – the Divine Givingness at work.

Ernest Holmes was truly very loving person. He knew his stuff. He knew God as Love and he knew himself as an expression of God. What’s more, he knew you and me as beautiful, unique expressions of Love. He lived with a sense of connection to God as Universal Love and to God expressing in himself and others as Individualized Love.

Dr. Holmes said, ‘Love is the grandest healing and drawing power on earth.  It is the very reason for our being.”

Ask Yourself

Who and What Do I Love?

Do I want more Love? What Kind? From Where?

What do I need to believe?

How do I plan to gain the beliefs I need?



5 Comments on “Who & What Do You Love?”

  1. Maxine Kaye says:

    I love you, Maxine

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. revarrott@aol.com says:

    Hi Jane,

    I well remember the heated discussions on “loving yourself” at my early AA meetings.


    Bill Arrott

  3. Yvonne Cottrell says:

    As usual, so well stated.
    I appreciate your wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

  4. janeclaypool says:

    Your kind words help keep me writing.

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