Do You Accept The good Stuff?

scan017On my birthday, I was listening to people say nice things about me, and feeling embarrassed. I sat on the stage with my arms crossed over my solar plexus, until I consciously spread them open into an accepting position.

Do you have difficulty accepting compliments? I do sometimes. In truth, I’ve spent 25 years teaching people what I still need to learn.

Opening up and accepting more Good into our lives is what we teach in Science of Mind. We know that God gives us what we envision, believe and accept. God is Love, working through Spiritual Law. God says yes to our clear-cut acceptance and that is how the Law of Attraction works.

We learn to be more attractive to the Good in life as we understand and use these concepts.  We learn to change our thinking and change our lives. We desire love and so we must learn to believe we are lovable. We switch our belief in “not enough” to one of abundance and discover there is plenty.

It may take time but gradually, we change our minds and we begin to understand and use the Law of Attraction in our daily lives. We monitor our thinking and our behavior. That’s a good thing if we remember to love ourselves even as we are learning. It is counter-productive to be self-critical. When I discovered my arms were in a position of rejection, I laughed and opened up. I didn’t shame myself because that wouldn’t help. Laughing about being human and loving myself anyway works joyously.

If we can love ourselves while we are learning, we’ll do better and learn faster. Everyone learns more in an atmosphere of love than an atmosphere of shame. Eventually, we will all know that God is love and we live, move, and have our being in God. The appreciation and love we desire is always there, not just on birthdays.

One of the favorite names that Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, used for God was Divine Givingness.  I also use Divine Givingness in my prayers and talks because the name is the Truth about God.

Some people find the belief we can have whatever we can imagine, believe and accept very shocking. They are accustomed to teachings that glorify suffering. However, the Master Teacher, Jesus, taught the same thing in his work.

Many of the parables in the New Testament teach that we can have what we can accept. Isn’t that the point of the story about the widow who had a teeny bit of oil until her she opened up to the gifts of Spirit? She was able to fill all her vessels until they ran over.

What about the story of the servants who start with the same amount of gold and handle it so differently? Didn’t they get what they believed? Aren’t most of the miracle stories in the New Testament dependent on the recipient’s acceptance? Didn’t Jesus say, “Your faith has healed you”?

It seems to me the New Testament is full of messages about acceptance as well as having faith in God’s goodness, forgiveness and love.

I’m not a Bible scholar but I do know the writings of Ernest Holmes.  He is very clear that we can have what we can envision, believe and accept. As a Science of Mind student and teacher. I have seen that demonstrated on a daily basis for many years. I have seen “miraculous” physical healings, amazing financial progress, lovely relationships started and others repaired. I believe this stuff works with all my heart.

And yet, for a moment on that platform, I was a child again, blushing because I was getting too much attention and it wasn’t ‘nice” just to enjoy it. I am not alone. Many people have difficulty accepting compliments and other nice things because they learned things very early that discouraged acceptance of praise. They were shamed or blamed or whatever. It really doesn’t matter – what matters is that we can change our thinking and change our lives.

In workshops, I like to help people increase their self-esteem by paying attention and accepting compliments. I teach them  to never throw a compliment back by saying, “You must be crazy!” or “This old dress? I bought it at the Thrift Shop for a dollar.”  Instead, they learn to smile and say, “Thank you.”

A wonderful exercise is to pay attention and repeat the compliment gracefully in your own words. For example, “Thanks, I’m glad you liked the report, I worked hard on it.”  Or, “Thanks, I like this also. Blue is my favorite color.” Keep it natural and easy. Try to resist returning a compliment with a compliment because it makes the giver seem to have been fishing for compliments himself. It is also a common way to deflect your receptivity.

The good thing about repeating a compliment in your own words is that it helps the giver feel heard, understood and appreciated. It also helps you embed the good stuff in your brain and heart because, most of all, we believe our own voices. When we repeat a compliment we receive, we give ourselves a double whammy of joy. We also please the giver.

Accepting and keeping the compliment gives pleasure to both the giver and receiver. Rejecting the compliment makes the giver feel silly or disappointed. It’s like receiving a bouquet of flowers and throwing them in the trash. Not a good move if you want to receive more flowers.

I used to have major self-esteem issues and I learned several tricks that helped me put the Law of Attraction to work in my life. I kept a compliment diary for a while. I also kept letters and cards from readers and church people to reread  and enjoy on my foggy days. You could do that with your birthday and Christmas cards also.

Are you accepting or rejecting the nice things people say about you? Are you even noticing the compliments? Your journal can help you discover any reasons you might be rejecting them. Knowledge can be helpful but remember that no matter what happened in the past, you are in charge today.

Even if you learned that attention was dangerous then, you are no longer a child and it can be pleasurable now. You are the sole architect of your life, working with inexorable spiritual laws. You are powerful and you are loved – all the time.

Once you discover that the Love of God is working through Law, your history of abuse will atrophy. Self-esteem issues become nonsense. No matter how difficult the  past was, you can have joy today. Learning to accept compliments and other good things because you are using the Power of the Universe is a key concept that truly can change your life.

Dare to retrain your mind! Dare to dream! Dare to choose joy! Dare to open to the Good! Dare to be happy! Dare to be your best self!

Ask Yourself

 Do I accept compliments well?

How’s my self-esteem?

Do I want to attract more good?

Is there any suggestion here that I will try?

Should I take a class in Love and Law?


Old Friends – New Friends

scan006I just spent almost a week  celebrating my 80th birthday and it was wonderful. There were cards and letters from many lovely people and some dear old friends showed up for the party. What good fortune to live long enough to really enjoy life!

         Whoever it was that said, “Youth is wasted on the young”, wasn’t looking at the whole picture. It seems to me that every decade brings great joy and great adventures. I loved being 18 in some ways and I love being 80 in other ways. It truly is all good.

One important difference this year was that my church, my family, my friends, and I, all made a big deal out of this birthday. I don’t usually pay much attention but this one impressed me. I even spoke on the topic, “What I Have Learned”.  You can find it on the CSL Carlsbad website.

The co-pastors of the Center, Rev. Debby ODonnell and Rev. Mattie Dobbs let some of my old friends know about the day and I was surprised and grateful to hear from so many. It made me feel very loved.

Some of my favorite people showed up from far away places. I received wonderful letters from old friends – some who moved far away and also from people who are relatively new to the church. You have no idea how great it is to get missives telling you how your teaching of Science of Mind has changed someone’s life.

I started the church almost 25 years ago with only one idea. I wanted to teach Science of Mind and, according to my notes, cards and letters, I did it! It took several hours to read everyone’s messages. They nearly all told me how much they had learned Science of Mind from the church and my books and how it helped them. I believe their kind words and today I feel as though I have achieved my dream.

The letters and notes were one high point. The former students who visited were another. So were the many volunteers in the church who helped organize a spectacular church event. It was all perfect.

Funny thing about birthdays. We change a lot as we go along the years but we are still the same person. I sometimes forget I’m not still that young girl with her nose buried in the book or that young mother caring for an infant. It feels like a very short time since I started the Center For Spiritual Living in Carlsbad.  I am eternally young.

On the other hand, the mirror tells a different story. I have changed physically and emotionally. No roller skating anytime soon but I have mellowed a lot. I am not nearly as unhappy as I was when I was younger. I like life more. I like people better.

Science of Mind gave me a sense of self-worth that I really needed. It has also gave me the courage to reach out and connect with people. I didn’t do that as well as a younger person. Strangers seemed threatening.

Some people seem to be born friendly and to enjoy people, even as teenagers and younger adults. I tended to be all tied up in myself, in my problems and my work. I have met many more good friends in my second half of life – mostly through my church.

I started going to church to heal emotionally and to succeed at my writing work. I wasn’t thinking about friendships. When I became a leader in church, it surprised me that so many people joined a church to make friends. I think I may have even disapproved.

The idea of a spiritual community grew on me rather quickly because I met so many great people who were students and leaders of Science of Mind. At some point, I realized that whatever brought the people together was good. We are One in God. Now, although I still believe the purpose of church should be to teach how to use spiritual law, I no longer cringe when I hear “spiritual community.” I have reconsidered as I wised up.

It now seems to me that my dear friends – old and new – are one of my greatest gifts from this teaching. Of course, I know spiritual law well enough to understand my ability to create solid friendships has developed because I’ve learned to love and accept myself more. I now can also love and accept others easier.

As I have learned to make good friends, I have had to release the expectations about my friends agreeing with me. I no longer need someone to reinforce my beliefs to accept him or her into my life. When I was younger, I was more insecure so I only wanted friendships with people like me. I needed agreement! Unfortunately, in those days, I couldn’t always agree with myself.

I’ve matured. I’ve learned that my grandmother was right when she said there is more than one way to skin a cat. I still don’t know why anyone would want to skin a cat but I do know that people go about life differently and if it works for them, it works from me.

The joy of having an active spiritual community is that it is a place to meet people with similarities who are willing to let you be in their lives without being in your back pocket. Some people only want one best friend but that isn’t enough for me. I am too complicated for just one best friend. I agree with Walt Whitman who said, “I contain multitudes.”

One at a time, amazing people have gathered in my life and each one has opened up a new view of how life can be lived. I learned to be alike them in some ways and skipped the rest. This friend is interested in art and so am I. This one loves to chat about old movies and so do I. We touch but we do not flatten each other.

I especially treasure those friends who make me laugh. Laughter is such a gift in anyone’s life. I can be just as close to the serious ones if I feel they are honest and true. The only thing I watch for is that the friendship is balanced and not just one person trying to cheer the other up all the time. There is more to friendship than nurturing although that can be very important.

Mostly, I believe friends should cherish each other for who they are. None of us is alike but we are all blooming in God’s garden, delighting each other with our differences as well as with our likenesses and agreements.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned I want to share. When we widen our viewpoint and appreciate life for what it is, we can open up to more people’s friendship. When we accept that we are all Love in action (or God in action), then we can widen each other’s scope of life. We will find friends easily.

I had a happy birthday and I thank you. If you are reading this blog, you are my friend and that means we are a gift to each other.

Ask Yourself

Do I want more friends?

What kinds of people would I like to know better?

Am I a good friend to myself?

Who & What Do You Love?


I’m speaking this Sunday about what I have learned during the last 80 years. Turns out what I’ve learned is that we should worship Love, not Power. And if that makes me sound like the Great Oz, so be it.

We all desire love. That’s a built-in desire and we do not thrive unless we have it. We depend on survival basics but that’s just the bottom rung of life.  We all desire much more than survival! We desire love and we will do a lot of things to get it.

Cooperation is one form of love and we depend on it. Very few of us are completely self-sufficient. We live in groups and we cooperate. Whether we are sharing a taxi on 44th St. or washing our clothes at the African village well, we are obliged to cooperate with neighbors to live.

Believe it or not, all our infrastructure is based on community cooperation and love. Even our freeways are conceived and born in Love.

Love comes in many forms including parent- child love, romantic love, partnership love, God love, friendship love, community love, and love attached to activity.

One way or another, most of our life energy goes to harvesting love. Do you love the Lakers? How about old movies? Jane Austen? Baseball games? Surfing? Do you love hot dogs? Fancy hotels? Just for the Love of it, make a list of all the people, things and activities you love or have loved. You will be surprised.

I can hear readers asking, “What about the bad people?”  I’m not The Great Oz and I don’t pretend to  know why  there is evil.  However, I do know that people get off track and do incomprehensible and weird things to get love or a substitute for no love.

Think about it. Some people hope to trade self-respect for love. Some try to amass all the world’s money to induce others to love them. Some try to rule the world so they play King of the Mountain and attempt to command love. What mistakes have you made?

Most of us have figured out worshipping money or those other weird ideas won’t get us love by the time we get to the New Thought teaching. What missing the mark (or sinning) does is provide signals that scream, “Change course!”

If you are reading this, you have heard that God is Love and runs things through Spiritual Law. You may also have heard that you will have to be love before you can attract love.

Once you get hold of that concept, it is relatively easy to express love by being nice, being appreciative, and being loving toward others. What’s more, it works. Thank you notes please people and gain you more customers. Good listeners have more friends. Friendly people get more invitations to the party.

Acting as if” is a great beginning. You  will soon be so loving you want to clean up your act and be more sincere. You can spend time in prayer, introspection and meditation to uncover any critical thought patterns that slow down the advent of love. You can pray to release negative ideas and accept love also. Prayer works.

If you are serious, you may, (as I did) find you have an unconscious belief that you are not loveable. If you have a voice in your head that is constantly saying, “Not good enough,” that will definitely slow down the attainment of your dreams.

Understand this. If we don’t love ourselves, we send the wrong the message to the Universe and we will not be able to attract the desired Love into our lives.

Loving oneself is an idea that frightens some people away and allows others to condemn us as heathens. They ask, “Aren’t good people supposed to be humble? Yes. We are humble because we know God lives in all people. God loves us all and sees us as perfect, whole and complete all the time. God does not judge us and it is not our business to judge others. Our task is to recognize God everywhere, especially in ourselves and all others.

If you know God is Love and God lives within you, then you must know you are lovable. Nothing else makes sense. The trick is to love yourself exactly as you are and be willing to change at the same time.

Here’s what loving yourself as you are and being willing to change might look like… You want to lose weight, and you know it means diet and exercise. There is no magic about weight loss. It is all math. But there is magic in the self-talk.

What are you saying to yourself? Do you call yourself fat?  God sees you as perfect so Love will say yes and send you more fat. Do you promise to love yourself when you are a size 8? Love will agree to the delay. Change your self-talk.Instead of condemning yourself as a fat cow, look in the mirror and say, “You are a beautiful expression of God and you deserve the best. I know you love yourself enough to eat healthy foods.”

After years of struggle, I stopped condemning  and began praising my healthy choices. Eventually, I released over a hundred pounds. I changed my diet because I changed my mind about loving myself.

Loving yourself is a basic idea that is the foundation for creating true happiness, true wealth, true health and beautiful relationships. Love is your Divine Inheritance. You deserve the best. What’s more, you will achieve whatever you can truly envision, believe and accept.That is Spiritual Law in action.

Most of us come from backgrounds where the self-love message were mixed or missing. We may have to work on gaining self-esteem. Some  may need to consciously forgive parents who taught us false, self-defeating ideas they believed.

Let’s remember we can choose to accept or discard beliefs because we are using the Power for Good that we call God  Dr. Ernest Holmes, author of the Science of Mind Textbook  used many names for God. I love the words Divine Givingness because that demonstrates that free flowing Love is the nature of life.

What will Divine Givingness give you? The answer is always … whatever you can envision, and mentally and emotionally believe and accept. Once you get the idea that God is Love and Divine Givingness is working in your life, you can consciously use Spiritual Law.  That‘s the Power For Good – the Divine Givingness at work.

Ernest Holmes was truly very loving person. He knew his stuff. He knew God as Love and he knew himself as an expression of God. What’s more, he knew you and me as beautiful, unique expressions of Love. He lived with a sense of connection to God as Universal Love and to God expressing in himself and others as Individualized Love.

Dr. Holmes said, ‘Love is the grandest healing and drawing power on earth.  It is the very reason for our being.”

Ask Yourself

Who and What Do I Love?

Do I want more Love? What Kind? From Where?

What do I need to believe?

How do I plan to gain the beliefs I need?


It’s Not My Truth


Last week, I wrote about my wonderful, spiritual town where I live in. At that exact same time, one nearby neighbor shot and killed another neighbor, apparently over a bush trimming feud. When I saw the police cars and TV van, I almost pulled my blog. Instead, I decided to leave it longer than usual. My neighbor’s truth is not my truth.

Everything I wrote about my town is true. Even the TV and newspaper stories started with phrases like “quiet, peaceful and upscale neighborhood.” The facts remain the same except last week we had a murder on my street. No one expected it but it happened here.

Violence happens all the time somewhere in the nation. My neighbor’s quarrel should have been settled reasonably between two sane people. I believe it might have been settled rationally if no one had a gun.

Beyond the news stories, I cannot make a judgment about the case, but I am free to make the judgment that there are many too many guns around. I realize that stricter gun laws might not have had any effect on my neighbor’s dispute but I do believe that new gun laws are desperately needed.

We must speak out!  I hope everyone who reads this will take a stand and urge his or her leaders to continue to push for gun control legislation. When the great majority of citizens are in favor of tighter restrictions, shouldn’t politicians respond? Does money talk louder than the lives of innocents?

Yes, I have heard all that Second Amendment hooey. The Second Amendment was put in the Constitution to protect the American Colonists against the English in the 1700’s. It seems as archaic as Bible laws against eating pigs or shellfish to me. The dietary laws met a health need thousands of years ago but we have food inspectors now.

I know that my comments may sound simplistic but it does seem simple to me. Of course violence would still continue to happen, but if there were fewer guns in this country that would surely slow down the killing.

I’m glad people are talking more seriously about making neighborhoods safer by enacting stricter gun laws. This morning it seems as if we might see a tighter background check law get voted on and passed in the Senate. It is a beginning but there is so much more to be done.

Big city mayors have organized and been speaking out for several months now. Unfortunately, the mayor’s group represents cities, and many suburban folks who felt safer couldn’t hear them. Things have changed.

After the killing of 20 children and their six teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary School, everyone was shocked and it seemed they might be ready to listen. We dared to hope that some good would come out of the Newtown CO massacre.

The death of those innocent children dented in our hearts, They seemed like “our kids”. We already knew about random violence in less privileged neighborhoods but this time, there were so many children killed at once. And they were so young and from white, middle-class suburbs.

I’m certain we would say that a child of the ghetto or barrio deserved as much safety as a child of the suburbs. On the other hand, as I learned last week, it is easier to ignore issues when they happen farther away. Sandy Hook felt closer to home for most of us.

Many of us tried to imagine what it would feel like to lose a young child in the first or second grade to mass gun violence. My heart breaks when I think about it.

There are neighborhoods where death by gun violence is common. Sometimes it is gang activity and everyone involved a teenager. Sometimes random fire strikes a six year old. Can you imagine what it would be like to raise a child in one of those neighborhoods?

Whether in suburb or city, age six or sixteen, life is precious. There are far too many children in the USA who are endangered by guns. We know this and we also know that limiting access to guns would help. That’s why such a large majority (approximately 90%) of voters favor of stricter gun controls.

When politicians put powerful lobbies ahead of representing their constituents’ desires, it is time to elect new politicians. We can change the rules. Politicians who resist gun control legislation can lose in the next game.  Why re-elect someone who represents the NRA?

Violence has many facets. There are other things we can do besides limit gun access. We certainly need to curtail the violent video games, and the violence in movies, and on TV. It is a strange world where young people are entertained for hours by playing killing games. Not a good idea – as any psychologist will tell you.

Some of the same people who agree with me on guns will be against censorship of volence. They will quote the First Amendment quicker than the opposition quotes the Second. Neither the First nor Second Amendment is sacred.

Truth is, we already censor free speech in many ways. Liberals should not be afraid to ruffle the feathers of the Hollywood money birds. We are hypocrites if we are not willing to attempt to curtail all violence by saying, “Enough!

As a part of my New Thought spiritual practice, I have avoided violent films for years and I think it is a very good idea to keep your mind clear of violent entertainment. Why fill your head with nonsense? You may believe believe that Django is great art but that is not my Truth.

We also need to find new ways to identify and help individuals with mental health issues. That said, the most immediate need and the most logical place to start curbing violence is with gun control measures.

It looks as if we will get a vote on a background check bill in the Senate very soon. Please do what you can to help it pass. It’s not enough, but it is something. Let’s take what we can get as quickly as we can.

When the bill passes the Senate, it goes to the House and your representatives need to know you want something done. Contact the men and women who represent you NOW. Let them know what you believe and why. Tell them you are watching their votes and that it is important to you.

Whenever someone tells me that a proposed law is not enough, that the problems will remain, I remember the starfish story…

There was once a young man who walking on the beach who came upon hundreds of starfish washed up on the sand. He started picking them up, and throwing them back in the water. His companion said, “Forget it. There are too many dying. It won’t make any difference.” The young man threw two more starfish into the water and said, “It made a difference to those two.”

Remember – Political Action Works!

Ask Yourself

Do I agree?

Is there anything I can do?

What shall I do?

When shall I do it?

Change Thoughts – Change Life

acceptscan188Did you ever go to a party and talk about it with your friends the next day? Did it seem as though it was a different event? One friend loved the party and another hated it. Seems as if everyone  wears his own tinted glasses.

The fortunate person who grows up believing she lives in a friendly universe enjoys the party. The one who grew up with critical messages doesn’t have much fun. Same party – different party.

In New Thought we believe every person has a mental atmosphere (consciousness) that constantly sends messages out to Universal Mind. The beliefs return to us as experiences, effects or conditions.

A person who believes the world is a lovely place attracts love. On the other hand, the person who believes it is a scary place will attract trouble. Your beliefs create the good news or the bad news. The very best news of all is that you can change your beliefs.

In the first chapter of the Science of Mind Textbook, the founder of Religious Science, Dr. Ernest Holmes says, “To learn how to think is to learn how to live.” Every Sunday, the speaker in a Center For Positive Living, delivers a talk that includes some version of “Change your thinking and change your life.”

One way or another, if we want a condition to change, we must do something so that our attitude toward the issue changes. In a way that is simple. On the other hand, it is a lifetime work.

While none of us is able to control every bit of our lives, we do need to know that we have a great deal more control than most people used to believe. The first time I heard about our thoughts creating our life experiences, I thought it was nonsense. Those who are growing up now are more familiar with ideas of how positive living can impact our lives.

When I was a teen, Ernest Holmes was just hitting his stride. Oprah wasn’t born. I don’t think I knew anyone who believed we lived in a friendly universe. We had just finished a devastating war and most people were frightened there would be another one. But enough people changed their minds so that the Cold War ended with a fizzle, not a bang.

I knew life wasn’t the movies but I dreamed big dreams. I would someday be thirty-five, live in New York City and be a working girl. The term “working girl” meant something quite different in those days and while my dream job was vague, my dream apartment was quite specific and wonderful with white rugs and two white poodles.

Because I dared to dream and because I worked hard, I did eventually end up in New York City but it wasn’t exactly what I’d dreamed. I shared a rent-controlled apartment with an aging, divorcee. Ah well! I never liked poodles anyway.

It took me a long time to change my mind but I am now happier than I could have dreamed as a child. I now believe that we live in a basically friendly universe. My God is a God of unlimited possibility.

So much of what we believe is from the surrounding culture and we are not even always aware of it. We must learn to be independent thinkers. And we must learn to be aware of what we are thinking and what beliefs we are acting upon. We need to remember the law of cause and effect is always working.

Many years ago, I read a chapter in a self-help book on how spiritual law always responds. The chapter was entitled, You Will Always Get The Raise.

The author told a story about a man who worked hard and had a great attitude, but he was overlooked for the raise he deserved. However, this good worker continued his efforts and he was offered an even better job in a different company.

We don’t always get the pay off in exactly the way we envision because our vision is limited. The Law of Attraction is Infinite Power and Infinite Possibility. We should never despair because we will always get what we think we deserve.

To see how the Law of Attraction works, take a look at repeating patterns in the lives of people you know well. Don’t judge or criticize, just observe. After you have done that, your next step is to look at your own repeating patterns without judgment.

Now look again and find some success stories where things have turned around. Perhaps you or someone else has had several unsuccessful relationships and then established an excellent one.  If you look closely, you will probably see that something in the belief system changed first.

It may look like fate or luck  but change in patterns is because of changed beliefs. This is true in every area of our lives. Accept that you are loveable and Universal Mind will find a way to return the new love and joy. Accept that you deserve to be acknowledged and you will get the promotion. And so it goes.

You will always get the raise, although it may be in a surprising way and not from that old situation.

The concept that the spiritual law of cause and effect returns your prevailing belief is very different than the rules you learned about being a good little boy or girl. Working with spiritual laws opens people’s lives up to unlimited possibility.

You are truly in a position to prove the phrase, Change your thinking and change your life.”  Right now. If you have been around Science of Mind for a while, think back to how you were feeling when you first arrived and compare that to how you feel now. You will discover change for the better.

Even if you are new, you can prove this very quickly. Decide on a goal, and do spiritual work around the issue of belief. Keep records and notes for a month, then check you data. One reason Science of Mind is called science is that it is verifiable.

While you can’t change everything overnight or even in a month, you can test it and observe progress. Even better, practice makes perfect. As you learn that you can change your thinking a bit at a time for the rest of your life, it gets easier.

How do you change your thinking? You may find affirmation cards helpful to carry in your pocket and review several times a day. You should think about taking a class and going to church on Sunday. You can buy my book, Science of Mind Skills, on this website by going to New Thought Works page.

Most of us get a much narrower and tighter view of life as children than we discover for ourselves as we become adults. You can change your mind. You are never stuck. You do have choices.

Even if you encounter resistance breaking out of your early belief system, you can do it. Remind yourself that millions have done it before you. Continue your practice and risk putting some effort into changing your thinking. Remember that all effort will be rewarded. You will always get the raise.

Ask Yourself

What’s one belief you’ve changed?

What’s one belief you want to change?

What’s one great prevailing belief you have?