Thank God For My Teachers

I am reading the CSL minister’s list, where we share our questions, ideas and opinions with each other, every day. Some genius suggested that we spend this week praising our teachers. The site is now jammed with expressions of gratitude. As I read the shared thoughts, I am delighted my fellow ministers express such heartfelt and humble gratitude. Apparently, we are all aware that we stand on the shoulders of giants.

         I have had plenty of jobs in my lifetime and most of the people I worked with, (including the ones in helping professions) spent a lot of time grumbling about their colleagues, their pay, and their chores. Some even brought their home troubles to the water cooler. Like most people on the Planet Earth, they couldn’t appreciate that their glass was at least half full.

My colleagues in Religious Science recognize that their glass is running over with joy, wisdom and love. They also know that expressing gratitude keeps that joy, wisdom and love chronically bubbling up and over.

Even though it is a part of our religion, I was pleased by how generously my CSL ministers rushed to praise their teachers. Many of them expanded their lists to include the teachers of their teachers. Some colleagues also praised their fellow ministerial students. A few even praised their own students!  Others went back into history to thank Ernest Holmes and RW Emerson.

It is true that we can pick up a lot of wisdom from friends, fellow students, and media personalities such as Wayne Dyer or Oprah. Books can also be powerful influences but there is nothing like direct contact with a true teacher.

I wish everyone would enroll in a Science of Mind class this month. Basic classes are offered in individual  Centers For Positive Living all over this nation, and Canada; they usually begin in September.

These classes are priceless because they offer direct contact with teachers who have spent years learning a useful spiritual teaching. Classes teach us how to direct and choose our experiences. We discover more freedom and more choice. They give people a chance to establish relationships that go beyond listening to Sunday talks and enjoying pot lucks.

Like my colleagues, I have a long list of teachers that I am grateful for. Dr. Frank Richelieu’s enthusiasm gave me hope even though I could not commit in those early days. I was still too self-involved to reach out but I knew he was there. I carried a treatment he wrote for five years in Mexico and even read it from time to time.

Once sober, my first classroom teacher, Rev. Valerie Seyffert helped me put the 12 Step program and Science of Mind together. The word surrender still represents a very complex idea for recovering alcoholics who are in Science of Mind studies. Rev. Valerie had the personal understanding that help me through that semantic maze.

I will always be grateful to my teacher, Dr. Nancy Anderson, because she was a visionary with courage. She was also very skilled at answering questions and I had plenty of them. She walked me through third and fourth years, one “yes but” at a time.

I want to repeat… I believe that everyone should sign up for a Science of Mind class this week. You can find them by checking out the Center For Positive Living website. If you are unable to study with a group, there are online classes.

Whether you are in a position to take Science of Mind classes or not, you are certainly able to play follow the leader and focus on gratitude. Why not take a few minutes to remember some of the people who helped you by pointing out a new path?

I hope you remember all your wisdom teachers, in and out of school. For example, I had a gym teacher when I was 17, who said, “Jane, don’t tell me you are bored. Intelligent people are never bored.” Her wisdom statement has guided me all my life. There is always a new project, a new book or a new person to enjoy.

As you go over your personal list, see if there are any people you want to call or write to thank them for their help. Believe me, a thank you note from out of the past can be a true gift. Why not make it a practice to express gratitude to one or two people each day?

Even if you cannot thank people in person, it is good to remember the gifts you received. Over the years, I have heard much about releasing resentments by writing a letter to the bad guy and then setting the letter on fire to release your bad feelings.  Why not try a reverse process? If we can release bad feelings, we can also hold onto and embrace good feelings.

I met a woman whose Master’s Thesis in psychology was called Teachers. She wrote about all the people in her life who had taught her the things that enabled her to be the person she was.  I remember reading a bit of it and thinking it was a sweet activity.

Wouldn’t that be a great project? Why not write a letter of gratitude to each of the good guys and paste them in your scrap book? You can have fun looking at the best things in your life and, at the same time, you will be telling the Universe that you accept and bless those experiences. Surely, the Law of Attraction will kick in and your life will be even better. Gratitude is my best magic trick.

It is wonderful to be in association with grateful colleagues. They are all on my gratitude list for today.

Additionally, all my blog readers are also on that list. I count each of you as a blessing and I hope you will appreciate this post enough to pass it along to friends.

Thanks for that. Also, won’t you send me a comment if this post sparks memories or gratitude ideas for you? Thanks in advance.

Ask Yourself

Where do I sign up for a class?

Who are the teachers I am grateful for?

Do I want to call or write to any today?

Do I like the idea of a scrapbook of a gratitude scrapbook of stories?

Would I like to start it today?


4 Comments on “Thank God For My Teachers”

  1. I truly appreciate your post and in my treatment I remember my wonderful teachers. You are indeed special for writing a wonderful post…Blessings…Robert

    • janeclaypool says:

      Thanks, Rev . Robert,
      Words of gratitude area always wonderful to receive. I know you have plenty of people in your life and in your Center who are grateful for what you do, as well.

  2. Jane Pool says:

    My first wonderful teacher was my Mother. She was the earliest shaper of my life. Iowa schools were (don’t know if they still are) near the top in the US and we had a lot of good teachers. I especially remember Frances Farren who I was lucky enough to have for both 5th and 6th grade. In 7th grade science class we had a gym teacher who, bless her heart, wasn’t so great with science. She said it would never be possible for people to go to the moon. Upstart that I was I raised my hand to say that I thought it would happen. I doubt she lived long enough to see it come to pass.
    Thank goodness I have lived long enough to be in a place to learn about Science of Mind and the wonderful teachers of Carlsbad Center. You, Dr. Jane, and Kathy Hough got me off to a good basic understanding and I continue to learn from Rev. Debbie and Rev. Matti. What a wonderful spiritual home thanks to you great teachers. I am truly blessed and grateful for what you all have taught me – and continue to do so.

    • janeclaypool says:

      Hi Jane,
      You are very kind and I appreciate your remarks. I’ll pass them on to Rev. Cathy and the others. We are all very happy that you grace us with your presence every Sunday. You do make a difference, wherever you go. As for Iowa schools, you’ll have to check with Rev. Debby who still has plenty of Iowa relatives. I know I was told a lot of nonsense here in California when I was growing up. My worst nonsense, I think, was when the teacher said we only studied New Mexico Indians because the California Indians were lazy and ate grasshoppers. Imagine that!

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