Prosperity Is Normal

When my sister visits, we talk about many things including politics, the media, friends, our children and grandchildren. Sometimes we talk about the early years, although neither of us dwells on the past. This morning, one of us said, “We learned early not to ask for much money. It wasn’t there.”

We all develop ideas about money very early in life. The economic positions and attitudes of our parents, combined with the economic times to help us form impressions and beliefs about the availability and uses of money.

Like many people my age, I learned “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and if I wanted to get ahead I should, “Work hard and save every penny”.

As a small child, everyone I knew was poor. Even after World War Two, when I was in high school, my family was still living in a government housing project and I thought other kids were rich because they lived in real houses.

My grandmother used to tell me that my face was my fortune and she meant that I was pretty enough to “marry up”. My mother, who seldom agreed with my grandmother about anything, said, “It’s just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man.”

Even as a kid, I could see that they had pretty faces themselves. It was clear that it wasn’t so easy to find a rich man to love.

In those days, if anyone had tried to explain prosperity principles to me, I would have laughed in their faces. Later, when I finally had a good job as a schoolteacher and attended Redondo Beach Religious Science Church, I laughed at Dr. Richelieu’s money ideas.

I was so busy struggling with money issues myself that the idea that it was normal to be prosperous seemed absolutely fantastic – even a bit insane. But I did work hard and eventually got at least some of what I wanted in life.

Later, I met people who inherited wealth and I noticed that they took their riches for granted. Instead of being obsessed by lack and limitation, they seemed to focus on more interesting things and simply expect the money to be there. I was fascinated by anyone who had an expectation of prosperity. For me, it was an exotic and amazing mindset.

Over the years, I also met people who made a lot of money through creative work. They seemed to be more grateful for what they had. I admired people who found work that made them wealthy and happy. I wanted to join their ranks but I was beset by old ideas that made me fearful. I was ambitious but I turned down a lot of opportunities because I couldn’t imagine myself in a position of wealth and power.

Ambition was a good beginning for acquiring wealth. But ambition alone didn’t do the job. Over the years, I have had to release a lot of limiting ideas about finances and accept some new, more expansive ideas about the nature of the Universe. It took work to even begin to solve the puzzle of why my hard work didn’t automatically bring big bucks.

While I’ve never had a whole lot of enough money, I’ve done all right and I’ve lived a prosperous life. The most important financial lesson I’ve learned is to be grateful. If we judge ourselves by looking at what we want and don’t have, we will always be unhappy.

Nothing builds finances as well as expressing simple gratitude for what you already have. It will make you healthier and happier just to count your blessings. It will also set the law of attraction in motion and bring more prosperity. It is true that, “What you think about, comes about.”

Many of us learned that there “wasn’t enough” about the time we learned to walk. That’s a deeply buried belief. Moving from belief in lack to belief in abundance is quite a trip.

The first step is to accept that no matter what your current bank account is, you are working with spiritual laws of unlimited possibility.

This is the time of year when you local church is starting new basic classes and when you sign up you will learn all about spiritual laws and how they work in your life. Go to the  Center For Spiritual Living website to find a nearby center, There are also classes on-line.

Anyone can use gratitude as a daily tool to build a new prosperity consciousness. Wake up and make a list of your financial blessings with your first cup of coffee. No matter what your current situation is, you have blessings and it helps to notice them by counting.

Start with the basics. List your home, whether it a mansion, or a couch in your friend’s living room. List your food whether it is a gourmet feast or from the McDonald’s dollar menu. List your transportation, whether feet, thumb, bus or car. Gratitude starts where we are. Spiritual laws kick in and create more.

All you have to do is remember to keep your thoughts on the sunny side of the street. Staying in the state of continuous gratitude works continuously to increase your wealth. You will be aware that your habits of thought are changing because you will be happier and people will be nicer and more generous.

It is especially important to acknowledge all gifts and accept all offers.  Thanking people for their gifts ensures that the gifts keep coming. Thanking God for the financial abundance in your life every morning sets the tone for the whole day. Genuine gratitude greases the wheels of life!

What we need is a new idea of success to replace any old idea of failure. What we want is to accept prosperity as natural and normal. If we do our daily spiritual work our habits of thinking change and so will our financial situation.

Here are some simple gratitude suggestions. Let them become habits.

  1. Keep a daily gratitude list and include financial items.
  2. Give an extra tithe to your church to express gratitude for what the church teaches you about prosperity.
  3. Send thank you notes for all gifts. Include lunch invitations and hand me down clothes.
  4. Take someone you love to lunch or give a gift.
  5. Share your wealth by giving away old clothes and other inused items.

Ask Yourself

What do I currently believe about money?

What would I like to believe about money?

How can I express gratitude today?

What other wealth building steps I am willing to take?





2 Comments on “Prosperity Is Normal”

  1. Dennis Merritt Jones says:

    Hi Jane,

    What a great writer and teacher you are. I am so glad that you have chosen to remain active “after the pulpit” in a manner that continues to feed us all. Your clarity and writing style inspires me greatly.

    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.



  2. janeclaypool says:

    Thanks Dennis, You have always been generous of spirit and I am happy we are on the same Spiritual Trolley Car. Love, Jane

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