You Are What You Read

Once, I sat in my steamy bathtub rereading Power of Decision by Raymond Charles Barker. The book was so worn from earlier readings, that the steam hit the ancient pages and they dropped out as I turned each page. They floated in the hot tub and I was inspired  through osmosis.

That’s the more-or-less true story that I told yesterday when I spoke about my favorite metaphysical books. My favorite New Thought books are not usually steamy but they are a great way to change our minds. Some books are better than others.

Metaphysical books can help you change your thinking and change your life faster and better than anything I know – except perhaps classes. And if you think about it, most of our classes are based on books.

I suggest spending at least half an hour every day with a good inspirational book. Most of them are paperback and portable so that is easy to do.

You can read in the morning while you drink your coffee. You can carry your book to work and read on your lunch hour. You can stop by the park on your way home and spend thirty minutes reading in the fresh air. If you live alone, you can read during supper. Or before you go to sleep. Trust me, reading the words of our founder, Ernest Holmes, will give you a better night’s sleep than watching the news or some stupid reality show.

The best books can be reread several times and you will find they are the same but you are different. I’ve been reading Power of Decision for at least 25 years and I am a very different person now. I love that book because it was the first one I could really understand.

Dr. Barker, is a no nonsense kind of guy and his words ooze conviction. All his books are great but I think Power of Decision is the greatest. When you read Barker, you know you are never a victim, and never trapped.

Barker’s book is an old favorite and I do love it. One of my new favorites is The Way In by Dr. Carol Carnes. Dr. Carol was my mentor and friend here in Encinitas and she is now in Calgary Canada. Her book is a collection of inspirational essays taken from her daily blog.

You can use The Way In every day to get your head on straight as you drink your first cup of coffee. You can also subscribe to her blog. Go to I read her blog daily and I’ve read her book more than once. Dr. Carol has a keen intelligence and she deals well with abstract ideas. I like her writing because she makes me think.

My next book recommendation was also recently written by a good friend. Dr. Maxine Kaye has been a Religious Science minister for many years. She actually grew up in the teaching. Dr. Maxine is always joyful and excited about life. Dr. Maxine’s book, exudes health, vitality and joy. It is titled Alive and Ageless .Her daily blog is

You know, the consciousness of the writer is always apparent in the writing. You can feel the enlightenment in every one of the books I’m talking about today. You can almost touch, taste or smell the delight these folks have for their subject and the wisdom they impart.

Of course, you may want to get your wisdom straight from the horse’s mouth. Our founder, Ernest Holmes wrote about 80 books. All of Holmes’s books are excellent and deal with many subjects at the same time they say that we must change our consciousness so we can accept more from the “Divine Givingness” that we call God.

Divine Givingness is one of the myriad names that Holmes gave God.  Isn’t it a great name? I love it. It cheers me up just to say it out loud because it reminds me that God can and will give whatever I can envision, believe and accept unconditionally.

The Holmes book I want to share today is a recent discovery of mine. Words That Heal Today.  I read this a couple of years ago and I was so pleased to find a book that combined Science of Mind with the Bible. Like many of you, I abandoned the stories in the Bible a long time ago but Holmes resurrected many of them for me.

Before we leave the Bible, another hands-down favorite of mine is Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism by John Spong, an Episcopalian Bishop. This was a best seller a few years ago and it created quite a splash in theological circles. I wrote a class based on it that is still being taught. The book is extraordinarily well written and entertaining.

Spong’s book is a thoughtful response to the Far Right fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible. It answers questions about how the Good Book can be useful and true even though the world took longer than six days to create and Jonah didn’t really get really get swallowed. If one of your favorite songs is “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” you’ll love this book.

I mentioned another book by Ernest Holmes. It is How To Use the Science of Mind. I taught myself to do spiritual mind treatment with this book long before I got to practitioner class. In fact, without this book, I might never have gone far enough to go enter third year classes.

What I like about this book is that really gets in there and gives you the reasons why you should pray plus the way you should pray. How To Use Science of Mind is brilliant book that shows the path and tells you why to take it.

My last choice – Spiritual Economics was written by a Unity minister, Dr. Eric Butterworth. This brilliant book is about money and even if you are loaded with the stuff, it has a great basic message – Consciousness comes first!

No one writes about consciousness more clearly than Butterworth. We must change our minds to get where we want to go. We need a positive commitment to a spiritual practice in order to do that.

One of the most powerful ways to change our consciousness is to read daily from the great metaphysical books. These are my choices and I’d love to hear about yours.

A closing thought – Do you remember that old saying, “You are what you eat? I completely believe that food choices make a difference but today, I’m promoting  a new saying, “You are what you read”

 Ask Yourself

Do I need to find more reading time?

What are my favorite books?

What would I like to read next?


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