Choosing Optimism

Note…. This was written and posted last October. Since I have encountered difficulties this morning and I have many new subscribers, I am rerunning it. I love you.

In this month of celebrating gratitude, I am most grateful to Science of Mind for teaching me how to be optimistic. I didn’t learn to expect the best at my mother’s knee but in Religious Science churches and classrooms. I am grateful to my teachers and colleagues for helping me choose optimism as a way of life.

Optimistic people have much better lives than pessimistic people. No one would argue with the statement that Pollyanna was a happier character than the Grinch. Most people would agree that it is better to expect the best than to be on the lookout for the worst that can happen. Not everyone believes that our attitude impacts our experience as completely as Religious Scientists do, but nearly everyone agrees that attitude is important.

Most people believe that we are as happy or sad because of our experience in life. Inheriting a million dollars usually makes us happy while the death of a loved one usually makes us sad. Even so, common sense tells us that everyone loses loved ones and not everyone mourns forever. And we know there are plenty of unhappy millionaires on this planet. No two people have exactly the same experience and no two people would react the same way.

Even if it were possible to give two people the same experiences, the optimist would enjoy his life much more than the pessimist. That makes sense. More importantly, our consciousness creates our reality. If we can grasp that concept, we can understand the importance of changing our thinking so that we are expecting only the best.

If you want to do well on the job, you must go to work each day with an optimistic attitude. Once there, you will give good service, be noticed more often and be promoted quickly. Even if you never get the raise you deserve in that workplace, your excellent attitude will allow you to attract a new job very quickly.

In olden times, before milk came in cardboard boxes and was pasteurized, we had a saying, “Cream rises to the top.” What that meant was that the richest part of the milk (cream) would collect at the top of the bottle and it also meant that the person with the best attitude toward work got the promotion.

Money matters are important but attitude is even more important. Many of our Presidents came from wealthy families but not all of them. Being born poor has stopped many ambitious men and women from aiming at the top because they believed that it was too difficult to overcome childhood poverty.  Lack of wealth didn’t stop Abraham Lincoln or Bill Clinton.

Nor did lack of beauty stop Barbra Streisand or Whoopi Goldberg from being a movie star. Lack of education didn’t stop Ernest Hemingway from writing. Whether it is money, appearance, education or some other perceived shortage, the truth of the matter is that the most important ingredient in anyone’s life is attitude.

I have added a short spiritual mind treatment for anyone who chooses to use it in order to become more optimistic.

Ask Yourself

What situations make me worry?

What would I like to be more optimistic about?

I Am Optimistic

There is only one God and that God is totally powerful, and present everywhere. God is present right here and now and supporting and guiding me. God loves me and God is expressing as Love through me. Because I know that God is always with me, always loving me and always saying yes to me, I am totally and completely optimistic.

I feel wonderful about life. I expect the best in life. I know that life is a great joy and a wonderful opportunity to express love and wealth and health. I expect the best in every area of my life. I am in love with life. I greet every day with great expectations. I am optimistic about my health. I am certain that I am rich and my wealth is growing every day. I am surrounded by loving people. I engage in happy activities. I love my life now.

With this prayer, all my questions are answered and all my desires are fulfilled. I release this spiritual mind treatment with a great sense of joy because I know that God is with me every step of the way.

Life is great!  I expect the best!

And so it is.


One Comment on “Choosing Optimism”

  1. Ellen Sheive says:

    I rememer reading the “Optimistic” blog last October and thinking — “Yup, that IS me also! And, thank you for talking about it out loud — just as if being optimistic is a really “right” way to be — not a foolish “pollyanna” way to be.” Dr. Jane – you know enough about me to know that I am a “queen of optimism”. However, you and SOM “told” me one day that it is perfectly “Right, Smart, Useful, and downright Correct” to be optimistic and to find the positive in all things. I’ve always appreciated that “permission” to be like I am and to know I’m not alone in this.

    My secret to being this way, by the way – is that I Just KNOW, as well as believe, that I AM a Soul having a physical experience. A Soul that is indestructible!! And so it is!!!

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