Special On Magic Seeds

Rev. Debby shares her research on Mother Ann Lee and the early Shakers in our ministerial class; I am surprised to hear they had the first seed business in the US. The next day a friend tells me about planting such tiny seeds she can barely see them. That starts me thinking about seeds.

My people were Missouri farm folk. Although I was raised in the suburbs, I heard a lot about farming as a child. For instance, my grandfather had three of the first scientifically managed farms in Missouri. Even so, he always planted during full moon at midnight.

The ritual of midnight moon planting worked for him so I am certain no one could have convinced him that it was superstition. People tend to hold onto old beliefs, especially if they appear to be working. What superstitions did your family hold onto?

You and I know that it wasn’t the full moon or night planting that made his crops grow. It was planting the right seed in the right soil at the right time of year. Ritual and superstition were only psychologically helpful.

In New Thought, we learn that our thoughts are seeds that we are constantly planting. It is always the right time and since we are planting our seeds in the One Mind, they always land in fertile soil.  We get the crop we plant. Rich thoughts = wealth. Healthy thoughts = health.

While that is an oversimplification, we know that selecting the proper thoughts (seeds) will grow healthier personal lives.

I love the logic of our teaching. It follows that if you don’t like the crops you are producing, you must plant different seeds. Your thoughts are seeds and you can change your thinking and change your life .

It is good news that the seeds you are planting are creating the results you are getting, but some people hear it quite differently. A woman in my church  once called me and complained, “Since I started listening to you, I’m afraid to think!” Sounds funny in retrospect but to her, it was real and it was scary.

She’s not the only one who had difficulty hearing the good news. In my beginning years as a New Thought student, I had one minister who spoke on Sundays and all I could hear was, “It’s your fault.”

That was over 30 years ago and I was pushing a wheelbarrow of guilt. While I’ve dumped most of it, I still need to do clean up work from time to time.

Prayers work when the right seed is planted so it is truly important to set aside time each day to pray. That directed, trained thought is powerful – much more powerful than our random worries and fears. An excellent spiritual practice is a great step forward for all of us.

We also need to be clear that we are planting seeds all the time. That means we should pay  attention to our minute-to-minute thinking  so we can speed up the process of getting our desired outcome.

Perseverance is also very important. I prayed to lose weight for a long time before I actually managed to stay with a diet program but I kept working with my thoughts. There were important realizations between praying for a slim body and losing that 110 pounds.

One important epiphany came the day I realized that every time I looked in the mirror I was criticizing myself for being fat. I was planting painful condemnation seeds so I started blessing myself in the present moment. That was a major step in the right direction.

I also started silently blessing the other fat people I saw. Until then, I was guilty about my own weight and very critical of others. Eventually, I stopped thinking those nasty things about others and about myself. I still would like to lose more weight and I still hate fat jokes.

Wisdom comes in slow, steady doses. It feels like dropping very small seeds. Some are so tiny you can barely see them but eventually they produce glorious results.

Ritual may seem to help or be fun so go ahead and use it but remember the power is in the seeds you choose to plant, not in the package they come in. Light a candle or use an altar if it makes the prayer special in your mind but don’t be gullible.

Just remember your crop will grow fine if you plant in the daylight. Writing down ten things you are grateful for every morning is a great habit and good ritual but it is not magic. If you skip making the list one morning, the sky won’t fall. If you are too busy, you can make the list later in the day. Or not. Do you use any effective rituals in your spiritual practice?

Most importantly, remember that thoughts are seeds and monitor your thoughts. Remember that every prayer and every good thought  opens you up to accept more of the Divine Givingness of God. The magic is not out there anywhere. Your ability to change your thinking is the magical part your life.

It is not the package the seeds come in but the  realization that God can and will give us whatever we are ready to envision, believe and accept.

Why not experiment a bit? Try changing one negative thought for a month. Suppose you decide to change your thinking from, “Oh, I’m so lonely” to “Oh, I’m so loved”. Why not see what will happen?

I believe your world will open up when you learn you have the power. I believe you are your own magician and your thoughts are working all the time.

Ask yourself

What do I want?

What do I need to believe?

What is my plan for growing new crops?


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