Prayer Power

My prayer partner and I talk about what is going on in our lives and then we pray. Our prayers can vary a great deal. One time I wanted prayer to get my printer to work properly and another time to it was to recover from cancer. It occurs to me that no matter how big or small the need is, the underlying issue is one of freedom.

Over the years, my prayer partner and I have had great success with our prayers and it does not matter whether they have been for big or small things. What matters is that we go through a process of believing it is possible and then turn it over to God to free us.

It took me quite a while to free up my own thinking up enough to accept the power of prayer. Now I use prayer on a daily basis for anything that I need to feel freer about. I am grateful I’ve come as far as I have in my spiritual understanding.

When I was a young woman, I felt very trapped. I was also one of those people who believed that prayer was nonsense. When I thought about prayer at all, I might say that it was all right for people to pray if it made them feel better. If someone claimed that prayer changed something, I assumed it was an imaginary change.

I first started studying Science of Mind because I believed that positive thinking was a good idea. I took some classes and used affirmations in the faint hope they would help me with my writing career. My work prospered and I thought that was I was beginning to get more lucky breaks. Now, I believe the affirmations helped me a great deal.

It is a simple fact that when I started pasting affirmations on my wall things changed quickly. After many years with no success, I skyrocketed into selling everything I could write. Affirmations are not exactly prayers but they work the same way if you are willing to let them. I was certainly willing.

Even though I still wasn’t exactly praying I was looking at little post-its all day long. They said things like, “I am a famous writer” or “ I have many book deals” or “I make a good living writing”. I looked at those messages all day long as I worked on my craft. It had to be more than luck.

The first time I had a really strong experience with the power of prayer was when a friend of mine was diagnosed with lung disease and, according to her, the doctor said it was probably cancer. She was very distraught and claimed not to have slept for two nights. I brought my Science of Mind Textbook by Dr. Ernest Holmes into her bedroom and read aloud to her from the meditation section.

This sounds dramatic but my experience was that the light in the room quickly brightened. I was excited by that phenomenon and I felt uplifted. Her experience was that she was finally able to sleep and she dosed off immediately. Later, she couldn’t remember any light at all and I decided my impressions were imaginary. The same doctor proclaimed her perfectly well within a week.

I don’t look for miracles and I don’t have very many dramatic experiences with prayer. Most of the changes that  have come to me with the help of prayer, have come to me in perfectly ordinary ways. Illnesses have healed quicker than expected. Solutions have arrived almost immediately after I saw a problem. Some improvements or movements toward goals have been delightfully simple.

Over the years, I have come to believe in the power of prayer. I have seen too many examples of increased health, wealth, and happiness not to be a believer. My studies have increased my abilities to pray effectively, of course, but the most important thing I’ve done is lower my resistance to the idea that prayer works.

In New Thought, we define God as the creative energy of the Universe and we know that it doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is. But acceptance does matter.

Usually, the thing you pray for will come in a way that looks quite natural and that is a good thing. It helps us realize that the creative energy that we call God is natural. It is in you and in me and everything and everywhere else. RW Emerson called it the Oversoul and that seems a good name for it.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to believe that there is nothing too big or too small for God to heal. It makes no difference whether it is a hangnail or pneumonia. God’s power is unlimited and the whole point of prayer is to define what you want and give it to God to work out the pathway for it to come to you.

God is an ever-present reality in your life. All that matters is that you create a clear vision of your desire and mentally accept it. Then give it to God to bring into your  life.

Ask Yourself

Do I believe God can heal a broken leg as easily as a sprained ankle?

Since God is unlimited, what do I want to add to my prayer list today?


One Comment on “Prayer Power”

  1. Ellen Sheive says:

    I have “real” experiences of GOD all the time – in many ways – to fix me, to encourage me, to calm me, to love me and bring the real feeling of joy right to me in a physical and emotional way, to make me laugh, to inspire me — all of that seemed to just “happen” to me — then I found Science of Mind — and suddenly it all seemed more real and explainable — something I could actually tell others about and encourage them to tap into the same!!! Something I was actually making happen and participating in. It’s not so “random”.

    Dr. Jane — this particular writing of yours reminded me of my own experience of God in Life, but reminded me of the fact that soooo many others are also experiencing this —– I LOVE knowing that I have “friends in kind” out there. Thank you for this!!

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