What’s Possible?

I lived several years in Oaxaca, Mexico and the most prevalent ethnic group was Zapotec. They were a proud people with strong faces, gracious manners and a deep pride in their culture. They were most proud of the fact that their people lived in peace for one thousand years. I have always thought that if humans could manage a thousand years, they could manage forever. Can you imagine a world without war?

         In this age of conflict with the atomic bomb in the background, it is important not to fall into the trap of thinking that peace is impossible. Nothing is impossible for God and we are with God.

I like to think of my Zapotec friends. They had a lovely, proud, healthy culture with few problems until the Aztecs and the Conquistadores showed up on their doorstep about five hundred years ago. If they could live in peace for 1000 years, we can at least believe that peace is possible.

One of my favorite sayings comes from Alice in Wonderland. The White Queen tells Alice, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” You and I should take a page from the Queen’s script and spend some time believing at least six impossible things every day.

Remember to embrace this truth. With God, all things are possible.

Hang onto that one when you are thinking about political events, your job, your health, your relationships. Remember that nothing is truly impossible and even if the world doesn’t agree, you know what you know.

I saw the famous basketball player, Magic Johnson, on TV recently and it reminded me of the old days when people were dying rapidly with AIDs. I made a wonderful friend in my church who actually moved to Carlsbad because he needed a quiet place to die. He came to my church because he’d attended Louise Hay’s groups in LA.  That was twenty-two years ago, and like Magic, he is still alive and quite well.

Magic said he attributed his health to early detection and positive thinking. The ladies of the View seemed to have trouble hearing the positive thinking part but I heard it loud and strong.

Magic didn’t die and went on to lead a spectacular life in business and public service. On a different level, my friend didn’t die and he went on to build an entirely new career and to live a wonderful life as a volunteer church leader in a different state.

I remember that first winter when my friend was really very frail; he had no Tcells left. He and I prayed a lot. He wanted to be in service and he was a great help to me and to many others. He also ate the right foods, got the right medical attention and took long, meditative walks every day. Instead of getting worse, he began to get better and he endeavored to live and enjoy life, one day at a time.

Some people would attribute his physical healing to the invention of the new AIDs cocktails and ignore the positive thinking part but those of us who knew him then, know differently. Positive thinking was a big part of his recovery program, just as it was for Magic Johnson.

When we pray for a healing, whether the issue is relationship, financial, physical, or emotional, we do not outline how the healing must come about. We believe and accept it on the level of Spirit and allow to God to create the pathway. Usually, the healing will come in ways that look “normal”.

If you are praying for a healing and a new drug is invented, that’s fine. If you were praying for money and you received an inheritance instead of a raise, you wouldn’t quibble, would you?

Sometimes people support their non-belief by saying the illness never really existed. Twice, I’ve had tests that said I had spots on my lungs that looked like cancer. I prayed and a month later when I was tested again, the spots were gone.  Twice, some people said the spots probably weren’t there in the first place.

It is very difficult to prove that God is involved in the healing when you are talking with people who believe it isn’t  possible. I don’t argue with anyone because when people  argue with each other, they tend to solidify their opinions. I let the world believe what it believes.

More and more, the scientific world is coming around to New Thought beliefs.  There have been several medical studies recently that confirm what New Thought people have known for a long time.

But even the most advanced of New Thought participants have pockets of beliefs in impossibility. Think about yourself and your opinions. Do you believe in the power of positive thinking in relationships? In health issues? In prosperity? In creativity?

Take a look at your attitude in each of these areas. What do you think is easiest to impact with your positive thinking? Unless your answer is “all of the above”, you need to spend bit more time thinking and doing the impossible.

Ask Yourself

 Have I ever had a healing of any situation that looks as though it was a miracle?

What are my six impossible dreams?



2 Comments on “What’s Possible?”

  1. jan hartman says:

    Dear Rev. Dr. Jane,
    I treasure this article! Thanks so much for the conversation about whether or not God is allowed to be part of the healing. For many, it seems the concrete and tangible are less risky than the elusive and the ethers. You inspire me an I am grateful.

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