Have A Good Day

 Do you remember when everyone said to you, “Have a good day?”  In those ancient times, I thought it was a silly thing to say because it was an impossible dream. But no longer.

I have a lot of good days. In fact, most of them are pretty good or better. Yesterday was a very good day. I went to church and Rev. Mattie was brilliant – she talked about how we could be the Light in world events –  among other things. Starting my week with church is very important, I’ve found.

Then I listened to my old Emerson lectures on VHS tapes that I created about 20 years ago. I am going to edit them and put them on a DVD soon. While I listened, I finished the illustrations for my friend’s book on love and sex. It was a day made in heaven for me. What does your good day look like?

One of the most important ideas we teach in Science of Mind classes is that you are always making choices. These choices create your life. In other words, you are either consciously or unconsciously designing your own days. Most people don’t know that but those of us who follow the teaching of New Thought are at least familiar with the idea. Some of our days may not be perfect but we know they can get better if we apply the principles of positive thinking.

For me, the New Thought teaching is all about helping people take charge of their lives and make conscious decisions based on their true desires. I have come to believe you can design your days, at least most of the time.

I was a child who loved to read books and play paper dolls. I eventually got to be a creative adult who loved to write books and make funny drawings. I am not a child any more but I honor my child-nature. The journey to that honoring was a long one and I had to release a lot of accumulated ideas before I got there. I also had to get to know myself well in the process.

Truth is, I love to engage in creative work. I don’t enjoy a lot of things “they” told me I should and it took Religious Science studies to help me fully accept who I was and what I wanted to do with my time and talent. My latest big decision was to retire so I could be healthier and concentrate on my own creative endeavors.

Many people, especially women and ministers, have a hard time carving out a piece of their day for themselves. We see the needs of others and our heart responds and surely that is a good thing. What is not so good is losing ourselves in the process of trying to help others.

I hear it all the time. “I’m too busy with my job, or my kids, or my volunteer work to take that class or trip or whatever.” Whether it is to travel, to enjoy outdoor exercise, to take art lessons or to write a book, many people have a hard time putting themselves first long enough to enjoy their dreams.

I want everyone of my readers to have a good day today, tomorrow and the days that follow. In order for that to happen, I suggest we all look at our true priorities and where our current time is going. Won’t you take a moment and think about your life right now?

Ask yourself whether you are doing a lot of things to please other people. Then ask yourself if you are pleasing yourself. Of course, we must compromise in order to be in successful relationships with our families, friends and colleagues at work, but we must first of all, be in a good relationship with ourselves.

Here, in this moment, you are at a point in time when you can decide to take charge of your life in new ways. You can make some different choices. You can take a little time each day to honor your own desires and dreams. You are capable of making positive choices on this day and the many that follow.

My dear friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best. He said, Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

Ask Yourself

Do my time choices please me?

What would I like to change?

What can I do about it today?


One Comment on “Have A Good Day”

  1. Joe Niemiec says:

    Just a thought Jane. Instead of creating DVDs you might just digitally create mp3s and then if someone needs a DVD you can make one on special order.

    I have been digitizing Asilomar and Minister conference tapes for a few years, if you’d like to talk feel free to call.

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