Awakening & Friends

In my dream, I got a clear message that awakening is not a solitary enterprise but something that happens as a group. The dream felt important, although I wasn’t sure what it meant. Soon after, two friends visited who were part of an extraordinary change in direction (my conscious awakening) many years ago and I understood the dream message better. It takes a spiritual community or shanga to open up most of us and we need others to help us accept the gifts of Spirit.

The friends who visited were instrumental in some very great changes in my life. I met one friend in 12 Step circles because I sponsored the sponsor of her sponsor.  I’m sort of her sobriety grandmother. The other friend was my shrink for a couple of “blast-off” years in my life.

We all believe people can change and we’ve all changed in many ways. Notably, we each changed careers. I was a full time writer then. Now I am mostly a minister and spiritual counselor who writes. The shrink now writes full time and speaks all over the world. The 12 step friend is a substance abuse & family counselor.

Most importantly, we are each expressing our Divine selves in ways that would not have seemed possible back then. I am happy to have been a part of their awakening to their higher expression of life and I am very happy they are a part of mine.

As I look back at my life, I see how important friends have been in helping me step out of old patterns and into new ways of living. When I think of the amazing, talented and fascinating people I’ve counted as friends I realize how fortunate I am.

Every step along the way, no matter how alone I felt at the time, there was a friend to guide me. From the very beginning, teachers and mentors were a big part of my life. I had good friends who supported the best of me. No one needs friends who see them as victims or in hopeless situations.

When I got serious about sobriety, the charming man who was my sponsor until he died a few years ago appeared, out of the blue, into my depressing life in  Oaxaca, Mexico. He was a writer, a New Yorker, a Buddhist, and loads of fun. He might have been sent from Central Casting to help me.

When I began to study the ministry, my friend Carol Carnes was two years ahead of me. She was a single mother, had a dry wit and loved jazz. She was my spiritual guide all the way through my studies and early years in Religious Science International. She might have been sent from Central Casting to help me.

There were many others who seemed to suddenly appear in my life at exactly the right time as though they were sent from Central Casting to play an important part in my journey.

Ever notice how you get an idea and a series of supporting props will show up in your life? Maybe you decide to take up gardening and your new neighbor turns out to be a Master Gardener at the local university. He might have been sent from Central Casting to show you how to do it. Or maybe you decide you want to know more about opera and you run across a series of lectures on ITunes. That’s what I call help from Central Casting.

Your life really is your movie and you really are the star but you need co-stars to make it work. That’s when you send a telegram to Central Casting. Prayer works even better than telegrams but the important thing is to have a vision of change.

All you have to do is get the greater vision and believe in it – even a little bit. The Law of Attraction will kick in and support your evolutionary journey. And when your friends who are a part of your awakening show up, be sure and remember to be grateful and treat them well.

Our friends are treasures and they will be there when we need them but they should also be enjoyed for themselves. Don’t wait for an emergency to be grateful or tell them you love them. Tell them often because love is good. God is Love. God is good. All the time. Love is good. All the time.

I enjoy my friends and I also marvel at the ways in which they change and grow.  I do not need them to stay the same, nor do I need them to agree with me.  I need them to be more and more of themselves and to support me in my quest to be more of myself. Friends are a major joy in my life. They are also a major part of my spiritual understanding.

The longer I live, the more I am convinced that our relationships to each other mirrors our relationship to God.

In New Thought, we believe that God lives within every human being on the planet. It is wonderful to contemplate that idea and try to see God in everyone. Sometimes that is difficult so it is especially good to start by seeing God in your friends. I see my friends as Godsends even though it seems as if they might have come from Central Casting.

God is Love. Love expresses in many ways and one beautiful way is through friendship.

Ask yourself 

Is there a special friend I want to contact today?

What do I want to tell this person?


2 Comments on “Awakening & Friends”

  1. Linda Finley says:

    I chuckle as I read this, because a few weeks ago, a book title came to me, and I know I need to get on it… “And it just so happened…” is the title. All of your Central-Casting calls are, to me, “just so happened” events. I love this teaching, because it makes us constantly aware of all those moments when everything that needs to be in place falls beautifully into place. So glad you are “still writing”

  2. Sharon says:

    I love you Jane for being part of my life.

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