Does Money Really Grow On Trees?

Money certainly didn’t grow on any trees in my childhood.  I had very little money and I didn’t have any trees at all. I lived in a housing project that was all stucco and sidewalks. Everyone I knew was poor. I thought my high school friends who lived in actual houses were rich. It was not an auspicious beginning for a prosperity teacher.

My grandmother used to tell me that my face was my fortune and she meant that I was pretty enough to “marry up”. My mother, said, “It’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man.” That wasn’t statistically true but I tried. At age 18, I dropped out of college to marry the richest boy in my poor town.

That didn’t work out well for me financially but eventually, I my world grew wider. As time went on, I met people with inherited wealth and I noticed that they took their riches for granted. Instead of being obsessed by lack and limitation, they simply expected the money to be there. Although I had achieved some financial success, I was usually broke because I carried my poor girl mentality with me. Expecting money to be there was an amazing and exotic mindset to me.

Over the years, I also met people who created a lot of money through their work. The ones who were able to hold on to it seemed to be both cautious and grateful for what they had. Although I’d mastered the art of creating wealth through money, I hadn’t mastered the art of caution or gratitude. Like many people, I was beset by old limiting ideas that made me fearful and erratic. Ambition was a good beginning but it wasn’t enough to create a happy ending.

Since I became a New Thought minister, I have found that many people come into our teaching because they are experiencing very similar prosperity problems. That’s fine because there is nothing as clear as how Change your thinking and change your life works.

Prosperity principles may sound preposterous but there is no area of living that is as easy to prove. Releasing old ideas about money and expanding your vision to accept more wealth brings definite results you can count them.

We have to accept some new, more expansive, ideas about the nature of the Universe before we can begin to solve the puzzle or why hard work and/or thrift doesn’t automatically bring big bucks. If we are stuck in a mentality that keeps telling us that money is scarce or that, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, the Universe will find a way to make money scarce.

Once we accept that the only Source of all Good is God, we can begin to assume the mental attitude of expectation that those fascinating people who inherited their wealth had. Affirmations help to turn our heads around so why not start your day with an affirmation like this one, “I expect great things today and that includes more money”. Expectation is important.

Gratitude is also really important. Consistently appreciating what you have rather than bemoaning what you are lacking will really help build your emotional and financial health. Learn to see the glad half-full rather than half-empty and you are on you way. Here’s another affirmation you can use. “I am grateful for all the abundance in my life.”

Spiritual laws are always working and they will create more of whatever you are thinking about. That means that you need to expect the best and feel gratitude as much as you possibly can. Worry really won’t help. Feeling grateful really will help. No matter what your bank account is, changing your thinking so that you point the Law of Attraction in the direction you want to go can increase the balance.

Actually, I believe gratitude is the most powerful tool in your repair kit. You can use gratitude to create more positive living in every area of your life. All you have to do is remember to keep your thoughts on the sunny side of the street. Staying in the state of continuous gratitude is a great way to live.

One of the simplest ways to express gratitude is to say thank you. Many people do a gratitude prayer of spiritual mind treatment before they pay their bills. Some even write little notes, such as “Thanks for the great service,” on their checks.  This puts the writer in a prosperity mindset. Thanking people sets the law of attraction in motion and brings more money and better service to you.

It is especially important to acknowledge all gifts and accept all offers.  Thanking people for their gifts ensures that the gifts keep coming. Thanking God for the financial abundance in your life every morning sets the tone for the whole day. Genuine gratitude greases the wheels of life!

Dare to dream of being solvent! Expand your thinking so that you can envision yourself as a wealthy person. Dare to imagine yourself as rich! Let your God- given intelligence work for you instead of against you. You can do it.

Here are some simple suggestions for greater financial expression that will work if you focus on them long enough to create habits.

  1. Keep a daily gratitude list and include financial items.
  2. Give an extra tithe to your church to express gratitude for what the church teaches you about prosperity.
  3. Send thank you notes for all gifts. Include lunch invitations and hand me down clothes.
  4. Take someone you love to lunch or give a gift.
  5. Share your wealth by giving away old clothes and other items.

6 Comments on “Does Money Really Grow On Trees?”

  1. Lily Sabuni says:

    When I was little, I knew money grew on trees and in little red and gold enevelopes! Today, money still grows on trees for the grandkids every Lunar New Year. If I taught my children well, money will always grow on trees.

    • janeclaypool says:

      Oh Lilly! What a lovely, visual way to think of money… all wrapped up in special envelopes. I will try hard to imagine what that looks like to my inner child. Thanks for the lovely vision.

  2. Gary Hayes says:

    Married “the richest boy in my poor town.” Gotta love it ! Anyhow, as suggested in Science of Mind Skills, I’m decorating my room with bills– a $5 bill is “real money” to me at this point so I’m hanging them around my room, visualizing them flying in through my window.


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