Thanks For Your Thanks


A Facebook friend asked if I was also Jane Claypool Miner who wrote a teenage book called, The Boy For Me. When I acknowledged my past identity, she sent me a lovely thank you message. She told me how important the book had been in helping her learn to read books for pleasure and that she still had the book. Her thank you was the most pleasant gift I’ve received in a long time.

 Nothing is a delightful as hearing a thank you from a surprising source. It has been at least 25 years since I wrote those 80 books for young adults and most are out of print but I do remember that period of writing success very fondly. It was a tremendous ego satisfaction after a long struggle.

After I got sober, my life appeared to be in failure mode. I’d sold one adult novel that was never published and nothing else. Ten years of studying the craft and making stupid mistakes made me feel as though I was a complete failure at life and at writing. At age 43, I left Mexico and went to NY to make my fortune.

I worked hard and it was important for me to build a successful writing career. I was, at one time, a very well known writer for teenagers. I was on the NY Times bestseller list for months and spoke at librarian and teacher conventions all over the nation. It was an ego-gratifying period but I don’t miss it.

When I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast I had a definite intention to do something that seemed more worthwhile. I studied for the New Thought ministry and wrote New Thought books and curriculum. I’ve never been sorry and I’ve never looked back.

What gave me pleasure yesterday was not memories of past glory but the idea that my book had been useful to someone. When I selected the New Thought ministry as my fourth career (I began as a classroom teacher and spent a few years in real estate) it was with the definite intention to help enlighten up the world. I thought I could use my skills to lighten and brighten people’s lives.

My Facebook friend’s compliment may not have impacted the whole world but it certainly lit me up. I love to be thanked – as do we all.  I have heard much about my New Thought books but it is seldom I hear anything about those teenage romances. That thank you is embedded in my heart. And I thank the one who thanked me!

Thanking people is contagious and it is a very simple and effective way to light up the world, one person at a time. As a recovering alcoholic, I try to live my life in gratitude and express my thanks to people who have helped me over the years but I don’t think anyone can ever sincerely say thank you enough.

Thank you is the easiest expression in the world if you want to lift people’s spirits. Because of the way it works, saying those words to others will also make the speaker feel good. Gratitude really is catching because we all desire to experience love. If you want to attract more love into your life, you can begin by making it a point to say thank you to a few people every day.

Feeling cranky and need a lift? Send out some thank you cards. Feeling tired and need a pick-me-up? Call a friend and tell him or her how much you thank them for whatever. Need to feel better physically? Lie down and mentally thank your body parts for working well. Start with your toes and work up. Need more money? Write TYG for, “Thank you, God”, on every check you write.

Learn to live in gratitude by saying thank you. You can spread your thank you words around as though you were spreading jam on bread and butter. It may be a small thing but it will make all the difference.

Ask Yourself

 Whom shall I surprise with a thank you today?

If I make saying thank you a game this week, how many ways can I find to express my gratitude?

Shall I keep a daily tally or record?


2 Comments on “Thanks For Your Thanks”

  1. Nancy says:

    Jane I do not read your blog often but felt moved to do so today. A very valuable message. I love it that you received a Thank You for a writing of so many years ago. Wow! I am going to take this opportunity to say thanks to you for all you have done since those teen novel days and for being my friend and my supporter in many ways…including and especially in the global work!

    I remember so fondly the years of your ministerial class. You were one of the people who went through my classes that I KNEW would be a real success, in every way, as a minister!

    Keep writing. Love you! Nancy

    • janeclaypool says:

      Thanks for your thanks, Dr. Nancy. See how it works? Gratitude really is catching and while we are on the subject, I am very grateful that you were there when I needed you. Your classes were a true Godsend for me.

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