Times Change

This week two wonderful Religious Science church organizations – RSI and UCORS come together as one. I didn’t make the trip to New Orleans for the historic convention but I am truly celebrating in my heart.

When I started taking Religious Science classes, many years ago, I was shocked that there were two separate organizations. A mysterious “split” took place in the 1950’s and it has taken this long for us to get back on track. I’m very glad and I also have to say, “It’s about time.”

         I remember when the first Committee for Cooperation was created in the 1980’s. It was a small, but important breakthrough because we began speaking officially again. Of course, there was some suspicion and mystery. No one seemed to really understand the origin of the split. It certainly wasn’t about the teaching because we used the same books and taught the same principles.

I can remember thinking the whole thing was embarrassing and wishing we would just get together. After all, we taught that we are all one in God and that we could choose peace, love and freedom. So why the split?

The reasons we heard were organizational mostly. There was some sense of competition among some of the old timers. None of that seemed to me to be more than standard resistance to change.

Now all the perceived problems seem to have dissolved in good will and we are truly one. In retrospect, this historic coming together seems inevitable. I’m glad I’m around to celebrate the healing.

I’ve seen a lot of healings in my lifetime of both a personal and cultural nature. Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes was correct when he said it was not a healing but a revealing. We see and accept the perfection that is already there in God’s Truth and it comes into being in our world.

In God’s truth, our two organizations were never apart when it came to the important work we were doing. “Stuff” needed to be resolved but our differences were never as important as the magnificent teaching that shows humans how to use spiritual laws for their personal good.

As we change our thinking and change our lives on a group or individual level, it is normal to encounter a certain amount of resistance. Whether it is wanting to lose weight but resisting making new diet and exercise choices or wanting good schools but resisting paying teachers well, the resistance looks important in the beginning. We begin by looking at the problem and it seems very real. As we focus on the solution, the problem seems to diminish very quickly (or sometimes not so quickly).  As we move along with the healing of whatever we are focusing on, it is revealed that there really isn’t a problem at all.

I’ve seen so many good things happen in the past 60 years. People have more equality under the law; People are truly committed to saving the planet. People are much more concerned and connected globally. These are just a few of the many social changes we’ve brought about through changing our collective minds.  I do believe in progress. I try hard not to resist change. As a woman, I am very aware of the increased opportunities for women. We are making progress in so many ways and there is much to celebrate.

I still see things I’d like to see move from problem to solution. There is a wider gap between rich and poor in this country. Rights for same-sex couples are in need of much work. Our volunteer armed services are becoming an unidentified lower class. The prisons need reform. So do the schools. I am a liberal living in the United States and I can go on and on about what I want to see changed.

It is all too easy for me to get stuck looking at the problem instead of the solution. Yet, the healing is in the steadfast attention to the goal without letting “stuff” distract us. That’s how we get things done by using scientific mental healing. We switch our minds from looking at the problem and saying “Ain’t it awful” to holding the vision of the solution firmly in place.

I try to recognize even small bits of progress and say, “Thank you God,” because I know about the law of attraction. On a personal level, my health is better than last year, at least partly, because I am making a habit of saying “Thank you God”.

I use a gratitude list to start my mornings and you can too. Do you try to stay away from thinking about the negative? Do you celebrate what you see that is right, whenever you see it? This is a good week to start. You can join me in celebrating the union of our two Science of Mind organizations.

I look forward to a new trajectory of teaching Science of Mind throughout the world. We have a beautiful, practical spiritual teaching that can be of value to everyone.  Now that we are not spending our energy on our differences, and living in the solution, I expect we will have much more to give the world.

Ask Yourself

Can you see progress in your personal life?

Are your ready to heal any old splits?



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