Old Truths


         I am looking through my old writing for ideas for this blog and I find an article that appeared in the Masters Series of Creative Thought Magazine. I think it appeared in  2008. The ideas are fresh because they are perennial truth. While the language seems to be a bit more formal, there are the usual practical suggestions for incorporating our beliefs into our daily lives.

          Here’s the article. I’ve added the words in italics and questions.

Tradition tells us January is a time of new beginnings. Science of Mind teaches us that any moment, any second, is a perfect time to renew, revitalize, and begin again. We are always able to change the conditions, events, and circumstances in our lives by getting a new idea and letting it thrive in our consciousness. The challenge is to allow new ideas to take hold and establish themselves while avoiding the trap of falling back into the habits that created our old world.

January is a wonderful month to take a look at our lives and select new goals and new ideas to live by. One way to approach this practice is to imagine embracing the principles of Science of Mind completely. You may want to protest that you already believe everything Ernest Holmes taught. While this may be true on an intellectual level, we must also embody those beliefs. We need to move from the intellectual understanding and acceptance of Science of Mind to full acceptance on a feeling level.

In order to do this, we must release any old fear or anger that lurks in the shadows of our consciousness. January needs to be a month for release as well as a month of new beginnings.

We are spiritual beings, and our human journey seems to include an evolutionary search for enlightenment. Our Centers

for Spiritual Living provide the perfect community to support your search. We provide classes, Sunday services, practitioners, and books and recordings to help you on your journey. However, you must be the one who makes the decisions. You must choose to move toward the light. You must decide to let go of the old and make room for the new. Here is a simple exercise to help you embody new ideas:

Ask yourself, “What would my life look like if I truly bought the idea that there is enough to go around?” Spending a few minutes each day contemplating abundance changes many of our habitual ways of dealing with money. Use this exercise to (a) release fear and accept joy when sharing; and (b) release resentment and feel gratitude for what you have.

These two changes create a whole new chain of cause and effect. Life conforms to our new ideas when we focus–even for a short time–on a consistent basis. Remember that conscious, focused thought or treatment is much more powerful than random worry or habitual fear. There really is a Power for Good in your life, and you really can use It. Start today!


Ask Yourself

First – Can you can imagine what it feels like to be rich?

What is some of the behavior you imagine you would change when you believe there is enough to go around?

What fears or resentments do you imagine you would release  when you believe you are rich?

What are you holding onto that you would give away when you are rich?


One Comment on “Old Truths”

  1. Linda Finley says:

    Just what I needed to contemplate. I love learning to “live in the questions” – not frantically trying to come up with the “right” answer. Thanks, Jane

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