Technically, It’s Christmas!

This year my family was split into three small groups with a couple of stragglers. I can remember when we would gather at my sister’s house and there would be as many as 23 of us at the Christmas Eve party – all relatives. Time moves on and the trick is to enjoy what is, not what it used to be.  One of the things I truly enjoyed this year were all the electronic holiday messages I received, some of which included short films. 


Over the hills and through the woods doesn’t work anymore. Grandma is in some senior living facility in the southern part of the United States. The children have all moved away to find better jobs and most families are really and truly scattered. It is a little sad but not as sad as the old days when immigrants left their native lands or pioneers set out in their covered wagons. Those folks kissed their family members good-bye, and never expected to see them again.


I was connected to family and friends through the phone, the computer and the mail. It was the internet messages that amazed and astounded me. I received some nice poems and sweet words. There were darling photos as well. One electronic card from my niece was a short film of her and her daughter and her dog dancing. They were wearing Santa suits and doing some high kicks. I think it was all canned except their photos were pasted in. Whatever it was and however it was done, it made me laugh and laugh. I got several electronic cards that starred dancing and singing deer or bears and such. One darling Christmas card sang a song and then turned itself into a jigsaw puzzle!


Technically, times have certainly changed .  I can remember when I was a student at UCLA in 1951 and someone pointed out a big, big building and said, “That’s where they keep the computer.” I have seen wonders that would have set Albert Einstein on his ear.


Now our telephones have more intelligent capability than the ‘50’s scientists could have even imagined. I have hundreds of friends on Facebook and LinkedIn who I’ve never met but we are connected because of our interest in New Thought. Some of these “friends” of mine have more than a thousand other “friends”.  And these are not movie stars or politicians, these are more-or-less normal people.


I’ve enjoyed the holiday season so far.  Christmas was fun and easy. I look forward to a Happy New Year. I’ll probably be in bed by 11 on New Year’s Eve but I’ll be sober and alive with gratitude and love for life.


One thing I am grateful for is that my family is well and happy. I am also grateful that my blog is so well received. It is a wonderful thing to be able to reach out and touch the lives of people without having to wait for the publishing of a book or magazine article. I can have a thought in the morning and send it out over the internet by noon on my good days. I love the internet age.


I’ve been working on a book- New Thought Spiritual Practice and I’m now at the place where all I have to do is edit and publish. In the days when I was first writing, that meant about a year wait between shutting off the typewriter and holding the book in my hand. When I began to self-publish, it meant a few short months and I was thrilled by the modern age. Now I hope that my book will be available in a few weeks. Isn’t the electronic age wonderful?


Ask Yourself?


What changes have you seen in the Holiday Season?


What was new this year that you enjoyed?


What are you grateful for today?




2 Comments on “Technically, It’s Christmas!”

  1. jdarrellg says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you, WiseJane!

    I remember a tour of the U. of Sask. campus in the fifties where they ushered us in to see the IBM System 7, a console that filled the room with punch card machines – there might have been tape drives, I can’t recall.
    That may have been the machine that I heard about where the VP of Marketing for IBM estimated there might be a market demand for about 7 computers – worldwide! I think I have nearly seven in my house, if you count iPad and iPod touch.
    I received the best Christmas present ever – on Christmas week I was called in by my oncologist’s nurse (he’s on Christmas vacation) and offered a place in a trial program of a new cancer drug – having had an allergic reaction to chemotherapy a few weeks ago. I got the first shipment two days before Christmas. Thanks to spiritual mind treatment I KNEW that a solution would be found. The new year appears very bright!

    • janeclaypool says:

      Thanks for you comments on my recent article and thanks for sharing your memories of the early computer days. I wish you all the best – a perfect recovery as well as a wonderful holdiay season.
      Dr. Jane

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