Prayer Power

I am writing my holiday letter and it is filled with good news. Not only has my health been good in 2011 but I’ve done some good things. I’m teaching a class I love. I write a blog I love. I’m almost finished with a book on Spiritual Practices that I will probably love when it is done. Most of all, the people I love are doing well and so all the news is good. I’m filled with gratitude.

         Some years are better than others. This has obviously been a good one for me, especially when I compare it to 2010. The holiday season last year was discouraging. I missed all the fun and managed to be in and out of the hospital for related but different ailments three times between Halloween and New Year’s Day. No doubt that things are looking up.

There’s no great trick to feeling good and being filled with gratitude when things are going well. Some people insist on being miserable in even the best of times, but most of us feel better when things are going well and worse when they are not. It’s normal behavior but it isn’t the best behavior if you want to stay happy and healthy.

It is better to stay happy , cheerful and optimistic even when things are not going well. And that seems to me to depend on our spiritual beliefs. As far as I know, every major religion urges us to remain in spiritual truth in order to feel better, no matter what is going on. I think most religions say that if you depend on your spiritual teaching you can have some kind of healing. Certainly the Bible is full of stories and lessons about how to change circumstances.

In New Thought, we learn to lift our consciousness up to see ourselves as God sees us – perfect, whole and complete. We lift ourselves out of the problem and into spiritual truth in several ways – the most powerful of which is affirmative prayers. Sometimes, especially when times are tough, we ask others to pray for us as well.

As a Religious Science minister, I have seen many changes in circumstances that appear to have happened because of affirmative prayer. I have seen many others that appeared to be a combination of medical science or psychological help or specific actions and affirmative prayer. I do believe that prayer can bring about major changes in people’s lives and I do practice prayer as a regular part of my daily life.

I pray for myself and I pray for others who request it. My prayers are aimed at seeing perfection where others see disease, at seeing peace where the obvious issue is confusion and so on. In other words, I lift up my mind to a spiritual plane where we are in the Love of The Infinite Mind or Creative Energy that we call God.

I did a lot of prayer for myself in late 2010 and 2011. I also had some other wonderful people praying for me, including my prayer partners. I am grateful to them and to the others who loved me enough to put me in their spiritual work regularly or once in a while.

I want to make a few points…

#1. I believe in the power of affirmative prayer.

#2. I am not saying that prayer totally healed my medical conditions – I had wonderful doctors and medical staff as well.

#3. If you only pray when you are in trouble, you are wasting a valuable tool for staying out of trouble.

#4. Your prayers should be hopeful, filled with Love and gratitude even before they appeared to be answered.

#5. Anyone can learn to use affirmative prayer in his or her life. Take a class at a New Thought center or church. Buy my DVD on Affirmative Prayer or my book, Science of Mind Skills. Or you can wait for Spiritual Practices which should be ready in a few months.


Ask Yourself?

Do I expect the best when I pray?

Would I like to expect the best all the time?


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