Prosperity Key

I am paying bills today and I will treat to feel prosperous and express gratitude before I pay them. I may not have learned everything in this life but I have learned that gratitude is the key to prosperity.  I’ve come a long way on that one.

 Like many people my age, I grew up with a lot of limiting ideas about money. The idea that I could expect to be prosperous would have seemed insane if you had told me that at age seven or seventeen. The messages of my childhood were clear and they included. “There’s never enough” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

In my youth, everyone I knew was poor. Most were drowning in bills and/or debt. I grew up in a housing project and thought anyone who lived in a house was rich.

Eventually, I did meet some rich people who had inherited wealth and I noticed that they took their riches for granted. Instead of being obsessed by lack and limitation, they simply expected the money to be there. I was fascinated by anyone who had such an exotic and amazing mindset.

Over the years, I also met people who made a lot of money through creative work. They seemed to be more grateful for what they had. I wanted to join their ranks and I worked hard and made good money. Ambition was a good beginning for acquiring wealth. But ambition alone didn’t do the job.

I had to release a lot of limiting ideas about finances and accept some new, more expansive ideas about the nature of the Universe before I could begin to solve the financial puzzle. It has been a real adventure in living and a real spiritual workout.

I have learned that nothing works as well as expressing simple gratitude for what you already have. Learning to look at what you have in order to attract more is difficult when you are accustomed to seeing your finances as lacking but it is very, very important. Prosperity really is all about changing your mind so that Spirit can work freely in your life.

Science of Mind has taught me that my beliefs are the basis of real financial freedom. It has worked in my life and in the life of many other people I’ve known.  No matter what your bank account is, spiritual laws can increase the balance.

No matter how little or how much you have, you can use gratitude as a tool for building financial freedom. All you have to do is remember to keep your thoughts on the sunny side of the street. Staying in the state of continuous gratitude works in an amazing way to continuously increase your wealth. Make it a habit to count your blessings daily and watch your finances increase.

One of the simplest ways to express gratitude is to say thank you. Many people do a gratitude prayer before they pay their bills. Some even write little notes, such as “Thanks for the great service”, on their checks.  Others write initials that thank God. These actions put the writer into prosperity mindset. Thanking God and people sets the law of attraction in motion and brings more money and better service to you.

Over the years, I have taught many prosperity classes and I have worked with many people who wanted to experience greater wealth. I am absolutely convinced that the main thing anyone can do is to change his or her habitual thinking about money and that expressing gratitude is the key to that change.

We want to get to the place of thinking about prosperity and accepting our wealth mentally and emotionally. If we do our spiritual work on a daily basis, our habits of thinking change and our financial life will automatically change. Genuine gratitude greases the wheels of life!

Beginning now – express more gratitude. Expand your thinking and envision yourself as a wealthy person. Dare to dream of being solvent! Dare to imagine yourself as rich! Let your God- given intelligence work for you instead of against you. You can do it.

Here are some simple suggestions for greater financial expression that will work if you focus on them long enough for them to become habits.

  1. Keep a daily gratitude list and include financial items.
  2. Give an extra tithe to your church to express gratitude for what the church teaches you about prosperity.
  3. Send thank you notes for all gifts. Include lunch invitations and hand me down clothes.
  4. Take someone you love to lunch or give that person a gift.
  5. Share your wealth by giving away old clothes and other items you aren’t using.



2 Comments on “Prosperity Key”

  1. Debby Torres says:

    Thanks again for another wonderful inspirational writing. I read them all even if I don’t respond. I am grateful to be receiving your messages and will continue to enjoy. Tons of love, Debby Torres

  2. Thank you Jane. The idea of gratitude and positive about money and life was given to me growing up, but I also got the “never enough” speech too and that is the one I clung to. It has taken me years to realize that I have enough and am perfectly capable of acquiring more. Better late than never.

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