100 LB. Weight Loss

I just hit my big mark! During the past 9 years, I have released over 100 pounds and I’m proud of that achievement. It obviously hasn’t been easy to lose the weight or I would have done it faster Slowly but surely, I plan to lose more.


        Sometimes it takes a long time to change habits, especially when you are prone to addiction, but you should never give up. When I quit drinking 37 years ago, it looked like an overnight change to my friends but I’d been secretly praying and meditating for at least six months before that. The same was true when I built my “overnight sensation” writing career. I wrote unsuccessfully for ten years before I made it to the big time.

Change is not always easy and is often slow, especially when it means myriad small choices. The problem with compulsive over eating is that there is no way to hide it. You can eat like a bird in public but you soon outgrow your closet.

If you are an emotional eater (and who isn’t?) the food creates a vicious cycle. You eat when you’re sad and the more you eat, the more of a joke you are. Believe me, there is nothing funny about being fat. When was the last time you saw the fat boy get the girl in the movies? Fat boys and girls are best friends, not stars.

I knew I had to learn to accept and love myself before I could begin to lose weight.  I used the lines of that wonderful Jerry Florence song for an affirmation, “I love myself the way I am and I am willing to change.”

When I realized I was looking at other people with a weight problem and mentally condemning them, I knew that it had more to do with my feelings about myself than with them. I silently started blessing every fat person I saw, whether in church, in the supermarket or at the movies. It helped me change my consciousness and take the steps I needed to take.

Loving myself the way I was an important step in my weight loss journey. When I wrote Wise Women don’t worry, Wise women don’t sing the blues, I included a chapter on accepting your size as it was. Of course, I prayed almost daily to lose weight healthfully. I also some times prayed to be willing to diet sensibly. I had been on enough crash diets to want to avoid most of the fads and I knew that there were no easier, softer ways.

On a physical level, it was no surprise that diet and exercise were the answer. I wasn’t surprised but oh, how I resisted! I was too busy to eat right. I couldn’t give up sweets. Exercise hurt!

Despite my stubborn resistance to changing my behavior, I did find my individual path; I chose smaller portions of healthy food that I liked. I chose fresh, real foods and avoided all the “cardboard foods” in the diet aisle.

I took a nutrition class at the local hospital and kept a journal of my food choices. I learned I would lose slowly on 1200 calories a day and give up if I tried to go below that number. When I started eating 5 fruits and vegetables most days it became a bit easier. Eventually, I found that exercising in the water worked fairly well for me.

I slipped often. And I plateaued often but I always returned to my goal.  I was able to keep from packing it back on the way so many good people do.

In my heart, I know that the most important thing I did was that I kept on doing my prayer treatments and journaling and so, with God’s help, my dream stayed alive.

Today, I’m proud of my achievement even if I’m not an overnight success. I still want to lose more weight and I know I can do it. Now you must find your own path. Remember, You deserve the best!

 Ask Yourself

Is there a delayed dream I need to pick up and dust off today?


3 Comments on “100 LB. Weight Loss”

  1. Hey, Jane – Whoo whoo! This is so inspiring… and timely! Our W.I.S.E. Women’s group is meeting again tomorrow after a summer hiatus. I am going to print your blog and take it with me.

    Thank you for you – The DuPage Center chapter of the Claypool fanclub sends hugs and wellwishes…..

    Love and LIGHT,
    Mary Beth

  2. jdarrellg says:

    Dr. Jane, you are amazing!
    You deserve all the freedom that you have won…. Blessings,
    Rev. Darrell Gudmundson

  3. Jana says:

    Yes, loving and accepting yourself as we are is the start………you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.
    I m reading Gay Hendricks “Conscious Living” and it is giving me insight (I thought I all ready had it) I’ve learned some valuable “food for thought”

    Thanks & Blessings

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