Words Of Wisdom

As I rolled out of bed this morning, I said to myself, “Another day to be glad in.” This short sentence creates happier days for me and it will also work for you. I learned this phrase from an older friend who learned it from her grandmother. It seems this simple wisdom has been working its magic for at least 150 years.


            The wonderful thing about being human is that we can transfer wisdom from one to the other through our language. One of the best ways to gather wisdom is to listen to people who know something you want to learn.

I’ve acquired a lot of wisdom in my life from the random ideas and phrases that people shared with me. I remember a high school English teacher who told the class how poor he’d been during the Great Depression and how all he had for entertainment was a library card.  He said, “Learn to enjoy books and you will never be lonely or bored.” I took his advice and it has been a lifesaver.

When I became a teacher, a more experienced teacher told me to gather the students together at the end of the day and quickly review what they’d done. She said it would give them a sense of accomplishment and they would be able to answer their parents’ questions. Even though I now only teach adults, I still use that technique because it works.

If experienced writers hadn’t insisted that I write from my own experience, I’d still be waiting for my first sale.

Everyone knows the best way to get sober is to go to meetings and listen to the old timers. Without such powerful advice as “Live one day at a time’ and “Just don’t take the first drink,” I’d be dead.

When I was selling houses, an experienced sales person told me to always make it easy for a potential buyer to return. ”Try not to let them leave angry or embarrassed”, she said.  Those words boosted my house sales and when I entered the ministry, the same wisdom helped me grow the church.

I never would have made it in the ministry if it had not been for the wise ones who passed on their survival skills. It was such a different world and I was a true novice. In turn, I founded a teaching church, served on the RSI Board of Education and trained over 35 ministers who served in the field. By then, I knew about the law of attraction and how important it is to pay the Universe back for your blessings.

All my life, people have taught me out of the kindness of their hearts. I have so many blessings and I am so grateful to the God of Wisdom that lives inside all my mentors. Since we are One, I know that I can pay them back by paying forward.

It is my good pleasure to acknowledge all the wonderful wisdom teachers I’ve encountered in my life by passing on some of what I know to people who are ready to learn. Nothing in my work has ever given me greater joy. That is the reason I’ve taught Science of Mind these 24 years and why I’ve written Science Of Mind Skills and Wise Women don’t worry, Wise Women don’t sing the blues. It is also why I write this blog. Take what you can use with my blessings.

Good teaching is a gift that is happening all around us all the time. Whether someone shows you how to hold a hammer so you won’t hurt your hand or gives you the Key to the Kingdom, it is God’s work if it is done in love. Whether teaching is formal or informal, it is the highest form of love I have been able to express. I am grateful for the many opportunities.

Ask Yourself

What do you know that you can share with others this week?


3 Comments on “Words Of Wisdom”

  1. Very nice blog, Jane! I can imagine how much people will enjoy this! Blessings, Margaret Stortz

  2. Thanks Jane!! I look forward to more of your writing — great picture of you too!!

  3. Lily Sabuni says:


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